You’re Flipping Kidding Me!

Evening chaps; it seems that there is nothing scheduled on the front page right now, so I thought I’d just give a quick report of a tourney my local league had today in Manchester, UK. It was nothing official for CPs or Rating score, but I think you were able to pick up a competing point that might go toward being able to play at Nationals.

A quick reminder of who I am if you can’t remember back to “Stranger in a Stranger Land” Regionals report from April: I’m Alex Holdway, currently sitting pretty at 5th in UK Masters, after my 3rd place States place in Nottingham a fortnight ago.

There was actually a bit of confusion over the event itself: up until about three days ago, everyone who was planning to go thought it did have points available, so some other players who were not local to Manchester were popping up for the day. However, it all soon kicked off it and was deemed that it wasn’t an official Cities and just a local tourney. Boooooo for me (and others).

Anyway, after knowing it was all for a bit of fun I decided to put ZPST aside for one week and reassembled a deck I played for a while over in the States last year at league to some mild success, now with Noble Victories additions: SharTini.

I actually haven’t seen much discussion about the deck recently, so I guess it could kind of also be a rogue deck review, something different for the front page!


Pokémon – 19

3 Carvanha TM

3 Sharpedo TM

3 Minccino EPO

3 Cinccino BLW

2 Slowpoke UD

2 Slowking HS/CL

2 Victini NVI 14

1 Cleffa HS/CL

Trainers – 29

3 Pokémon Collector

4 Professor Juniper

4 Professor Oak’s New Theory

2 Cheren

4 Pokémon Communication

3 Pokémon Catcher

3 Junk Arm

2 Switch

3 Dual Ball

1 Pokégear 3.0

Energy – 12

4 Special D

4 Basic Dark

4 Double Colourless

Card Explanations

Sharpedo – TM 30

Sharpedo is this decks main player. His attack “Strip Bare” has an attack that does 20 damage for a single Darkness and has a flippy effect. For two flips, if both are heads, your opponent discards their hand. And if I can quote Dane Carlson on this one: “WHAT?! Their whole hand?! That’s amazing!”

Of course, you have to flip two heads, which under normal circumstances has only a 25% of succeeding and with the shark’s 90 HP, it won’t last long if your opponent can get set up. This is where the next monster comes in.

Victini – NV 14

Everyone knows about ‘Fliptini’; this little guy lets you re-flip any coins once per turn for your Pokémon’s attacks. It has been talked about being used with Vanilluxe, but I have paired it with Sharpedo. A “Victory Star” power increases the chances of a successful Strip Bare from 25% to 43.75%, just under 50:50.

Slowking – HS 12

Slowking is the third piece of the puzzle and the final part of the lock. It has a Poké-Power that allows the player to view the top three cards of either player’s deck and re-order them as you choose.

To a lesser extent it can change your topdecks when in a tight spot but is mainly used to prevent your opponent drawing a “Professor Oak’s New Theory” or “Professor Juniper” etc. to replenish their hand.

Cinccino – BLW 89

Cincinno is used at the back up attacker after a successful Strip Bare to dish out a cheap 100 damage for just a Double Colorless Energy. The DCE also comes in handy for Sharpedo’s second attack, Rage.

Trainers and Supporters

I hadn’t tested the deck much only having made it the night before the tournament so went safe with my lines, taking most of them out of my ZPST deck. I switched the “Sage’s Training” with “Cheren” and added some “Pokémon Communication”. After the report, I’ll explain what I would change and why.

Tournament Report

The tournament was going to be a 45-minute best-of-three with four rounds, and the player with the best record taking the 1st Place Serperior Tin.

Round 1 – Max w/ Gothitelle

pokebeach.comI’ve played Max a lot before at Battle Roads and League, and he placed 2nd at the Nottingham States two weeks ago. He’s a solid player with a very tight Goth list, so I was slightly concerned.

So Game 1 started and I went first, getting the perfect bench and active of two Carvanha, two Mincinno, one Slowpoke and one Victini turn one. I had a Slowpoke active, but Max was in a tricky spot with a Chansey active. After several turns of me controlling his topdeck and him having hardly any Supporters at all, Max scoops about 15 minutes in.

In Game 2, we both have slow set-ups and I don’t manage to hit double heads on Strip Bare for a long time. Also, not taking a prize for a long time never game him the chance to launch into Twins and get fully set up. It bottles down to Max slowly KOing all my Sharpedo, but I don’t scoop to ensure that it goes to time in Game 3.

In the final game, I go first and after 5 minutes or so, time is called. Max once again started with Chansey and I hit double heads very early meaning that on Turn 3-of time, I could get a KO with Cinccino and take the win.


Round 2 – Darren w/ Gothitelle

Darren is another local guy who I’ve played before, this time at Nottingham States and I managed to beat him there so I’m sure he wanted to get his revenge.

This first game started terribly for me as Darren’s opening hand has his only “Tropischer Strand” in the deck so I know that even with a double heads he can use its effect to draw seven on his next turn. Well, this is exactly what happens turn after turn one and I hope that I might have the chance to deck him out until I whiff on the flips two turns in a row. He can get fully set up and I let him KO all my ‘Mons for time.

pokebeach.comThe second game is a short one as I have the perfect start, Darren misses his Twins and I get the Turn 2 Slowking and Strip Bare double heads. GG.

In Game 3, Darren starts and I don’t like the sound of that as I haven’t won yet going second. He has a slow start, and I’m chipping away 20 damage to prevent him going into Twins but also whiffing on the discard effect.

I keep up with him on the prize race, never letting him be behind and once again, time is called and on Turn 3 and I take a KO with Cinccino to seal the deal.


Round 3 – Russell w/ ReshiPhlosion

Russell’s a top bloke from League who I played at a Battle Roads in the Autumn and again beat. Once again I’m sure he’d want to get his revenge.

Game 1 I run pretty well, getting a full bench T1 and a key Strip Bare discard about four turns in. From here on in I’m able to take prizes with Cinccino, switching back into Sharpedo when needs must. I take all my Prizes and we’re onto Game 2. I found this a pretty tough matchup as Cinccino finds it tough to get 1HKOs and Sharpedo is just general bait.

Second time around Russell runs like God and gets two Typhlosion out very fast. We were actually talking together beforehand and decided that’s the best way for him to get a win. I make him take all 6 Prizes and we’re going to the last one.

pokebeach.comThis last game it’s pretty tight on both sides of the board and I made a pretty big misplay Catcher-ing a Typhlosion and trying to KO it when I should’ve attempted the Strip Bare. I manage to pry back and we go to time, I get ahead on prizes and am up to 3-0.

It looks like at this stage there’s only one other player on 3-0 so I know that if I want to make the day worth it I just have to win the last matchup.

Round 4 – Mark w/ ReshiPhlosion

Oh lucky me, four rounds against two Goth and two Reshi. I heard from the TO that Mark was a relatively new player, but he managed to do well with his list so good luck to the guy.

To start I run unbelievably and he has to check all of my cards to see what they do, so that confirmed he was new to the game. Think he played other TCGs though as he called the discard pile the “Grave” (???). Anyway, about three turns in, I hit the double heads and a few more later he scoops to game two after finding no way back.

Game 2 goes more in his favor based on the fact that I just couldn’t get the double heads. I even wasted some Dual Balls just to hope and get double tails and even out on the attack. So he gets two Typhlosions set up and I just make him take all his prizes and we’re onto the final game. The tin was in sight!

The last game of the day went miserably for me: I still couldn’t hit any heads, Mark kept Catcher-ing my Slowking and I never had the “Switch” to get it out the active.

The key part of the game was when I finally hit the Strip Bare with a damaged Sharpedo and I knew that his next card was a Typhlosion that he could not play. Mark used “Outrage” to KO the Sharpedo and drew “Rare Candy” on his prize to get 2 Typhlo set up and keep his energy flowing.

Time was eventually called and I ran out resources and Mark was ahead after Turn 3. Good game.


So the tournament was over and I placed 2nd, just missing out on the Star Prize! Bit gutting, but you can’t win them all!

Looking back on the deck, I would take out Cleffa as it wasn’t used once and also take out a Dual Ball. I think the deck would work well with Lost Remover and some recovery in the terms of Flower Shop Lady or Super Rod, but I guess that’s for another time. Finally, I would make the lines 4-4 Sharpedo, 2-2 Cincinno as I was finding it tough if either Sharpedo or Carvanha were prized and my opponent would take easy prizes with them.

Well, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the report and list. Be gentle and I will probably do some more testing to find out how I would do in other matchups (pretty sure ZPST is not great).


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  1. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Props to you for playing a fun deck at a local tourney. What’s with all the Reshiphlosion and Gothi? Aren’t people TIRED of those things by now???

    Also, I bet that’s the first time Ballindolloch Curling Club has been credited in a Pokemon article.

    • Anonymous  → Jak

      “You play to win the game”… that’s why they are still being played at a high rate. TozsZekrom decks in there… haha

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Anonymous

        I don’t know that I would even pick Reshi and Goth ‘to win the game’ post-NV. They seem more like hangovers from BRs, albeit still decent ones. Zekrom, I could understand.

        • Anonymous  → Jak

          I’d agree with you about Goth. I think that tyRam is still a Tier 1 deck, just not the “run away most successful” deck it used to be.

          I do think that ZPST or even Zektrik might be the BDIF. Magnezone/Eeletrik is close beind. Then Reshi. The Kyurem stuff.

          But to each their own :)

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Jak

       do not worry baby_mario after mewtwo ex comes out you wont see any reshiplosion decks anymore. however right now reshiplosion still is  a top deck and eviolite makes reshiram tougher to take out  so it makes sense that people are still playing it.

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Benjamin

        I’m pretty sure we’ll see MewPhlosion (hopefully someone can think of a better name), and Reshi EX decks though ;)

        I don’t doubt Reshiphlosion is still up there as a solid tournament choice. I guess I was just slightly dissapoint that the first post-NV UK tourney wasn’t full of the new decks.

  2. Dave Wilson

    I like Ursaring over Cinccinno in here. You can lock trainers t1 with fake tears, and discard the top card of their deck after you use slowking. Pretty sweet.

    • Alex Holdway  → Dave

      Yeah it’s not a bad idea, can make use of DCE as well. The idea I guess is T1 Teddi, T2 Strip bare and then have Ursa on bench waiting for the time they have 2 helpful supporters after a Slowking. Like it.

      I also considered Mime Jr. because it doesnt waste energy drops and can stall for time (which I often found useful).

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the deck update; I’ve been wondering how your Sharpedo deck from last year would be updated with Fliptini.  I guess my main concern with the deck relates to matches against Magnezone, which is more popular than ever due to the powerful synergy with Eelektrik.  Magnezone would just laugh at Strip Bare.

    • Alex Holdway  → Anonymous

      Cheers Bruce! It was actually your message to me a couple weeks that reminded me of the deck! 

      And as to Magnezone, if I can’t kill their set up before a Magnezone hits the field then I’ll scoop anyway. Just the same way with Reshi hitting two Typhlo, not great for me!

  4. Oliver Barnett

    Wow can’t remember the last time you posted but good job man :)

  5. Mark Griffiths

    Nice report! I’m the Mark you played in the last round, and it has to be said that the deck is intense to play against! This was in fact my first actual Pokemon tournament, but I have pretty extensive experience in other TCG’s, particularly Magic the Gathering (hence my reference to the discard pile as the grave!). Going to 4-4 Sharpedo seems like a good plan, but how did you feel about Cheren against Sage’s Training? The advantage in card quality open to you via Saga’s just seems stronger to me when playing what is essentially a combo deck, but it may be that the card quantity is of more value here. Anyway, great deck and I hope to play you again soon enough!

    • Alex Holdway  → Mark

      Cheers Mark! I chose the Cheren because there’s isn’t much that I can readily discard in this, with my ZPST once I’m set up I can discard as I like. Here I have to go the whole game so I need my resources.

      Good luck in the future, and did you get anything good out of the Tin?!

      • Mark Griffiths  → Alex

        I pulled my 2nd Zekrom and 4th Catcher, which brings me awkwardly close to being tempted to play ZPST at some point. So you didn’t miss out too much there, but I managed to pull a Typhlosion Prime and other good stuff on Pokemon TCGO.

        After seeing Victini in action I’m quite tempted to test out Vanilluxe, and Slowking was far better than I expected considering I’d misread it prior to our match! It was a very enjoyable event, and I definitely hope to be a bit better prepared for the next competitive wave. 

        On a side note, what are Leagues like in Manchester? Worthwhile testing experiences to travel to? 

  6. Anonymous

    I know what you’re thinking. “Did he roll one heads or two?” Well,
    to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track
    myself. But being as this is a Sharpedo + Victini, the most powerful combo in
    the world, and would blow your hand clean off, you’ve got to ask
    yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

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