PokéClass Episode 56 – Analysing 6 Corners

Okay, so I know I said I wouldn’t do another episode this year, but I really wanted to talk about this deck. Since you have all been putting my views and subs so high recently that I thought I’d do one more for the year. This episode covers the mysterious, yet controversial deck called 6 Corners. Is it a gimmick or a possible contender in the top tier? Tune in to find out..



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  1. Anonymous

    One thing I added to the deck that was not mentioned in the video was Absol. I was having an absolute miserable time with the now popular Chandelure decks and with Absol Chandelure is a OHKO hitting for weakness. Just an idea.

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      That’s why some people are teching in Spinarak HS. For a grass energy, you lock a Pokemon active. The idea is, if they have a baby Pokemon or something equally as useless out, lock it active with Spinarak until time is called or they deck out. And then, retreat and take a really quick prize to steal the game. It’s a great strategy against other trainerlock decks, too. And if they know you’re playing Spinarak and don’t send out babies, then they’ll have a really hard time setting up, while you just go on doing your thing with high-HP basics.

      Absol sounds like a pretty good idea, too. I’m going to give that a try!

  2. Dakota Streck

    Great video as always Dan! The hat is still as epic as ever!

  3. Ben

    Thanks! I appreciate the analysis of the deck, 6 Corners! There’s something fun about harping off weaknesses while simultaneously resisting KO’s. I’m curious to see how Next Destinies will impact this deck (for example, Mewtwo-EX and Prism Energy).

  4. Patrick Glynn

    I feel the temptation to use this deck, but I’ve been using trainer lock since the new format began and I feel like this deck is too fragile, as in it can be taken apart easily. This is due to my constant use of the lock and fear of catcher and plus powers. Is it possible to run this deck in a trainer lock variant or is that just wishful thinking?

    • Nicholas Sinard  → Patrick

      1) the deck is volatile because it bases its performance 90% on the player playing it, if the list and player is good, may god have mercy on your opponents.
      2)Stop fearing Trainers, get off the Lock Train, and get with the rest.
      3) And that is wishful thinking that was not thought through. Cards needed with these Big Basics:PP,Catcher,eviolite, and switch. Having Plume in it is like shooting yourself in the foot.
      Overall, good player+good list= success.

      • Patrick Glynn  → Nicholas

        Ok…..I was playing Vileplume before I even ever heard of Ross and the others so I don’t know what you’re getting at by me being on a lock train. That was a preference I picked up to stop stuff like Reshiram and Zekrom well before catcher hit the scene and the rest. All you could’ve was it was wishful thinking and left it that. Wouldn’t have minded that.

  5. Nicholas Sinard

    I think that your skeleton list is missing 2 Pokemon, Reshi and Zek, to Pokemon needed in the deck(unless you substitute Reshi with Victini) You need the extra Outragers, you can’t afford not to run them, IMO in any meta. Plus, why 3 Eviolite,I know it is a skeleton list , but 4 Eviolite is too good not too play ever.
    Also, I know you mentioned how some people use Tornadus instead of Virizion, and to those players I must say read the 6C article on the ‘Gym, it’s the perfect starter in this deck, if you don’t get why you absolutely need 4, then you will have to have an epiphany.
    Overall, pretty good video

    • Daniel Middleton  → Nicholas

      The list is not complete and I left them out cause they are complete meta calls (something I believe I said in the video). Your points are valid and I said the same things in the vid, but please remember it is a skeleton..

      • Nicholas Sinard  → Daniel

        Yes, you id say that, but Ithink that Zek and Reshi(or victini) are needed no matter what meta. I understand it is a skeleton and it is overall pretty good, but I believe that Zek and Reshi are a must in any 6C build.

        • Anonymous  → Nicholas

          For me the two are needed each for a specific card. Zekrom for Tornadus and Reshiram for Coballion. If you have neither in your metagame then why would you run Zekrom or Reshiram? Just my 2 cents. I find that Virizion is absolutely a must 4 of, Shaymin is a must 2 of and Terrakion is necessary because of how many MagneEel decks out there right now. Magnezone or Zekrom decks account for about half the meta game if not more right now. The rest is just your call. If your meta has a ton of Coballion and Magnezone and nothing else, why not just run Virizion, Terrakion, Shaymin and Reshiram?

        • Nicholas Sinard  → Anonymous

          I get what you’re saying but 2 extra outragers in the deck is just too good not to have. And you could say the same thing about Terrakion if you don’t have MagneEel in your meta( as unlikely as not having Coballion and Tornadus in your meta), but its revenge atttack is too good not to play,, just like the 2 extra outragers is too good not to play either.
          And to that last sentence because you need Kyurem since its glaciate attack is good against sooo many decks. IMHO Kyurem is the #2 attacker in the deck, one that must be kept

        • Anonymous  → Nicholas

          I find it either way, but in my current build I have been testing it has all of these plus Absol Prime. Mine is pretty ridiculous. But see why put Terrakion in there instead of Bouffalant when Bouffalant hits for a DCE? Because of weakness. And while yes I would agree with you that Kyurem is the #2 attacker in theory, the thing is that in every game you have a different #2 attacker (after Virizon). So that is why you play just whatever fits your meta IMHO. If all I have is MagneEels, then I think I would go with 4 Virizion, 3 Terrakion, 3 Zekrom, 2 Sharymin and that is it. It all just comes down to a meta call with this deck if you ask me.

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