Reshiboar: Dead or Just Getting Started?

lucario515.deviantart.comHello SixPrizers, it’s Zeus, or as you probably know me on the forums, Vablakes. Today I am here to talk about a deck that is overlooked too often, and ultimately underrated. That deck is Reshiboar. I think it will be great post-Next Destinies, and I will explain why. But first, I will give a brief description of the deck, and why I love it so much.

The main idea is get out an Emboar BLW 20 and Reshiram BLW, and keep a steady stream of energy going on to Reshiram with Emboar’s “Inferno Fandango” using cards like Energy Retrieval and Fisherman to keep the Energy you need in your hand. It also uses Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND as a backup attacker and sometimes Badboar, but I wouldn’t recommend Badboar because it is a Stage 2 and it is hard to set up two Stage 2s.

That is the basic strategy, and it is a lot of fun. Here is my personal list:

Pokémon – 16
4 Reshiram BLW

3 Tepig BLW Promo BW07

1 Pignite BLW 18
2 Emboar BLW 20
2-2 RDL
1 Mewtwo-EX NXD

1 Cleffa CL

Trainers – 32

3 Pokémon Collector

3 Professor Oak’s New Theory

2 Twins
2 Cilan
1 Fisherman

3 Rare Candy
3 Junk Arm

3 Pokémon Communication

3 Eviolite
2 Rocky Helmet
2 Pokémon Catcher
2 Energy Retrieval

2 Switch
1 Super Rod

Energy – 12

9 R

3 L

Now, let’s go into detail about each card in this deck.

Reshiram BLW

Your main attacker. You want to be hitting for 120 damage every turn with “Blue Flare.” He should be sticking around for a while because of his 130 HP and Eviolite. He is also great against Mewtwo EX because after a Blue Flare, you should only have one energy attached, meaning Mewtwo will need seven energy to be able to 1HKO it if Reshiram has Eviolite, six without.

Emboar BLW 20

Your only form of Energy acceleration. He is used to power up RDL and Reshiram’s attacks, Blue Flare and Ozone Buster turn after turn with “Inferno Fandango.” He has four Retreat Cost, and an attack that does 80 for four Energy, so he should never purposely put active unless you are up against Durant.

Tepig BLW Promo BW07

This is the preferred Tepig out of the four available. His attack, Singe, allows you to flip a coin, and if it is heads, the defending Pokémon is Burned. It is the best attack on any Tepig, and its Retreat Cost is one so it has the lowest Retreat Cost of any Tepig. If you have them, use them.

Cleffa CL

This Pokémon makes a great starter, and is like a searchable PONT at the cost of your attack for the turn. It helps to get set up because it allows you to get six new cards with “Eeeeeeek”. That is mainly what it is used for, but if you draw it in the late game, you could use it to Junk Arm away or Pokémon Communication it away for something else you may need.


This guy is the EX killer. 3 Prizes when you Knock one Out? Yes please! Just by Knocking Out one EX with him, you win half a game. That is crazy. With “Ozone Buster”, you can do 150 damage every turn if things go your way, and he can 1HKO Mewtwo EX, and can be used after Reshiram uses Blue Flare on an EX to finish them off. I love this card, and would recommend stocking up on it because it should see a rise in popularity.

Mewtwo EX

This guy is a beast. 170 HP on a Basic Pokémon? Unheard of! His first attack, “X Ball” does 20 damage for each energy attached to it and the Defending Pokémon, and with Energy acceleration like Emboar, you would be crazy not to use him. He is helpful against RDL, Gothitelle and just about everything that gives Reshiram trouble.

Most of the T/S/S are self-explanatory, but here are a few that aren’t.

Rocky Helmet

Very helpful against Thunderdome. Attach it to Reshiram, Blue Flare Magnezone. This will put them in a really bad spot, because they won’t be able to attack your Reshiram without KOing themselves. Same holds true for Zekrom. This is better than Badboar in my testing because it is easier to get out because it is not a Stage 2 Pokémon, it is simply attached to a Pokémon.


This is helpful if you do not get set up fast. It will allow you to set up better if your opponent outspeeds you. That is all it is useful for. This card has made for some epic comebacks, and I love it in this deck.


pokebeach.comThis is a new Supporter card coming out in Next Destinies that allows you to search your deck for 3 Basic energy and put them in your hand. This is great because you can then attach all of them immediately with Inferno Fandango.

Only 3 Energy Recovery Cards

You can generally Junk Arm for 2 Energy Retrieval per game, so that is 2 each time, 8 total plus 4 from Fisherman plus 12 from the energy already included, that’s up to 24 Energy per game.


Thunderdome – Favorable


You can 1HKO all their Pokémon with RDL. If Reshiram has a Rocky Helmet attached and uses Blue Flare on a Magnezone, they will not be able to attack the Reshiram without KOing their Magnezone. The only threat is them Catchering your Emboar and KOing it. Other than that, this should be a mess for them. Like I said before, when they revenge KO you, you activate a Reshiram with Rocky Helmet or RDL and KO them.

Mewtwo EX/Celebi Prime – Favorable

RDL will wreck Mewtwo. If they include Shaymin EX, that is 1HKO’d by RDL and Reshiram. You should be able to win the game with two or three attacks from RDL. This should go your way very quickly. Even if they do manage to Catcher up Emboar, they still need eight energy on a Mewtwo to 1HKO it. You only have to KO 2 Mewtwo-EX with RDL to win a game. This deck defeats Mewtwo in every way.

The Truth-EX – 50/50

pokemon-paradijs.comYou cannot 1HKO their EX, but if you set up faster and repeatedly Catcher up anything they try to set up, you could win this one. This is most definitely a tricky matchup, but it is winnable through not letting them get set up. If they do get set up, game over for you. RDL is weak to Regigigas-EX, so this is going to be hard to win, but you can still pull it off if you can Catcher up everything before they can set up. It is very hard to win, and I cannot stress enough that you have to think over every move before you make it, and think about how it will affect the game in the long run.

CaKE – Favorable

Kyurem, say hello to RDL. What’s that? Cobalion NVI you say? Reshiram will have fun Blue Flaring you! Oh? You have teched in Mewtwo-EX? RDL will demolish you too! Pretty much anything they throw at you should be taken down by RDL or Reshiram with no problem whatsoever. This is their worst nightmare. All those energy for only two attacks, the most they should be able to get off. Only problem? Getting Glaciate off fast and KOing your Tepig before they can evolve. Kyurem may have type advantage over Reshiram, so you never want to attack it unless you can 1HKO it with RDL.

6 Corners – Favorable

Low damage output to high HP Pokémon? Not working. You can 1HKO anything they have except EXs with RDL. Reshiram or Zekrom-EX? Blue Flare followed up with an Ozone Buster or another Blue Flare should take care of this problem. You should be able to win easily unless they play Tornadus against your RDL. Be sure to bench multiple Tepig in case they KO one with Catcher then Leaf Wallop. The pure versatility of this deck could cause problems, but in my testing, not that much.

Durant – 50/50

You need to set up an Abilityboar T2 or 3 and start squashing these ants, or you are going to have lots of problems. If you can set up fast enough, you should be able to win. If not, you are probably going to lose.

ZPST – Unfavorable

This is your worst matchup. They start killing your Tepig off turn 1 or 2, so unless you get T2 Candy Emboar, you are probably going to lose. Their sheer speed will be what does you in. if they don’t get swinging T2 or 3 at the latest, you could win, but that’s about the only way.

Tyram- Favorable

Afterburner damage is ultimately what does them in. You can 1HKO a Reshiram BW with a Reshiram BW because of Afterburner damage. You can 1HKO a Reshiram-EX that has 30 Afterburner damage. Your Reshiram will not have Afterburner damage; it should be able to take two normal Reshiram down.

I have tested all these matchups, just so you know. As you can see, it has a lot of good matchups in post Next Destinies. Mewtwo is going to be huge, and you have a good matchup against that, Magnezone is going to be great, you have a good matchup against that, CaKE should see a lot of play, and you have a good matchup against that. I didn’t put Chandelure or Gothitelle because I think they will disappear from the meta almost completely.

I think it will be a solid choice and hopefully a more popular choice in the years until it gets rotated out, and I hope others feel the same way. Now, for those of you who want to know how I did at City Championships, here is my tournament report (I know it is long overdue) for the one I was able to go to.

I was playing a Reshiboar list similar to the one listed above, obviously without the Next Destinies cards. I was also running a 1-1-1 Magnezone Prime and a Badboar in place of RDL, just something I was trying out, and PlusPower in place of Rocky Helmet. I was also still running Lightning energy.

Tournament Report

I get there just in time to register, on account of waking up late. I get registered, have a DS battle with my White version, and do some trading until round 1 starts.

Round 1 Vs. Magnezone/Yanmega/Zoroark

pokemon-paradijs.comWe both start off strong, getting early attackers. It was a really difficult game, and was ultimately what made me decide to use Rocky Helmet in my build. I got an early Emboar, but he took the prize lead early on by sniping my Cleffa with his Yanmega. I proceeded to KO his Yanmega with Reshiram, and he Catchers up Emboar and KOs it with Magnezone. I Blue Flare him, he Lost Burns for 100. I KO him with Outrage, and he revenge KOs me with Yanmega.


I then promote Magneton, and Tri Attack. One heads, Two heads, come on third heads… Yes! Triple heads. From there, I take the rest of my prizes with Reshiram, and he couldn’t get much else set up.


Round 2 Vs. Beartic/Samurott/Zoroark aka the nightmare matchup

This game was pretty one sided. He got Beartic out. I Blue Flare it, and he attacks me. I then play Switch into Cleffa, retreat and Outrage. He only took 1 Prize, and I got all six.

Round 3 Vs. Chandelure/Crustle

This was a really random deck. He had like a 1-1-1 Chandelure NVI, 2 Crustle NVI, a Meowth NVI, Garbodor NVI, just random stuff. This was my down pairing, but he managed to win because I had a very long energy drought. Four Energy were prized, five were toward the bottom ¼ of my deck, and I managed to Blue Flare once. He got my Emboar active and KO’d that, and he just kept KOing everything until I ran out of Pokémon on my field.


Round 4 Vs. Donphan/Yanmega/Zoroark
I flail!

This was brutal. I mean it. Really nice kid, though. Funny, and a great player. He gets out his guys relatively fast, and so do I. We ended up running each other out of attackers, and he had a Phanpy HS with 30 Earthquake damage on it, and he ended up killing a Cleffa and a Tepig with Flail.

That’s right, he Flailed for 2 Prizes. That was a Flailure. What’s a good article without a pun? Well, I ended getting another Reshiram set up and Catchered his Zorua before the became Zoroark, and pretty much swept him with one Reshiram from there.


Round 5 Vs. CaKE

This is an up pairing. He is 4-0. I get a T2 Magnezone and a T3 Emboar, and all three of his Electrodes are prized. He gets off one Glaciate for 1 Prize because I benched Cleffa, worst misplay of the day. It was Electrode. He gets it out, blows it up and gets a couple of Energy. I pretty much swept his whole field with Magnezone. Awesome game.


I make top cut at the 2nd seed, and am matched up against the guy from round 1.

Top Cut

Game 1


I get off to a bad start, and his was near perfect. He swept my whole field with Magnezones and Yanmegas.

Game 2

This game was really close. I get a great setup, and so does he. We trade prizes until time is called. At this point, it is tied 2-2, and he is turn zero. He has no way of taking prizes unless he can get his zero-Energy Magnezone out of the way, and most of his Energy were Lost Burned. I could take prizes, and waited until Turn 3 to take one. Good game!

Sudden Death

He gets a T2 Zoroark using Foul Play on Reshiram’s Blue Flare, and I only managed to get one Energy out. It was a shame, because I could have Outraged for the game. Oh well. At least I made top cut with Reshiboar! I placed 3rd. It was a lot of fun. I hope you have enjoyed this article! Maybe Reshiboar will make a comeback. I hope it will. Until next time, happy testing!

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  1. Anonymous

    Untested matchups make me cry…. Not gonna -1, but not gonna +1 either….

  2. Anonymous

    Now, obviously, I applaud you for using Reshiboar, as I’ve said on the forums. But I have two important questions about your list…

    1. Only 1 Fisherman? That seems really dangerous, considering that this and Retrieval are your only way to get energy back from the discard. I know you talked about Junk Arming for Retrieval, and obviously we’re gonna be doing that, but still, I find 2 to be a minimum for Fisherman.

    2. No Bad Boar? What!?!?!?

    Other than that though, I’m glad someone else realizes the awesomeness of Reshiboar, and the only bad part about this being up here is that Reshiboar may no longer be rogue(ish). (in case you don’t know, I hate playing metagame decks, but this is my favorite deck of all time :P)

      • Anonymous  → John

        Ninetales is a poor choice, IMO. I just screw it all and try and keep my field to a lone Pignite, and possibly a Cleffa (unless they run Coballion… then two Pignite and a Cleffa [I run both types of Pignite for safety]).

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Anonymous

      Dane you need to start thinking of building Reshi[EX]boar that has Reshiram[EX] and Mewtwo[EX]. This means no more Reshiram FW, no more Fisherman, no more Energy Retrieval, and no badboar. Its going to be more consistent that the old Reshiboar.

        • Benjamin Bolival  → Caleb

          With a bit of imagination you will realize the Reshiram[EX] and Mewtwo[EX] doesnt discard energy so no need for fisherman.

        • Caleb Sodding Mullins  → Benjamin

          okay 1. dont call me stupid or unimaginative
          and 2, when reshi gets ko’d (which it will, its nice to have fisher man to emboar the enrgy back on, and for after retreating emboar when they cather it (which WILL happen)

        • Benjamin Bolival  → Caleb

          that is why you need switch, super scoop up and junk arm to avoid energizing those abiliboars just to retreat. you can tech in 1-2 fisherman for such contingency if you want but for consistency you may not have room for it. if i dont have switch in my hand when it gets catchered then as long as i have 2 EXes powered up ill just let it die. its the same scenario back in pre-ND when your abiliboar gets catchered and you dont have energy nor a fisherman in your hand to retreat it .

          energizing the abiliboar to retreat is one way of getting out of the active position. But there’s also switch and super scoop up to get that abiliboar out of that active position. its really up to you which avenue you would want to take. if there’s trainer lock then just let that emboar die, tough luck mate…

  3. Lynx Meche

    I’m also going with untested. Just because you say you tested it, doesn’t mean we’ll believe it.

    Badboar is unrecomended because it’s harder to get out two Stage 2’s than two LEGENDs? That must explain why The Truth, Reunitelle, and Magneboar all do so badly, and why every successful deck uses at least two lines of a LEGEND.

    (Goooood why is Cilan already turning into the new Interviewer’s/Energy Search?)

    • Riley August  → Lynx

      Simple: because Cilan is significantly better than those cards, and I feel as a guaranteed 3 fires it has a place in Reshiboar. I don’t think it really has a home in anything else, except MAYBE Gothitelle (which is a dead deck already and deader once mewtwo hits), but in Reshiboar it may have potential. Fisherman and Energy Retrieval are great mid to late game energy getters, and Cilan does the same thing as Fisherman in the early and midgame, where your deck still has energy: put energy in your hand so you can Fandango it. It also lets you get Lightning energy if you’re running RDL or Magnezone.

      I hate to say it, but Cilan’s good in here.

      • Lynx Meche  → Riley

        I’m not really complaining that Cilan is in this deck specifically. I’m okay with Interviewer’s phasing out since this is a higher guarantee, though I’d still I’d rather spend my Supporter on Fisherman. I can see it being used when you have a low count of another Energy type, but with two Cilan and three Lightning, it sounds like adding more Fire or Fisherman/Retrieval would be loads better. That’s half the deck’s Energy gone with two Supporters, but only three cards to get it back.

        I don’t really think Cilan would work in Gothitelle, since you can only attach one Energy per turn. I think it’d do something in Mewtwo/Celebi, maybe, since you can attach two per turn from your hand. Emboar decks obviously can use it, but I’d think you’re better off with high Energy and shuffle-draw unless you have a couple Lightning for RDL.

        But so far, Cilan is looking like the “one/two in EVERY DECK” like Interviewer’s was on the forums. It’s better than Interviewer’s, but not good enough to go in more than a couple deck types.

  4. JakeO

    I don’t think you should try and use RDL against Thunderdome unless you really have to. For three energy, which they already commit to KOing a dragon, you give them two prizes instead of one.

    Rocky Helmet is a great call, it really offsets eviolite and brings cards like Magnezone in range of Blue Flare. I don’t agree with your use of eviolite though, Thunderdome will already OHKO you for 3 energy while Mewtwo and the other dragons will take two turns to KO you either way. In short, because you don’t take afterburner damage you should be at full hp most times, so rocky helmet seems like a better call.

    I’m really curious about your T/S/S though, I like the Twins (heh) and Cilan seems to bring the deck some much needed speed and consistency, but why no N or Ninetales?

    • Anonymous  → JakeO

      I do not use Ninetales because I already have a low amount of energy recovery, and N hurts you late game. I always seem to draw what I need with what I already have, so I decided not to use it, because I found it to be more consistent.

  5. Anonymous

    Just so that everyone knows, this is my most tested deck. Why would I not test my main tournament deck against all the popular decks? I have been using this deck since April, I have not stopped testing it since then, and all of this is tested. That is 9 months straight of testing the same deck every day. I know these matchups like the back of my hand, and I plan on playing this deck for a long time.

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      Oh? You’ve been playing with proxied mewtwo EX sets for 9 months, against people also using NDE cards for the past 9 months? Mind you, 9 months ago was back when we were mid-seaosn rotating. The NDE cards hadn’t even been spoilered. You can’t just drag and drop new cards into an old deck and claim that it’s all tested. Every format needs a new set of testing.

      • Anonymous  → Anonymous

        Now, where did I say that I have been testing it with Next Destinies for 9 Months? I said that I have been testing the deck in general for 9 months, not Next Destinies. I have been testing it in Next Destinies for about 2 weeks now, because I decided to take a week break from testing.

    • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

      I’d believe that the version you top-cutted with was tested. You may have tested Reshiboar, but not THIS Reshiboar, like using RDL as more than a finisher. There’s a huge difference between formats. (I can’t say anything about editing this, but it never came across as “testing Mewtwo EX since mid-season rotation.”)

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry dude. I can’t give this a positive. I think that ReshiBoar has potiential, but this article does not do a good job conveying it, imo.

    1) You only have 6 dedicated Pokemon search cards (most have 8).
    2) You only have 5 search/draw cards (most decks need to be around 10-12).
    3) Mewtwo EX does not deal with other non-Mewtwo EX Pokemon in an efficient way. Yet, you already have RDL to counter Mewtwo EX. Pick on or the other.
    4) To counter other EXs, you should run either Reshiram EX or Zekrom EX.
    5) You only have 3 energy recovery cards.
    6) Five slots for Rocky Helmet/Eviolite is too much.

    Also, I have problems with your match ups.
    1) tyRam is at least 50/50. This is an argument going back to the rotation. tyRam’s consistency and efficient (not to mention results) have largely settled this. tyRam gets the same toys that ReshiBoar does. Not going to be a big shift between the two.
    2) Thunderdome is 50/50 also.
    3) I’m actually going to stop there. I hope that I have been specific enough. I just don’t agree with a lot in here. Sorry.

    • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

      Some of Reshiboar’s advantage over Tyram comes from the use of Badboar, from personal experience. That’s usually a bigger problem than RDL for me, normally.

      Oh wait it doesn’t apply.

      • Anonymous  → Lynx

        Yeah Bad Boar can be an issue, but tyRam is just SO consistent and efficient. Anyway, with Reshiram EX, you can take out Bad Boar with relative ease now.

        • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

          I haven’t tested it with Reshi EX yet, so I didn’t really think about that. But the same applies that RDL is just as easily OHKO’d, and you get two prizes from that one. So it’s definitely not auto-favorable because…some reason. I’m not sure what changed to make it positive in this suddenly, haha.

        • Anonymous  → Lynx

          I might be a bit confused…

          I don’t think that tyRam is hands down better than ReshiBoar. I do think that past evidential results have shown tyRam to be the better overall deck.

        • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

          I’m not sure which is better at the moment, simply because of ND, is mostly what I think I’m trying to say. I don’t particularly remember. Reshiboar certainly was bulkier before, possibly better between the two, but I’m not sure how ND is changing that since I haven’t tested.

          This list is just weird, totally different from what I’ve tested against, so I’m not sure how Tyram would fare against it, other than “lack of Badboar is in Tyram favor.”

        • Ross Gilbert  → Anonymous

          I’ve always found that Tyram is the better deck (due to consistency mostly) but in a mirror match Reshiboar has a big advantage (the 10 damage from Afterburned is HUGE in Reshiram mirror). Generally it only loses the mirror if it starts badly but it can’t keep up with the other decks the way that Tyram can

        • Matt Nawal  → Ross

          I second what Ross said above. Having played both decks on and off since Nationals last year (including TyRam at Grinders and Boar mostly during BR and cities this year) I agree that TyRam is a more rounded consistent deck than Boar. However, when they face off against each other the Boar player is at a huge advantage (Reshiram and/or Mewtwo Ex may change this, but Boar seems to be better able to use both of those easier than TyRam can). The biggest swing came from Bad Boar being able to OHKO anything in TyRam, while usually being 2hko’d itself (or more if you include Max Potion). The major difference between the two is that once set up TyRam becomes effectively self sufficient, while Boar needs a steady supply of recovery cards.

    • John DiCarlo  → Anonymous

      My friend decided to make one and his original list contained 3 Fisherman and 4 Energy retrieval. he has cut that down, but I play with 2 Fishers and 3 Retrieval and i found out it is just enough. 3 is truly way to low.

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      I only need 6 Pokemon search cards. I have found it to be more consistent.
      Again, I only need 5 Search/draw cards, it is most consistent for me.
      Mewtwo-EX is helpful in certain situations, mostly when you can’t get out RDL to counter Mewtwo, because it is searchable via Collector.
      I could probably put in a Reshiram-EX, but I am still unsure of it.
      Like I said in my math, 3 is just fine.
      Five slots for Eviolite/Rocky Helmet is what works best for me. You may disagree, but I think it is fine.

      Tyram is not 50/50. In the 12 games I have tested against it, I won all 12. Now, if I had only won 6, it would be 50/50. But 12 out of 12 should be more like 100/0.
      Thunderdome is also demolished by this deck. I have tested. A lot.
      This is my opinion and I have done really well with it.

      • Dave Enzo  → Anonymous

        Have you tested this against a thunderdome running Zekrom ex? beacause you cant one shot that unless you plus power 3 times no? and you said you can one hit KO anything not knocking you or anything im just thinking that zekrom ex is gunna be a nice teck in thunderdome since your running eels anyway ..

        • Anonymous  → Dave

          I completely forgot about Zekrom-EX. my bad. I will try to test this one. Thanks for noticing!

      • Anonymous  → Anonymous

        I’m going to be as cut and dry as possible. I am not trying to be rude at all.

        You might be able to get by on 6 Pokemon search cards, IF you have enough draw/search/refresh cards. You do not have enough of either. A deck with a stage 2 line, a Legend, and massive energy requirements will not consistently hold up with only 5 search/draw cards against good opponents/lists.

        Heck, even the best draw engine in the game, Magnezone, runs at least 7 or 8 draw/refresh cards, IN ADDITION to Magnezone.

        If you really have had good results with a list ANYWHERE near the list in the article, you have either 1) been extremely fortunate or 2) played against sub-par opponents/lists.

        I appreciate that you will stick to your guns, but evidence tells us a different story. tyRam and The Thunderdome boast VASTLY superior results to ReshiBoar. I personally guarantee you that there is no way in the world a good tyRam list with a good player is going to lost more than 6 out of 12 against ReshiBoar (save for extraordinarily bad luck). The same is exactly true of Magnezone/Eelektrik (arguably the BDIF through the Cities season and It is not going anywhere).

        Because ReshiBoar is not a big secret, the results force us to fall into one of the following explanations: 1) the community at large is stupid and is missing something about ReshiBoar or 2) ReshiBoar is a solid deck, but not near as good as the two previously mentioned decks against the field.

        No offense, but I on the macro level I could care less what your testing results tell us when we have TONS of real tournament data to draw conclusions from. Coming back with “this is my opinion and I have done really well with it” is not well supported reasoning.

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          And we have real tournament data from Next Destinies than isn’t coming out for a few weeks from where? Could you please tell us where you got future data from? I would really like to know so that I can know what I place at States before I go.

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          This one is not going to be as cut and dry.

          You are full of inconsistencies. First, you claim 9 months of testing when people started saying that you had not tested this. Then you claim only 2 weeks of testing with NDE? No you fall back on the defense of: the set is not coming out for a few weeks. Which is it?

          Then you post match ups that almost everyone, universally disagrees with. Your deck list has what, a whopping 3 cards from NDE in it? Two of those are for getting energy, one is Mewtwo EX. Yet, somehow these three slots (in the way that you are utilizing them) are going to magically take ReshiBoar from the relative bottom of tournament success, according to REAL data since rotation, and push it to over 50/50 match ups with the last two BDIF? Better yet, your three slots is going to give ReshiBoar a 50/50 or better match up against everything but ZPST (which will likely see a decline in play, imo)?

          My point is that we have a ton of data about how ReshiBoar, Thunderdome, CoKE, Durant, ZPST, tyRam, and The Truth already interact. There are some changes that will occur (Fire decks being able to handle The Truth a bit better, etc), but your three cards slots is not going to change those match ups in a huge way. This is particularity true because the only real addition to the deck is Mewtwo EX, but wait, other decks get to use Mewtwo EX also. So, that is basically a wash.

          You have not made any convincing argument as to why EX’s will make ReshiBoar better than it currently is (in comparison to other decks).

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          I have been testing the deck in general for 9 months, NDE for a week or 2. That is what I said. Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend is what gives it such a huge boost, since you will be able to take 3 Prizes for knocking out an EX with it. Also take into consideration that Reshiboar has been underrepresented. If it would have had equal representation, the point of Tyram and Thunderdome winning more would have been valid. Also,it’s CaKE, not CoKE.

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          It’s called both CaKE and CoKE (with CoKE being the more accurate representation).

          As for under-representation. Re-wind 9 months. Most people thought that ReshiBoar was going to be the best deck. It is not some unknown deck that people just don’t know about and is underrepresented. It is underrepresented because everyone thinks the other decks are better.

      • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

        Just what did you test against? Reshiboar is by no means a bad deck, but I don’t know what kind of crazy luck you had, or what crazy-bad lists you were testing against. Or just inexperience in playing some decks, that’s also a problem. Truth and CaKE can be tough to test against just because they’re harder to play, but that shouldn’t mean results are concrete.

        • Anonymous  → Lynx

          Two of the matches against Tyram were at Regionals, and they were both consistent builds. They were able to get 2 Typhlosion in both games, but I just Catchered them up and killed them, so even in the situation that they get out 2 or even 3 Typhlosion, I still won. And in both of the games, they were usually Blue Flaring each turn due to 1 Typhlosion on the bench. Sorry, not bad luck, just a good player.

        • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

          I wasn’t doubting your skill as a player. “Matches played in Regionals” aren’t usually considered “testing this build.” ND wasn’t out for Regionals though. I haven’t voiced any doubts about the list you used previously, but your testing data is still for an old Reshiboar. It’s just not valid if the point is to showcase ND. It’s like if I had Umbreon UD as a deck focus and used my win record from last season to prove that it’s useful now. There aren’t many Powers and Bodies used often, so it’s a more extreme example, but invalid nonetheless. If the list you tested isn’t 100% the same, then it’s not testing this experimental deck, it’s testing an archetype.

      • Grant Manley  → Anonymous

        Sorry for all the hate you got on this. I didn’t think it was that bad.
        I do agree with some things on the other comments but overall I appreciate the time into this article.
        Personally, (Don’t kill me) I don’t like Reshiboar and I don’t think it has a chance due to its vulnerability
        to Catcher. RDL for the win though. Vilegarkid out.

    • Joshua Pikka  → Anonymous

      Keep in mind that Airhawk is THE Reshiphlosion player, so of course he will be against Reshiboar. Good guy, but he is biased.

      • Anonymous  → Joshua

        Thanks… Maybe… haha

        I am a fan of Reshiphlosion. I also think that it will still be good in the post Next Destenies Meta.

        However, to assume that I am biased against other decks is not a fair statement and simply untrue. I have been extremely fair toward all decks in my articles this season. I said that ZPST was likely the BDIF early. I hands down admitted that Magnezone/Eelektrik and Chandy were BDIFs lately.

        I actually have no qualms with ReshiBoar. I think that it has the potential to be really good with Reshiram EX and Mewtwo EX. However, the list is not good and the match ups are atrocious.

        I was, at first, trying to offer advice through constructive criticism. Then, I merely backed up my points (that were never actually addressed).

  7. Joe Yang

    I utterly despise the unfavorable-favorable setup (just as much as I hate the percentages setup) if only because people tend to try and legitimize why a matchup is favorable/unfavorable rather than just give me a strategy.

  8. samuel roach

    I love Reshiboar and I’ve been playing it since BW came out. I just can’t belive some of the stuff on here. 1st off, you don’t need 2 Mewtwo counters. 2, where’s Reshiram EX? 3, you need more draw power, add a fisherman, take out a candy, add a communication and a catcher if you can, play Rocky Helmets over Eviolite and add more fire energy. 4, I don’t know if I belive the matchups yet. 5, Your tournament report was with Magneboar and has nothing to do with Reshiboar. The deck is played differently so you can’t truly say that you did well with reshiboar.

    I do think cilan is really good for the deck. It’s better than Interviewers because you know you’re getting 3, as opposed to looking at the top 7 and hoping to get something.

    This article really doesn’t help Reshiboar. I can do a better one. Shoot, both of my previous reshiboar articles are better than this one.

      • samuel roach  → Anonymous

        Even at that, Magnezone’s influence and presence changes the deck by a good bit actually. Still, You lied about playing strait Reshiboar, which decives everyone on here. You’ve just made it worse by posting this, because people won’t even want to try Reshiboar because of how bad this is.

        Also, you can’t call wins against other seniors (that are on the same level, or lower than you) in tournaments testing. [B]Testing[B] means you and a friend/s get together somewhere (home, league etc…) and play against each other, while fixing your deck and discussing/playing against certain matchups while helping each other. You can also play against masters. That’s the true test right there. If you can do well against really good players, then we can’t really say anything to ya.

        This article is just rediculus. Sorry bro.

  9. Benjamin Bolival

    This is old school Reshiboar albeit Cilan and Mewtwo[EX]. I would rather use the newer Reshi[EX]boar build with all EXes and no BW Reshiram. No BW reshiram means on more Fisherman or Energy Retrieval in your deck. Instead i’ll tech SSU or Seeker to recycle any EXes with damage counters on it.

    • José Yago De Alberto  → Benjamin

      I did not mean to like your comment , sorry. Only reshiEX and no more Reshiram BW also means mewtwoex will destroy you.

      • Benjamin Bolival  → José

        With a bit of imagination you will realize that Reshi[EX]boar can tech Mewtwo[EX] in its build as a counter to Mewtwo[EX] =p. With Abiliboar up you can easily load up Mewtwo[EX] with enough energy to knock-out your opponent’s Mewtwo[EX]. in fact Reshi[EX]boar with Mewtwo[EX] tech addresses two weakesses in Celebi-Mewtwo[EX] variants, namely, Celebi primes weakness to fire and mewtwo[ex] weakness to psychic.

        • José Yago De Alberto  → Benjamin

          I did like this comment :)
          You are totally right and your point is valid.
          The problem you have with that deck is the price race ,though. MTC will probably take the first two prizes because you cant OHKO their Mewtwo EX with Reshi EX while they can OHKO your Reshi EX with their Mewtwo EX.

        • Dave Enzo  → José

          yea but mewtwo ex will need 5 energies which is possible or if you flip for tails after 150 damage mewtwo ex will need 2 energies tho so its all about chance

        • Benjamin Bolival  → José

          it is true that CMT will be a faster deck than Reshi[EX]boar but endgame it will be Reshi[EX]boar with more loaded EXes. Besides there is twins and black belt to help the Reshi[EX]boar recover (although twins has the better utility in this deck than black belt since it may have no space for black belt).Once the Reshi[EX]boar knocks out the first loaded Mewtwo[EX] of the CMT player the CMT player would have a longer time to reload his next Mewtwo[EX].

  10. Dave Enzo

    i would build it similar to that and x out RDL 1 more mewtwo for mewtwo machups and add a fliptini for fun with reshi ex

      • Dave Enzo  → Anonymous

        I get that

        my only issue is RDL and all the rest of the legends cards, with this format now they can all be one shotted by reshi ex and zekrom ex and others. A lot of decks are going to have them in it and they have superior HP, only need 1 card to setup, and are also considered basic pokemon and have the same drawback of the legends being you give your opponent 2 prizes …Im not knocking the legends some have spaces in some powerful decks and i get that you get an extra prize with RDL but he can be easily OHKO’d in this new format and has a LARGE setup process

  11. Anonymous

    This is the best deck I have ever played. I absolutely love it, and it ultimately boils down to my playstyle. I do not like decks like Thunderdome and Luxchomp from the previous format, even though I had the cards to play them. I am not saying that it is unbeatable by any means, but I do think it is a strong contender, and may even pass Tyram, because of the huge boost it gets from Next Destinies.

  12. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Yeah, this was ok, so I’m not going to dislike it.

    The comment about not running BadBoar because ‘it’s two Stage 2s’ is odd. That only really applies to seperate evo lines. It’s as easy to run a Badboar as it is to run a 3rd Ability Boar, and no, there isn’t enough draw support. Or Fisherman for that matter.

    The deck is worth revisiting for HGSS-ND, mainly because of RDL.

  13. Josh

    3 pokemon collector w/ no pokegear or pichu WAT!?! Have you played against anything next format T1 collector or bust…
    A draw engine of… wait where is the draw engine?
    OK at least we have a good draw supporter line. Wait only 3 PONTs? what?
    3 eviolites that pretty much wont do anything just turn 2HKO’s into 2HKO’s with a little bit more math…
    bad matchups testing (tounament games dont count as test matches… especially when you are using a different list)

    Even I think sixprizes is better than this most of the time. This article is on the level of a pokegym article…

    • Anonymous  → Josh

      Have you tested the deck? Because I don’t think you have. I appreciate the constructive criticism, but the part where you said that it isn’t good enough for 6P was uncalled for. If you are going to be bashing my writing, I would appreciate it if you would kindly quit commenting, because you don’t need to be mean about it. If you can be a little bit nicer, that would be appreciated. Would you like someone to go on your article and say that it isn’t good enough for the front page? Sorry, but I found that to be rude after I spent 10 hours writing this just to present another option that isn’t Thunderdome or Mewtwo-EX.

  14. bryracer

    any thought to adding Reshiram EX? or any testing with Moltres. I only see 9 basics, i have been testing with the new Moltres and it ends up being a decent starter with DCE.

  15. Anonymous

    You’re still in seniors, I believe, so I’ll take the time to explain this. (If I’m incorrect, you should know this already)

    Posting a deck to the deck discussion part of the forums here, or pokegym, or any other site means that you are seeking help with your deck list.

    Posting a deck ARTICLE to Sixprizes means you are confidant you have a list that can do well in the metagame, you’ve tested it enough to stand behind your analysis, and that you’re not afraid of constructive criticism.

    You’re not getting “hate”; you’re getting “criticism” The sooner you learn the difference, the better.

    The fact of the matter is, your list is not “perfect” nor is it tested. And don’t go telling me that it is because I haven’t tested it. I ran a few matches with it in redshark (using proxies for the NDE cards) and sure enough; major consistency issues.

    Airhawk is the “go to” fire guy. His points are valid, and you seek to dismiss them by claiming he’s just hating on you.

    Anecdotal evidence pales in comparison to actual results. “But I can do fine with only 6 search cards, 5 draw/shuffle cards, and no ninetales” means nothing to anyone else, because in the real world, that falls very short.

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      Ok, again, all of these are tested, whether you believe me or not. The version I made the cut with had only 2 differences in the T/S/S line, and those were:
      -2 Rocky Helmet, +1 PlusPower and Pichu (never got used)
      -2 Cilan, +2 Interveiwer’s Questions
      I had no consistency issues all day. And just because I am in Seniors doesn’t make me any less intelligent than a Master. You obviously didn’t play it right, like I do if you got those results. Like I said, I have been playing this deck and this deck only for 9 months straight, so I must know a thing or 2 about it.

        • Anonymous  → Jak

          Well, pardon me if I’m wrong, but all Pokemon merchandise say “Recommended for ages 10+”, not “16+”. So as long as Pokemon is advertised for kids, there are gonna be kids. Period.

        • Lynx Meche  → Anonymous

          Even 10 sounds a little high for a show that consists of, “Pi! Pikachu! Pipipi PiKAchu!” =p Take out the fighting and they’d have marketed it to a younger audience, haha. See those shows Pingu, Boohbah, and Oobi.

      • Anonymous  → Anonymous

        The “seniors” comment is directed to the part of my post you conveniently ignored. But perhaps you didn’t see it, so I’ll repost it here for your convenience:

        “Posting a deck to the deck discussion part of the forums here, or pokegym, or any other site means that you are seeking help with your deck list.

        Posting a deck ARTICLE to Sixprizes means you are confidant you have a list that can do well in the metagame, you’ve tested it enough to stand behind your analysis, and that you’re not afraid of constructive criticism.

        You’re not getting “hate”; you’re getting “criticism”. “

      • Ross Gilbert  → Anonymous

        The fact that you’re in Seniors has absolutely no bearing on your intelligence or your skill as a player (there are good seniors out there). BUT it absolutely does impact on the average skill-level of opponents. The fact is, in tournaments you’re playing against, generally, less skilled players. Of course there are exceptions but i’m going for trends.

        There’s always been differences in the decks that can do well in different age groups. There’s a reason for this.

  16. Suncool

    I love Emboar, even though I’ve never playedd Reshiboar (the only deck I’ve played is Chandelure). But because of this article I might consider building one, except maybe without RDL because of its cost.

  17. Balasar

    i personnally like the article and found it quite well written. we also finally have a use for cilan (only suppoter from nde)!

  18. Chuck Rancor

    Another thing worth mentioning about rocky helmet from testing is, one attack from a 170 HP EX(reshiram, zekrom), and they’re down to 150, also putting them in OHKO range for RDL. Not sure how much play the EX dragons will see, but it’s worth remembering if they pick up popularity

  19. jac carter

    sorry but,
    your list is wrong, you include mewtwo EX but don’t think about any other cards from that set?
    your meta is bad. i haven’t even seen those decks in 2 months…
    you lost to a horrible deck that is weak to you…
    you also lost round one in top cut…what division are you in again???

  20. Jimmy Ebanks

    Pretty sure those match ups aren’t tested/are tested on people who had whack lists. I don’t see how ZPST is unfavorable when Celebi/Tornadus does the same thing, cheap quick prizes off of your Tepigs but that match up is favourable…

    Trying not to take into account whatever age/experience you have with Pokemon or the match ups you tested them against but… it’s easy to say that you assume that you’re playing against some whack players to come to some of the conclusions you did about the decks that you tested against. Looking at Celebi/Mewtwo EX for example you said:

    “RDL will wreck Mewtwo. If they include Shaymin EX, that is OHKOed by RDL and Reshiram.”

    Sure it’s true but I mean, anyone with a brain knows that these cards are not the cards to be attacking with all game because of the liability that is, they give up two prizes upon KO. That’s like assuming the Durant player is going to be using the other attack instead of Devour to win the game…

    You should test these match ups against people that know how to play the deck and have good deck lists instead of either making them up or playing bad players with bad decklists. After going back to reading the comments you posted about the match ups, half of them you don’t even suggest why the match up leans one way or the other, you just make silly comments about things. Definitely -1’d.

  21. Justin Kittelson-Burke

    Wouldn’t TrainerItem lock destroy it though since the deck runs mostly on the ability to play Trainers and Items. For instance Candy, Catcher, Communication… Etc. Especially now that it’s gaining popularity.

  22. Tyler Kittelson-Burke

    Wouldn’t TrainerItem lock destroy it though since the deck runs mostly on the ability to play Trainers and Items. For instance Candy, Catcher, Communication… Etc. Especially now that it’s gaining popularity.

  23. Tyler Kittelson-Burke

    Wouldn’t TrainerItem lock destroy it though since the deck runs mostly on the ability to play Trainers and Items. For instance Candy, Catcher, Communication… Etc. Especially now that it’s gaining popularity.

  24. Iggi Rodriguez

    i don’t understand why bad boar is not a part of this deck. HEAVY BALL did come out! DCE’s are a lot easier to get. I’m willing to bet there will be Reshiboar decks out there that will run a 4-2-4 Emboar line (two ability, two badboar). Badboar can still OHKO 95% of pokemon out there. Also with Cilan coming in, you’ll start seeing energy cards decrease in every deck which means more room for other trainer/supporter cards! I wouldn’t be surprised if every deck would run 4 Cilan. That means you would only need 6-8 energy.

  25. Twan van Vugt

    In this article, you make it sound Reshiboar is around Tier 1. I just don’t think that is the case. You state with all matchups that RDL can easily kill them but here’s the catch: what if Emboar gets catcherd and KO’d? Then RDL can’t do anything anymore, as it needs those Fire energies for Ozone Buster. In your Matchup vs TyRam, you state to just catcher up Typhlosion and KO it. They can just do the same.

    This is why the EX version is a bit better. In the non-EX version, having Emboar be catcher bait is bad. Emboar gone, the whole deck gone and you almost auto-lose unless you get another Emobar out. The EX version though doesn’t have the same issues. Once Reshiram EX is powered up, it can hit 150 each turn without the need of energy acceleration, meaning the opponent won’t focus on Emboar that much, as there is a bigger threat in Reshiram EX active on the field.

    I’m not going to say anything about the T/S/S, as others have said enough about it.

    • Stephan Blake  → Twan

      Yes, you could always Catcher KO Emboar, and I had a game where the Catcher KOed 3 Emboar, and I got 4 out. (Twins, Super Rod, Rare Candy, ect.)

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