Magmortar (Triumphant TM 27) – Card of the Day

Hello SixPrizes members! It’s Christian again with another article. This time, I am writing about the Card Of The Day! It is my first Card of the Day article, so be take it easy on me. Today, I will be talking about a card that has not sees any play since the release of HS Triumphant Set. This card is called Magmortar TM.

This Pokémon appeared in the Pokémon show during the Diamond and Pear series. In the game, Magmar would evolve into this Pokémon, if it held a Magmarizer when traded. Cool isn’t it? The card appeared in the Mysterious Treasures Set back in 2007. The card seemed okay, in my point of view; however, it was not a playable card. Magmortar LV.X was a great card.

I started playing about three months ago, so I am assuming that the card had some huge success in some decks. As the years go by, Magmortar did not make the cut for playable cards. Fire decks are quite good in this current format because of its heavy hitters and its aggressive nature, in terms of playability.

Reshiphlosion, for example, made it at the list of top tier decks because of Typhlosion Prime, using Afterburner, and Reshiram BW, using Outrage and Blue Flare attack. Because of this, Magmortar did not see the light of day.

Magmortar has 100 HP, which was quite common for some Stage One Pokémon. Unfortunately, Water Decks started to become a bit more common, especially with Emerging Powers and Noble Victories Set. Magmortar would be considered live bait in the game because of its weakness in water attacks. Having two Retreat Cost was also another downside in the game. Even Dodrio UD won’t be able to help it.

How about its attack? “Top Burner” allowed players to mill the opponent’s deck. The opponent had to discard a number of cards for the number of R Energy attached to Magmortar. Then, the players had to flip a coin. If its tails, discard all R Energies attached to Magmortar.

People could actually build a rogue deck with Magmortar. I knew somebody who build the exact same deck. The deck consisted of Emboar BW 20, Victini NV 98 (from the new set Noble Victories), and Reshiram BW. Here is the decklist with my own play style:

Emboar from Black & White
Victini from the new set Noble Victories

Pokémon (21)

4 Magmar UL

4 Magmortar TM

4 Reshiram BW

3 Tepig BW 15

1 Pignite BW 17

2 Emboar BW 20 (Ability)

1 Emboar BW 19 (Non-ability)

2 Victini NV 98 (Ability)

Trainers & Supporter (28)

4 Pokémon Collector

4 Pokémon Communication

3 Professor Oak’s New Theory

2 Cheren

2 Fisherman

2 Energy Retrieval

1 Interviewer’s Questions

1 Flower Shop Lady

3 Rare Candy

3 Junk Arm

3 Pokémon Catcher

Energy (11)

9 R

2 Rescue

The deck is quite simple to play. Magmortar would be the main disruptor of the deck. The deck must setup Emboar BW (Ability – “Inferno Fandango”), then attach as many R Energy to Magmortar. Reshiram would be the secondary attacker just using “Blue Flare” or “Outrage”. It’s like a Reshiboar Deck, with a Magmortar twist. With Energy Retrieval and Fisherman, this deck would be somewhat unstoppable.

Imagine having to discard all the important and necessary cards in your opponent’s deck. It would be unfortunate for them, of course. Victini NV 98 allowed the players to reflip their coins, that way he or she would not have to discard all of Magmortar’s attached R Energies.

It seemed quite solid and consistent; however, this deck is weak to water type Pokémon (Feraligatr, Floatzel, Kyurem, Samurott, etc.). There might be some cards in the new set Noble Victories, but in terms of playability, it is still not going to work.

If I was to rate this, I would rate this card 6/10, 6 being fair. Milling the opponent’s deck is a great disruption; however, it is not a great when it comes to playing in Battle Roads, Regionals, City Championships, and even Worlds. Magmortar may still work in rogue decks, or even fun decks, but in tournaments, it would not replace any important cards. Hope you enjoyed my Card of the Day! Happy playing, boys and girls!

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  1. Mekkah

    Gotta question the deck list, having only 5 draw supporters and no Ninetales seems horribly inconsistent, in combination with playing FSL over Super Rod, and using Interviewer’s at all.


    “Having two retreat cost was also another downside in the game. Even Dodrio UD won’t be able to help it.”

    Maybe Dodrio Jungle won’t, but I think Dodrio UD would do fine. Unless it discriminates against Fire Pokemon now…

  2. Lee

    Sure, you can try to mill the opponent’s deck once you have a stage one (Magmortar) fully loaded, a stage two (Emboar) on the bench to provide the loading, and a basic (Victini) to TRY to counter that horrific coin flip, or you can just run 4 Durant NV and 4 Pokemon Collector and do the same thing more consistently with one energy.

  3. n1ghtmare90

    Good COTD but next time you should refrain from putting deck lists, people always tear them apart and give you bad ratings.

  4. Lynx Meche

    I thought we stopped putting decklists in these. It just detracts from the card itself and…. Okay I won’t tear the list apart, it’s a CotD. But the section that does cover Magmortar is kind of short, which is a little disappointing because this is a cool card.

  5. CalebM

    you wont ever use anny other attack besides top burner.  you dont need to draw a prize, you win by deck out.  also, promo shuckle is good friends with this card

  6. theo Seeds

    I think the review of the Magmortar card was spot-on, however the decklist was way off. You only run 9 fire energy. And a low energy count means you’re only milling 23 cards the whole game, plus 6 for each Junk Arm, that’s 29.


    Cards like Super Rod, Flower Shop Lady, PONT, and N screw you up. I ran 20 fire energy and can’t get consistancy with energy.

    -4 Reshiram
    -1 Tepig
    -1 Badboar
    -2 Rescue Energy
    -1 Magmortar
    -4 Magmar

    +3 Magmar TM (the one that has a deckout attack)
    +10 Fire Energy

    • theo Seeds  → Andrew

      Math Time:

      Durant: 4-5 Basics, that means about 50% chance of Mulligan, the opponent will (assuming they drew the card for Mull, which they won’t if they know what you are playing for some reason) have 46-47 cards left. T1 you mull 4 cards and, assuming you do that for the rest of the game, you need 9 turns to deck them out, plus more for PONT and N, and less for Juniper and Cheren, so probably about 12. That means you lose to ReshiBoar or ReshiPhlosion assuming nothing is key-catchered, ZPS, and any deck that can do 100 T2. You beat decks like Gothitelle and Ross.

      MagmortarBoar: 7-10 Basics, that means about a 20% chance of Mull. Assuming you don’t that’s 47 cards in the deck. Therefore, let’s say that you get a Magmortar T3, an Emboar T5, a Victini T2. This means that  your opponent will have 35-39 cards T4 if an energy is dropped each turn and no Juniper or Cheren are played. T5, assuming everything is in place, you should win. You lose to anything that does 100+ T2, beat Goth and Ross most of the time, and everything else is iffy, assuming you play the right list.

      • Andrew Carbon  → theo

        I really like the Magmortar idea.  Its just the prizes you might sacrifice trying to set it up that bothers me.  That gives you less time to achieve the deck out.  Stage 1’s that have a lot of aggro could cause some trouble.  But yeah, if you play it right and use the attackers you have I guess that shouldn’t be much of a problem.  The thought just occurred to me, would Weavile work in this deck at all?  It could add further disruption and create some headaches for your opponent if they can’t set up what they need to knock you out.  Just shooting the idea out, I haven’t really had much time to think about it. 

  7. Anonymous

    “This Pokemon appeared in the Pokemon show during the Diamond and Pear series.”

    Did anyone else notice this? lol

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