Please Vote For J-Wittz! + The Future

Link to get to the contest main site:

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a great holiday season! This video is about many things, including:

  • My future career
  • A contest where I made an awesome music video that you can vote for
  • The future of videos for Prof-It!

Thanks for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates! Thank you for all who vote, and have a happy New Year!

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  1. Ross Gilbert

    Ok, Grinch time:

    I like J-Wittz! I like his videos, i like his articles, i’m subscribed to his Twitter page and i followed his worlds run with great interest. I even “liked” him on Facebook.

    The thing is: He has twitter, facebook and his own website.

    I don’t know why this video is here on this website. I saw the contents list and it’s
    (i) his future career – not pokemon so shouldn’t be here
    (ii) Something about a music video – see what i said above
    (iii) Future of Prof-it videos – well, kind pokemon but i like pokemon videos, not videos about pokemon videos without being pokemon videos.

    I’m not on here talking about my law work etc.

    I know he’s a “name” in pokemon, i know he got 5th at Worlds and i know he does a LOT for the community. But i don’t think anyone should be using this website for this purpose. Or maybe i just have the wrong idea of the aims of this website.


    (Posted because i don’t like people who negative rate for no reason – here’s my reasoning)

    • Anonymous  → Ross

      I’m actually surprised this found its way here, too lol. I didn’t ask Adam to put it up here, but I think he’s just trying to do anything he can to help the cause. I’ve gotten plenty of votes far beyond I expected I would and I think I’m set for as many as I can get from my friends, but I won’t be upset if you guys would rather not have the video here I wouldn’t mind asking him to take it down myself.

      Regardless, I still want to say thanks to all you guys for your continued support over the years of the show! It’s been a blast, and I’m constantly looking at new ways to implement a Pokemon show into my schedule without it taking up too much time. The two concepts I’m juggling are some sort of Podcast and some sort of a tcg competitive scene news-based show. I worry that the podcast would be just rehashing what TheTopCut is doing, so I’m working on getting the news-type show to a format where it doesn’t take me all day to produce. I’ll keep you guys updated in the future!

      • Ross Gilbert  → Anonymous

        Cheers for the reply dude. You’ll still be getting votes from me for the record ;)

        Also, i would be WELL up for a podcast. I love podcasts but pokemon tcg is lacking a proper, regular quality podcast, unless i’ve missed something. If you fill the gap you’ll find me subscribed pretty darn quickly!

    • Adam Capriola  → Ross

      I want to get him all the support he can for his contest – simple as that. Not everyone is subscribed to his YT, Twitter, FB, etc… and I want to help him get as many votes as possible. Plus it’s probably going to be his last video for a while anyway.

  2. Jared Paskoff

    Hey Josh, I would like to just thank you for all you have done for the community. You are the reason I came to this site and got into the pokemon TCG. I wish you luck in your future, and thanks for making great videos for the past to years.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Man keep up with the good work.. i Voted for you
    GOOD LUCK in all aspects of gaming journalism
    I Know my vote of confidence isnt worth as much as others but i will be rooting for you

  4. pokejav

    Josh…you da man…love your commitment to the game, love your positive, humble, imaginative, intelligent attititude, love your skill at the game, and love your desire to do what you love to do. You will make it, and I already see you at E3 convincing them execs to hire you. You’ll see, it’ll happen… (and I’m glad Adam supports your work as well, after all, this is a community).

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