PokéClass’ Noble Victories Set Review

Hey everybody,

Here are two episodes mashed into one article since they both run together to make one epicly long set review. This set is incredibly interesting and is certainly making me think hard about what I need to be changing for Cities in a few weeks as well as what new concoctions to be looking out for.

Episode 49 – Noble Victories Set Review

Episode 51 – Noble Victories: The Forgotten Few




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  1. beyblade1410

    I’m going on vacation, and when I come back this comment better have at least 4 likes on it or else. 

    • Ross Gilbert  → beyblade1410

      This isn’t Youtube! I think we should use the comments for discussion on the video or the content therein. For example:

      Excellent video (as always!) Dan. I like NV but i’m not sure how much will make a real impact. Obviously N, Eviolite and Super Rod will see play but most of the pokemon i like (Vanilluxe, Hydreigion, Chandeleur, Druddigon, Durrant etc etc) i don’t see how they’ll win Cities. I could be wrong, i hope so, but i still see Goth, Typh and Zekrom dominating.

      Kyurem could be an exception to this however. Oh, and Cobalion is AWESOME in just about any deck that can run the requisite energy!

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Ross

        Let’s not kid ourselves. This is EXACTLY like YouTube, only with better grammar.

        NV doesn’t have long to impact the meta. By February we’ll all be playing Mewtwo EX (unless they hold it back).

        • theo Seeds  → beyblade1410

          I say that everyone who pulls a Mewtwo EX has to send it to someone trustworthy. I bet some people think adam is the guy, which I can’t argue with.

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → beyblade1410

          Hmm . . . I see speculation on the Beach, and the word ‘probably’. I was wondering if there was an actual source . . . like a scan of the English version, or a mention of it in promotional meterial or something.

          I think it’s likely we will get it, but I don’t like making assumptions as we have had key cards delayed before now (e.g. Garchomp LV X, Vileplume, Lost World).

  2. Spam

    93.75% chance of getting Paralysis on Vanilluxe with Victory Star (75% + 25%(75%)). But, fates forbid I turn this into a math talk like Victini did.

  3. theo Seeds

    Carracosta, Bisharp, Semistoad, confagrigus, and Leavanny need more love!

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