PokéClass Episode 54 – Shedding Light on Chandelure

This week I go back to good ol’ deck analysis, tackling probably one of the most underrated and less-talked about decks of the new format. Since the release of Noble Victories, a fair few new decks have been created, but this one is one that certainly shouldn’t be missed. Want 3 lists to get you started? Then make sure you tune in!


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  1. Oliver Barnett

    Where is the third list? I only see the Trainer Lock list and the Switch abuse list

  2. Richard Stephen

    Donphan is dying, Chandelure is thriving… It’s a great time to be a T-Tar player :)

  3. Matthew Riddle

    I read someone about a Jirachi UL tech, and it makes sense in versions with a little energy in it. Makes a lot of sense, surprised it wasn’t mentioned.

  4. Joe Callen

    I can’t help but think that Jirachi is absolutely mandatory in this deck. Chandelure just doesn’t do enough damage on it’s own to keep up with any of the other decks. Throw in 1-2 Jirachi, though, and this deck gets really nasty really fast.

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