UG Writer of the Month Poll – November 2011

Hey, what’s up everyone? Here are a few announcements before we get to the poll:

1. Cities!

Incase you didn’t know, Cities started here in the US last weekend and will be going on through early January. Cities have been the number 1 way to rack up ratings points throughout the years, and this season should be no exception, so I highly encourage you to get out to as many as possible.

For a listing of locations, click here.

2. Today’s article will be a little late.

We had a nice streak of promptly released articles, but today’s article will be a little late due to a total brain-fart on my part. I explained the situation on the forums, but basically I accidentally told today’s writer (Mekkah) the wrong due date. I thought there were 31 days in November and that threw me off when I was making the December schedule a couple weeks ago.

The article will most likely be ready for tomorrow (Friday). Mekkah said he’s about 11 thousand words in so far, which means it’ll be a long article and take me a few hours to edit. So even if I receive it sometime this evening, I might not be able to completely finish editing until tomorrow.

3. Schedule for December

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

12/1 (Thursday): Mekkah

12/6 (Tuesday): Chris Fulop
12/8 (Thursday): Mikey Fouchet

12/13 (Tuesday): John Kettler
12/15 (Thursday): Kent Shen

12/20 (Tuesday): Josh Wittenkeller
12/22 (Thursday): Jay Hornung


12/27 (Tuesday): reserved
12/29 (Thursday): reserved

Expect Cities coverage and the latest post-Noble Victories deck developments to be our main foci this month.

Writer of the Month Poll

As always, these polls are super important because the top 2 vote-getters get extra writing opportunities each month. It’s basically your way to control who you want to see write more articles, so please take your time and vote for whoever truly deserves your vote.

Your vote should take into account not only who wrote the best articles, but also who was the most helpful in the forums. It’s pretty much a combination of all factors to determine which writer overall provided the most insights and help.

Voting ends Monday, December 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

You are allowed to pick up to 3 of the most deserving writers.

[poll id=”42″]

Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections.

Thanks for voting and also if you are comfortable sharing WHY you voted for who you did, that would be very helpful for both me and the writers. You can leave your responses in the forum thread for this post.

Again, thanks for voting, thanks for being an Underground member, and happy holidays!


P.S. UG member Zangoose has made a request for an article on the topic of deck building. Please read through the thread and comment if you also have interest in that topic, and we’ll make it happen if enough people want to see it!

…and that will conclude this Unlocked Underground article.

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