ProPokemon Youtube Videos – Puzzle Scenario #1

Puzzle Scenarios are back on ProPokemon, as part of a weekly video series!

Try to work out the answer, and if you do, send it to me through a Youtube message, PM on SixPrizes, or the Contact Us form on One person will be selected at random from the correct answers, and will win a 1 month free subscription to the ProPokemon Premium Membership Service.

Remember, both decks are using cards from HGSS-on, no coin flips are involved and decking the opponent doesn’t work either, since the opponent wins on their turn – not yours.

Good Luck, and keep an eye out for the answer video in the next few days!

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  1. DrMime

    I bet you’ll get a lot of different correct responses on this. Maybe to make things even more challenging, what’s the smallest number of cards the opponent could have in hand and on the field, combined, and still win?

    I think my smallest is 11 cards so far…

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve got two solutions so far, but there’s easily more.

  3. Nathan McLewee

    I made the puzzle with one concept in mind – there’s a few different ways to do it, but it’s all using the same idea. A few people have also found out another solution which is completely different and also works, which again can be done in several different ways. I don’t think there’s any other solutions which work in a completely different way, but it will be interesting if anyone can come up with one!

  4. jimmy chen

    I already submitted my answer so I dont mind sharing it with you all to see if you all thought of the same thing.
    so here it is:
    1 smeargle active and 1 smeargle benched (portrait poke-power both of them)
    then there is also a benched fire pokemon lets say reshiram with 4 damage counters on it and a DCE
    in your hand is 4 switches and a seeker.
    you all do the math.

    • Philip Matthews  → jimmy

      I’m glad I figured out and submitted my answer to the puzzle before you posted that. By posting the solution, you’re killing the point of this challenge.

  5. Anonymous

    I can only think of one deck that could maybe do this, but it would be on the opponents turn.

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