Politoed (Unleashed UL 7) – Card of the Day

pokemon-paradijs.comHey there SixPrizers (is that even a word?)! Hope you all had fun at Regionals! Today I’ll be reviewing a card that was (hopefully) not played in a single deck last weekend, but nonetheless was requested by 6P member Reshikrom64. That card is Politoed from Unleashed.

Politoed is a Water type Pokémon, which in this format is a blessing and a curse. You’ll be hitting ReshiPhlosion, one of the most popular decks right now, for weakness, but at the same time you’re weak to Zekrom, one of the other big cards in the metagame.

The rest of his stats are a bit below average. 120 HP for a Stage 2 is rather low when compared to beasts such as Magnezone and Typhlosion, and two Retreat Cost is high, making Politoed an obvious Catcher target.

Politoed’s Poké-Power, Leap Frog, is intriguing. It lets you choose a Water Pokémon on your bench and switch it with your active Pokémon. Having a built-in Switch every turn seems very nice. However, are there any real partners for this ability?

There are only really two good Water attackers in this format: Kyurem NV and Blastoise UL. Let’s theorymon for a second and pair each with Politoed. Kyurem is great at spreading damage fast, doing 30 each turn to all of your opponent’s Pokémon. Politoed could, I guess, be used so you could constantly switch out your damaged Kyurems for fresh ones.

But one must take into consideration that fact that Kyurem only works when combined with clunky evolved Pokémon (such as Feraligatr Prime, Floatzel, or a Vileplume/Reuniclus engine). Adding Politoed into the mix just isn’t worth it, as you’ll lose a ton of consistency and speed. In addition, it’s often advantageous to have a damaged Kyurem active so you can use Outrage to finish off your opponent’s active Pokémon.

pokebeach.comBlastoise, on the other hand, may be able to make slightly more use of Politoed. You could take a damaged Blastoise and switch it safely to the bench with Leap Frog, then bring up another Blastoise and use Wash Out to transfer all energy from your benched one to the active one. Then, you could use a healing card like Max Potion or Blissey Prime to freshen up the Blastoise on the bench without discarding loads of energy.

However, Blastoise has the same problems as Kyurem, but magnified. It’s a Stage 2 itself, plus it runs Stage 1 or 2 energy acceleration Pokémon. Throw in another stage 2 and you’ve got an extremely slow, inconsistent deck. Politoed’s cost outweighs its effectiveness big time.

One more possibility with Politoed is to use it with a Water type that has free retreat, like Floatzel or Manaphy. You could “Leap Frog” out your bulky active for one of these free retreaters, and then be able to retreat back at will.

We mustn’t forget to mention, if only briefly, Politoed’s attack, Big Chorus. For WCC, it lets you flip a coin for each of your Water Pokémon in play, and does 30 damage for each heads. So there’s the potential to do 180 damage for three energy! But that’s on an extremely lucky day.

More realistically, you’ll hit for 90 damage. That isn’t terrible for three energy (or two, with a DCE), but it’s outclassed by the new Seismitoad NV with Round.

So, to sum it all up, Politoed’s power is OK, its attack mediocre, its stats average. If it were a Stage 1 instead, it would be much more effective, but requiring a three-card combo (Poliwag + Poliwhirl + Politoed or Poliwag + Rare Candy + Politoed) is just too much. In addition, the two Retreat Cost practically screams, “Catcher me up!”

Politoed gets a 5/10 (Mediocre). That’s pretty much the best description of Politoed there is. Everything about it is OK, but not great.

What did you think of my rating? Do you have any ideas for using Politoed? Comment below! And of course, thanks for reading!

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  1. Andrew Adams

    I really wanted it to work in Beartic as a tech against Zoroark, but it doesn’t fit if you’re playing it with Vileplume and Reuniclus.  And I don’t know how else you’d want to play it!

    • theo Seeds  → Andrew

      A long time ago, a person said about it:

      1: Beartic needs Switch

      2: Beartic needs Vileplume

      this gives it access to switch while it can still use Vileplume.

      I know it makes it clunky, but still.

    • Simon Narode  → Colin

      I agree completely, and while I don’t believe Politoed to be worth it, it’s worth noting that Leap Frog works as a Switch every turn, even under trainer lock, and regardless of sleep and paralysis (not unlike Fighting Tag). So, if Vanilluxe paralyzes you under Vileplume, Politoed can get you out of it.
      Still not worth the space, but that might be an important distinction.

  2. Vinay Patel

    Thumbs Up!

    This is just a gimmick card, but if you’re looking for a cheap + fun deck, Kyutoed isn’t the worst you could do.

    More importantly, I think it rivals Lilligant in appearance. Yes I went there.

  3. CalebM

    why is the 2 retreat a big deal for catcher? if they catcher to stall, you can just leapfrog back to the bench right?

  4. Chuck Rancor

    Abillity could’ve been useful, but with a requirement of at least three cards in the deck to use it, most likely more to increase it’s chance of being effective, a few switch would just be more beneficial.

  5. Willy Doehring

    SixPrizers is totally a word. :)

    I was actually looking at this card earlier. It’s a shame; Politoad would actually be a good card if it were a stage 1 (even if the attack + hp were scaled down just a tad). It’s one of those cards that I want to use, but can never justify myself actually playing it.

    Great job as always, though!

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