Vote for Writer of the Month – December 2011

pokemon-paradijs.comHappy MEW year everyone!!

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a Pokémon pun.)

I hope ya’ll had a great 2011 and strive for an even better 2012. I know I’m planning to have an awesome year.

Since it’s the first of the month, that means it’s time for the WOTM poll!

But first, let’s give a warm round of applause to the top 5 vote-getters from December:

  1. Daniel Lee – 26 votes
  2. Dakota Streck – 23 votes
  3. Mekkah – 23 votes
  4. a hahn – 20 votes
  5. Zack Ayello – 18 votes

Nice going guys! Click here to see the full results.

I really appreciate everyone that’s written for the site as of late (and in the past). I’m amazed at how awesome the site is, and I just want to thank everyone for contributing. Whether you write articles, leave comments, or simply peruse the site, I consider you to be one of the coolest people on the planet.

I know you’re probably super busy with life, but thanks for taking the time to help to make 6P what is it. :)

This month I’ve decided to cut voting down from your 5 favorite writers, to only your 4 favorite writers. I thought I’d change things up and see how that goes. Voting ends on Thursday, January 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

As always, the top 10 (or 15… usually closer to 15) vote getters will receive a FREE month subscription to SixPrizes Underground.

If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag one of those free UG memberships), check out the instructions here.


Vote for your 5 favorite writers from last month (December 2011).

Poll closes Thursday, January 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

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Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections!

In other news…

1. TcgScans = PkmnCards

Mark A. HicksI decided to change the name of the site to for various reasons. That site is going very well by the way, and I want to thank everyone that’s been using it. It was a lot of work putting it together, so it’s nice to know at least a few people utilize it every day.

2. Affiliate Program

I might be re-opening the Underground Affiliate Program. Basically you’d get a special link, and if someone signs up for UG through your link, you’d get a commission.

I need to do some planning with that… but leave a comment if you have any interest!

I guess that’s it as far as new goes; not many interesting developments last month, unless you count my birthday which was on the 17th. :P


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16 replies

  1. Ross Gilbert

    Can i vote for Adam as writer of the month for that HILARIOUS pun!? :D

  2. Ross Gilbert

    Just wanna put out that Dakota Streck was the real best writer of the month. 3 articles of fantastic quality that were thoroughly research and well-written.

    We all know some people will get the popular vote but let’s make sure this guy gets number 1!!

    • Adam Capriola  → Ross

      Yeah I gotta agree with you, Dakota is most deserving this month for sure. Where are the cats and dogs at? ;)

      • Dakota Streck  → Adam

        The Cats and Dogs are at Grandmas, so they can’t vote this month.

        Actually, I don’t even let my brother vote anymore because we share a computer, which means the same IP Address. He’d probably vote for me, regardless if he actually thought I was the best, so I banned him. :P But in all seriousness, I like to play a clean, fair game- Win like a man, loose like a man.

    • Dakota Streck  → Ross

      Thanks man, I really appreciate your comments. As a writer, these are the best comments I could hope for. You made my day, so thanks guys!

  3. Lynx Meche

    Seconding what Ross Gilbert said, it’s turning into a popularity contest again. It’s best writer of the month, not favorite writer overall, guys. I loved Kenny’s and Carl’s wasn’t bad, but this month there were better applicants for the top three. (Like Dakota.)

    • Ross Gilbert  → Lynx

      I actually REALLY liked Carl’s article, though i am a sucker for anything with a historical angle :p

      There were a couple weaker ones this month though. It’s 11.23 in England though and i’m too tired to be controversial this early in the morning ;)

  4. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    I was going to come on here and righteously agree with the people saying this should be all about the best article, not who’s most popular.

    Then I realised I just vote for anything that has Lilligant in it . . .

    • Lynx Meche  → Jak

      Shhhh you can’t say that yet! Gonna make it look like I’m fishing for votes, I recently started something with Lilligant in it =p

      • Carl Scheu  → Lynx

        is about lilligant/vileplume by any chance? some dude played that in our area and it was really annoying to play against(i didn’t actually play against it, but i saw some of my friends play against it)

        • Lynx Meche  → Carl

          It’s a teacher article, like Cabd and I did last format. Status swarm Lilligant, then Lilligant/Vileplume. Nothing serious (I prefer Roserade, haha), but I figured if there was a relatively cheap rare to teach different mechanics, Lilligant EP is great.

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