PokéClass Episode 55 – 8 Lists for Christmas!

This week, it’s time for the Christmas Special of the year. This time I’m bringing you 8, yes 8! competitive decklists for you to start the New Year with at tournaments all across the globe. There’s some fun ones in there but I also give you lists for The Truth, Vanilluxe and Magnezone/Eelektrik so make sure you tune in!




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  1. Lordie Bevan

    Just a few corrections as follows : in the Kyurem/Feraligatr deck 13 + 13 = 26 and so 26 + 26 = 52 and therefore 8 spaces not 6 and in the Vanilluxe/Victini deck there are 23 S/S/T’s and so there is 1 remaining space. sorry but thought it had to be mentioned :)

  2. Nicholas Sinard

    Why would you put SEL in the truth when you have Kyurem…? Makes zero sense. And Donphan Prime is not really needed since it is so weak in this meta. And if you ” hand picked” them from wins, why didnt you cover 6 corners? it has Top 4ed more than any other deck.

      • Anonymous  → Josh

        I really would dispute that Six Corners is not that great. One, its record speaks for itself in Cities. Two, the deck can combat every deck in format much like Ross’ deck. The only problem is that it takes someone who has logged probably thousands of games with the deck to pilot it right. It is a very tricky deck to play, but it can work wonders if played correctly.

        • Nicholas Sinard  → Anonymous

          Well, you just contradicted yourself, you just said it isnt great, but admitted it won a lot of cities, and it can counter any deck like ross(IMO 6C can counter other decks better than ross.). And then you said it takes a person with countless hours to pilot it correctly, then it works wonders. What I am hearing is that it is a great deck, but it actually takes skill and time, more than any other deck right now

        • Anonymous  → Nicholas

          I do not see the contradiction? I said that it is a very good deck, it won cities, and it can counter any deck. I just said you have to know how to play it correctly. Some decks like TyRam are just autopilot decks. Not to say it does not take skill to play, but the gameplay is very similar against most decks. 6C changes drastically based on each different matchup.

        • Nicholas Sinard  → Anonymous

          “I really would dispute 6C is not that great,” is the words you said, then you went on to say how great it is.

        • Anonymous  → Nicholas

          Ahhh I was referring to the fact that I would dispute what Josh said that 6C is not that great.

      • Nicholas Sinard  → Josh

        SEL is outdated. Kyurem and 2 water is the way to go since you have glaciate , which 2 or 3 will definitely get you some prizes, plus it hits weakness on fire for TyRam. On top of that kyurem has outrage, which is awesome in ross. And I personally like terrakion instead of donphan in ross

        • Josh  → Nicholas

          you are so stupid… 6C doesnt take skill to play…

          6C is not a good deck that is difficult to play, it is a bad deck and that why its difficult to play. Also SEL is not outdated… if you think that you are just bad. SEL can OHKO/2HKO things with compromising itself with putting damage on it. Kyurem is nice but what do you do when they send up a cobalion with 2 spec metals in it oh wait if you are good you send up SEL and say what up nigga… terrakion vs donphan depends on the ross build and who you are playing if you plan on facing tons of magneEel then donphan is probably better. Making them lost zone 8 energy instead of 6 is huge in that matchup. BTW i never played tyram because well i didnt think it took skill or was even that great of a deck against anyone with skill… but from what i remember you played it at BR so keep your shit talk to yourself hypocrite…

        • Anonymous  → Josh

          Come on lets not go insulting each other. 6C is a very good deck, it has shown itself in Cities.

        • Josh  → Anonymous

          nah i think i’ll call someone out where they either dont know what they are talking about or the are just plain wrong. In his case both…

        • Nicholas Sinard  → Josh

          Hell ya I played it at my BR, but it was because i felt like playing it right then.

        • Josh  → Nicholas

          what are you talking about MagneEel has 40+ top 4’s and better and has won the most overall… that clearly makes it BDIF

        • Nicholas Sinard  → Josh

          I will stop arguing with an idiot who refuses facts and reason. Go ahead and believd in your little world while I liv ed in the real one.

        • Josh  → Nicholas

          magneEel has the most cities wins… and the most top cuts so therefore its the BDIF… were you dropped as a child or something…

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Josh

          I never said 6C topcutted more than Eel/Zone (pretty unlikely considering that there are so many more Eel/Zone decks).

          What I said was that 6C converts top cutting into a win more often than Eel/Zone.

          I dunno what this even has to do with Eel/Zone. My point is that 6C is not trash, and its performance at CCs backs that up.

        • Josh  → Jak

          that is because when magneEel top cuts it usually plays 1-3 mirror matches to get the win… Six Corners is utter trash and easy to play around for any good player.

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Josh

          Ah well, I suppose you are just one of those ‘good players’ that all the 6C decks that won just had to avoid.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Nicholas

      I don’t really think Donphan is weak in the meta since Magnezone and Zekrom are the two top 1st placers at the moment. And Six Corners.. I haven’t tested and not sure about it still :)

    • Anonymous  → Nicholas

      I would say he did not cover 6 corners because no 2 decks are similar. My deck is about 10-15 cards different that the one in Deck Out. I do not run Coballion. I know people that do not have Coballion in their meta do not run Reshiram in their deck. It is just a concept, not a set deck list. That is most likely why he did not cover it.

      • Nicholas Sinard  → Anonymous

        Actually, 6C does have a standard build to it, but if you wanna make that arguement then why did he cover ross? Ross can vary as much as 6C does.

        • Anonymous  → Nicholas

          I guess you have a point there. I just find it a deck that is very changeable. But you do have a point there.

  3. Anonymous

    HA! “Durant is everyone’s favorite card.”

    More like least favorite :P

  4. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    6C has the best top cut/win ratio of any deck in CCs. FACT.

    Everyone who trashed the deck at first (which was most people) are now either a) changing their tune, or b) making themselves look stupid by continuing to insist that a successful deck is bad.

    But that’s typical enough.

    Nice video Dan.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Jak

      Thank you :)

      6 Corners is hard to tackle and I haven’t built it yet so I’m not going to make my mind up on it yet. I can see it being good, but very difficult to both build and play..

    • beyblade1410  → Jak

      I mauled the Ohio champion in Florida yesterday at my second tourney with reshiphlosion and he was using 6C and he finished 2-2, I won the tournament. Reshiphlosion is good, I also defeated Juan Pablo Arenas 6-0.

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → beyblade1410

        Was that in Seniors?

        Not sure what your point is exactly. One game, one player, one tournament doesn’t stack up as proof of anything, especially in this format where opening hands and who goes first often determine the match regardless of skill.

        Congrats on your wins and everything but . . . I don’t really count that as a strike against 6C being a good deck. It’s winning and top cutting tournaments in Masters despite not being one of the most commonly played decks (though that might be changing), and that’s what matters.

    • Martin Garcia  → Jak

      I must admit i didnt think the deck was any good at first, i refused to admit it was any good at all.
      Then i saw Esa´s list, and said “hey, maybe this could actually work?”.

      So i went ahead, built it and tested with it. And its undeniably good. As many have said, its extremely hard to play correctly, there are so many mistakes you can make, even with “easy” cards like collector, there wasnt even one game i could atuo-pilot and relax.

      Heck, I had to change strategies against the same deck (magnezone/eels) since they were build slightly differtently, and once was a swiss match, while the other was top cut.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, people, have a clue. Six Corners is a legit, viable, winning deck. It’s been sweeping California in masters, and many other areas as well. It takes skill to play, and is one of those decks that requires constant adjustment and reading the metagame each event. Just because it’s not for you, please don’t go knocking it. I’m not gonna let these little bickering spats back and forth go on any longer; you were warned.

    If you’ve got a beef about 6 corners, then shut your mouth, go Playtest, film it, post it; and let the results do the talking. Until then, we go by the data we have: Wins/Topcuts. Fact of the matter is, it’s doing quite well in those.

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