“The Weirdo” Deck Analysis

Bulbapedia“What? The Weirdo? Grant’s doing a deck analysis on himself?” No.

I am doing a deck analysis on a deck I am excited about and it is called (as of now), “The Weirdo.” I thought it was a better name than RDLZRSVME.dek, which is what you get when you cram the following into a deck: Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND, Zekrom-EX, Reshiram-EX, Shaymin EX, Virizion NVI, Mewtwo EX, and Electrode Prime. It’s amazing how all of those can fit into a good deck!

The Weirdo

This deck will look somewhat bad at first (as with all of my rogue mutations), but it has gone through extensive testing against most of the BDIFs (big decks in the format). It still needs tweaking before States, though, and there are a few techs it needs that I haven’t found room for yet.

I actually thought of this deck as I was looking through The Workshop on the forums (before Skyarrow Bridge was confirmed for NDE) when there was a post about what combos would be good with EXs. I honestly have no idea how I came up with this crazy idea, but I put the general idea up as a comment and built it a while after. Now, I present to you, The Weirdo!

Pokémon – 19

3 Voltorb TM
3 Electrode Prime

2 Virizion NVI

2 Reshiram-EX
2 Zekrom-EX
2 Shaymin EX
1 Mewtwo-EX NXD
2-2 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND

Trainers – 25

4 Pokémon Collector

3 Twins

2 N
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
2 Black Belt


4 Research Record

3 Pokémon Communication

3 Pokémon Catcher

1 Switch
1 Junk Arm

Energy – 16

4 Prism
2 Rainbow
2 Double Colorless

4 R

3 L

1 G

Now, you’re probably thinking:

“Wow! I knew he said it was going to look bad, but this is just plain suicidal!” Exactly! This deck is a (sort of) suicide deck. It works a little like the Shaymin EX + Palkia & Dialga LEGEND + Electrode Prime deck. Notice how I said a “little.” The SEDPL deck has more obvious synergy, but it is the same in the aspect that it uses Pokémon Legend, Electrode Prime, and EXs to go behind in prizes and comes back with powerful Pokémon-EX. However, the idea is entirely different. The Weirdo can actually be speedy.

Card Analysis


Virizion should be your main opener. Its first attack is one of the best, if not the best (probably second to Eeeeeeek) opening attack to use. Double Draw lets you draw two cards for C. It is also a nifty attacker. For GC, its Leaf Wallop attack does 40 damage the first time you use it, and 80 damage for each consecutive use after that.

I’m not quite sold on this card being in the deck, but it has proven useful in MANY situations. Probably the most common use of this card in The Weirdo is (obviously) a good opener, but also to kill off things like Tynamo and Cleffa on T2 with the help of Pokémon Catcher.

Electrode Prime is the big bad lightning ball. It is a 90 HP Stage 1 and it blows itself up and gives your opponent a prize! Why would anyone run that? Well, after it KOs itself (causing an explosion is only enough to make someone pass out) you get to trash the top seven cards of your deck! This card is great for letting your opponent win!

However, before you trash the top seven cards of your deck, you get to attach all the energy you find there to your Pokémon in any way you like! Extremely high risk, extremely high reward. I can’t believe how lucky the people who bought this card when it came out were (trying to build a rogue deck no doubt). When it came out in 2010 it was selling for about three dollars. Now it’s up between $10 and $20!

Its attack, Gigashock, may not be used often, but it can be useful. (2HKO Tornadus anyone?) For LC, it does 30 damage and 10 to two of your opponent’s benched Pokémon. The Retreat Cost is one, but I don’t think it matters because if an Electrode Prime is active than it can just blow itself up with that suicidal Poké-Power, Energymite.

I think that the Poké-Power has an appropriate name, but Gigashock should just be called plain Shock; or better yet, Wimpyshock. Anyway, it has a Weakness to Terrakion NVI… sorry, Weakness to Fighting (cough) and a Resistance to Metal.

Voltorb is a donker. I’m not even joking. 40 HP is very bad and it can be donked quite easily itself. Fighting Weakness makes it able to be 1HKO’d by a minimum-powered Retaliate. (Maybe lone Terrakion starts aren’t as bad as people think they are.) Metal Resistance is good against a T2 Cobalion NVI’s Energy Press. It has the same Retreat Cost as Electrode which is good I guess.

For L its Magnetic Bomb attack does 20 damage and you flip a coin. If it’s heads, you deal 30 damage; if it’s tails, you deal 20 damage and 10 to yourself. This is horrible because you could be so tempted to try and donk a lone Tyrogue, only to have yourself donked when you flip tails.

Why am I wasting so much time on a pre-evolution? I honestly have no idea. Just don’t forget about its attack when you open something like: Collector, Switch, Lightning and a Basic other than it and your opponent opens something like lone Tynamo or Cleffa. Next Card!

Mewtwo EX (see the forums or any front page article). Aside from those, I really don’t know what I can add that hasn’t already been said. I just didn’t know how crucial it was to have as a 1-of in any deck until I started playing it. I’m thinking about dropping a Shaymin EX for another one of these, but Mewtwo EXs are so hard to get.

Reshiram-EX is one of your main attackers and it is amazing at it. It can easily rip apart two or three Pokémon before being KO’d with no problem due to its broken damage output. 180 HP on a Basic is quite insane and makes it nearly impossible to 1HKO. Three retreat is awful, but you really shouldn’t be retreating this bad boy anyway. Just wreck through things until you die; sorry, get Knocked Out.

Water Weakness is a pain against a Kyurem’s Outrage, but you should be able to 1HKO it anyway. Absent Resistance. Cough. Alright, now for its attacks. For RCC Glinting Claw does 50 damage or 80 if the coin/die is heads. Not bad, but I’ve seen better.

Now for the real attack: Brave Fire does a whopping 150 damage for RRCC! That’s three energy including DCE! Of course, such a broken attack must have a downside. The downside is what makes this card a bit more difficult to sweep with. You have to flip a coin, and if tails, the attack does 50 recoil damage! Ouch.

Zekrom-EX is Reshiram-EX’s partner in crime… I mean winning. Partner in winning. It has the same HP, (lack of) Resistance, and Retreat Cost. Its Fighting Weakness means that it can be revenge KO’d by Retaliate which kind of sucks. It has the same Glinting Claw attack, except for requiring LCC instead of RCC. Zekrom’s second attack is Strong Volt and it does 150 damage and a double energy discard for LLCC.

I usually just trash a DCE whenever I get the chance to with this attack so it can’t be Lost Removered. Also, just to get this straight for those who don’t know, the energy letter abbreviation for Fire is R because Fighting is F. I’m assuming because R Energy are red which begins with “r.”

Shaymin EX is a charity case. I mean come on. People are going to include it as a late game sweeper tech because they feel sorry for it being the weakest EX with a pitiful 110 HP. You thought the slow evolving Basics like Magnemite, Tepig, and Oddish were Catcher bait for easy prizes? I mean really. Shaymin EX is so easy to 1HKO with its Weakness to Fire it is the ultimate Catcher bait!

Why am I making an argument against a card in my deck? I’m not. I’m pointing out the negative aspects of it. It really is a great card. So what if it has 110 HP and a Fire Weakness? It has a Fighting Resistance and a free retreat if your opponent was nice enough to play a Skyarrow Bridge for you.

It makes a terrible opener despite having a good opening move. In fact, the only reason there is even a G Energy in the deck is so you can attach a Prism or Rainbow to Shaymin T1 to use Synthesis. And even that is a bad reason to include a Grass. The reason Shaymin EX is (or will be) played is because of it’s second attack, Revenge Blast. Even the very name of it sounds good!

For GC, (same cost as Leaf Wallop) you do 30 damage plus 30 for damage for each Prize card your opponent has taken. Now you probably realize why I chose Electrode over Eelektrik NVI or Typhlosion Prime. (What a lame name, Eelektrik. Look at the hints, Pokémon is running out of creativity. Boldore, Chandelure etc.)

Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND is very interesting. Both of its Weaknesses are devastating. Tornadus EPO and Mewtwo EX can both easily one shot it claiming easy prizes. However, the Poké-Body Space Virus, letting you claim an extra prize when you Knock Out something with it, paired with its sole attack, Ozone Buster, makes it a good EX counter.

Ozone Buster does 150 damage for RRLC and it makes you discard all R Energy attached to it. I know that this also includes Rainbow Energy, but I’m really hoping that the ruling is different like with Defender. Add all this to Black Belt and you can 1-shot all non-Eviolited EXs and get 3 Prizes! This allows you to Knock Out two Pokémon to win the game! Also, I believe the fact that it can whack for 600 against the mirror should be mentioned.

A 2-2 line is necessary because Mewtwo EX and Tornadus can both easily revenge KO it and it is hard to get out. As just said, it is really hard to get out and this poses more of a problem than it seems. In order to use RDL efficiently, you need to have it out on T2 ready for the Energymite. This is why Legend Box might be included or Communication bumped up to four.


N is the leader of Team Plasma. The all powerful wielder of the legendary dragon, and head of an evil organization devoted to freeing Pokémon so he can be the most powerful being in the world because he would be the only one with Pokémon. And they give him the name N. Really? Sorry. Off topic.

Anyway, The Weirdo gives away prizes like nobody’s business. N makes your opponent shuffle their hand and draw cards equal to the number of prizes cards they have left. Good disruption. (Lost Remover will be mentioned.) What else to say about N?

Professor Oak’s New Theory is an extremely common staple. As with every deck, PONT is used for raw draw-power and is less situational than N.

Black Belt is probably the most underrated Supporter, but it’s good. As long as you’re behind in prizes, you can play this to give your next attack a 40 damage boost! Sweet! Do you have any idea how annoying this is when your opponent drops this to give them the ability to 1HKO an EX dragon right after Energymite-ing? (I don’t know either but that’s not the point.)

T2 Electrode go BOOM, nab at least three energy to power up RDL, attach for turn, drop a Black Belt, and watch your opponent’s surprised face as you T2 Ozone Buster for 3 Prizes against an unsuspecting EX dragon or Gigas. (Everyone deserves a short trip to fantasy land every now and then when doing an analysis.) I hope I made my point: Black Belt is an EX killer.

Twins is another come-from-behind Supporter that works well in suicide decks like these. When you’re down on prizes, you get to retrieve any two cards from your deck. This is great especially after Energymite-ing T2 to nab you the last energy you need and/or getting a Catcher. Twins is arguably the most useful Supporter in the deck. Key for setting up.

Pokémon Collector is probably the most common staple. It is used to set up your field on T1 to get ready for a T2 Energymite. Or as Junk Arm fodder late game.

Switch is great in many situations: Starting lone dragon, neutralizing an opponent’s Catcher, getting out of Cobalion and Special Conditions, and just for surprising your opponent in general. Play with Pokémon Catcher and you get a sort of Warp Point.

Junk Arm is yet another common staple. I might bump up the count, but I honestly think one is fine considering you shouldn’t need more trainers than what’s already in here.

Pokémon Catcher is sweet and can be used for a ton of things. The most notable is being used with RDL to bring in Mewtwo EX or Shaymin EX and Ozone Buster for 3 Prizes out of nowhere. Very handy for prize snagging and disruption.

Pokémon Communication is very useful for T2 Energymite and for getting RDL out.

Research Record is used first and foremost to partially control Energymite. It also can be used for controlling your topdecks and, less efficiently, your Double Draws. No matter what the circumstances are right before using Energymite, you always want to put any non-energy cards on the bottom of the deck with this even if there is a Collector you want to trash. The chance for an extra energy is very valuable.


L Energy is for Voltorb donking! And for RDL & Zekrom-EX. Three may seem really low, but I would definitely not advise more. In my testing, three was fine.

R Energy is obviously for Reshiram-EX and RDL. As with the Lightning, the count of these may seem too low (it did for me at first), but you don’t need any more. Four is fine.

Rainbow Energy helps a lot with RDL. Running Rainbow Energy in a deck that is basic heavy may seem stupid because of Prism Energy, but keep in mind that I already have 4 Prism. The damage counter it inflicts really doesn’t make a difference unless it is used on Voltorb or Electrode Prime but you really shouldn’t power them up anyway. (Unless it’s a Voltorb donk attempt!)

Double Colorless Energy is absolutely fantastic in this deck! As with the Fire and Lighting, the count of this may seem low, but this time it’s because two DCE is a little low! I’m probably going to bump it up to three. Two was nearly enough in my testing and I think four would be overkill.

Prism Energy is a great special energy. Rainbow was good enough, but this is just overdoing it. A Rainbow on Basics without inflicting damage!? Yes, please. And, it can still function on non-Basics as a C Energy.

G Energy is for a T1 Synthesis and so that Shaymin EX isn’t complete Lost Remover bait. I think I’m going to take it out for a Rainbow, though. It isn’t doing me any good.


I have played many games with this deck and it has proven to be good, but not great, against the meta. One important thing to note is that I have not teched many of my decks with Next Destinies, and the only two decks I currently have that have any Next Destinies cards in it are Mewtwo/Celebi and The Weirdo. So, unfortunately, I have not tested against things like TyRam EX, or RossGigas.

When testing, each game was randomized to see which deck went first. I will only put “techs for this matchup” against decks that provided a good challenge against The Weirdo. Also, there will only be “notes about the testing” when there are noteworthy things that happened during the testing, so don’t expect special shout-outs on every deck.


Wins: 4, Losses: 6


This is very tough because of Reshiram BLW’s constan Blue Flares. Taking out Typhlosion Prime would of course help immensely, but they can just keep swarming. If you get a good start then you should win, but it is not a great matchup. Any consistent deck that can 2HKO an EX is a problem for The Weirdo.

Notes About the Testing

  • Reshiphlosion went first the vast majority of the time.
  • Nearly all the games vs. this deck were super close.
  • Shaymin EX is major Catcher bait against Reshiphlosion and is not to be used.
  • The Weirdo usually has decent to good opening hands, but against Reshiphlosion it rarely drew good opening hands.
  • When battling Reshiphlosion (or at least my build), The Weirdo has to be speedy.
  • One game against Reshiphlosion was a Voltorb donk against a lone Cleffa.
  • Tyrogue won two (non-donk) games for Reshiphlosion.
  • I didn’t bust (pun intended) out RDL until game 10 vs. Reshiphlosion.

Techs for this Matchup

  • I think that replacing a Shaymin EX with a Mewtwo EX would be a good choice as I never need that second Shaymin. But I also don’t think that another Mewtwo EX is needed that much.
  • I think the exact same thing is true for Zekrom-EX. I never need two. I may take it out for another Reshiram-EX, some Basic attacker, or one of the other cards that will be mentioned. This applies more to The Weirdo in general than this specific matchup.
  • Basculin NDE could easily be teched to help against this matchup. Basculin EPO 24 is better at this but requires more energy.
  • Kyurem EX could be helpful against this matchup and just in general. It is good for energy denial against most decks as well. I don’t know why everyone seems to think it’s bad. It’s not bad. I’m just not sure if it has a place in this deck.


Wins: 4, Losses: 6



This is another not-so-great matchup. Thundurus EPO’s Disaster Volt followed by a 2-energy Lost Burn for 2 Prizes is very bad for you. Also, my build of Eelzone is probably a bit more consistent than others which is a problem for The Weirdo.

Something that I found interesting is that Judge completely rips apart The Weirdo. A lot of games were won for Eelzone because of Judge judging away good hands on T1 or T2. The Weirdo cannot usually work with four random cards.

Notes About the Testing

  • Magnezone’s damage output is too overwhelming and when playing against Eelzone it is better to target the Magnezone lines than Eelektrik lines.
  • Nearly all the games vs. Eelzone were super close.

Techs for this Matchup

  • Zapdos NDE is an interesing option. It is good for sniping when you Catcher up an Eel and you already run Lightning, Prism, and DCE. It can, of course, be helpful in other matchups but this stands out.
  • Now for the obvious ones: Stunfisk NVI 68 and Terrakion NVI would both be great counters to this and/or Zekeel because of Weakness which is needed.


Wins: 6, Losses: 4


pokemon-paradijs.comThis is actually a really good matchup. It may seem dumb to Energymite against it, but each game against it you should try for at least one Energmite and even two won’t kill you. The strategy to use against Durant is to get out a lone Reshiram-EX if you can and Energymite on T2. Then incessantly Glinting Claw. If you see a Cobalion then Catcher it and KO it with Brave Fire or start building up another Reshiram-EX.

When facing Durant, it is important to remember to put much more energy than you need for Brave Fire on your Reshiram-EX because of Lost Remover and Crushing Hammer. Research Record is handy for partially controlling what they Devour.

Notes About the Testing

  • Durant went first the vast majority of the time.
  • One game vs. Durant, The Weirdo went first and T2 Reshiram-EX donked a lone Durant because Durant whiffed a Crushing Hammer.
  • Research Record and N help a lot against Durant.
  • One win vs. Durant was a Virizion sweep and one loss vs. Durant was an attempted Virizion sweep.

The Truth

Wins: 7, Losses: 3


This is a very good matchup despite Trainer lock. Reshiram-EX can easily handle Cobalion NVI and Regigigas-EX with Black Belt. RDL or Reshiram-EX can take care of Donphan. Zekrom-EX is to be used against Suicune & Entei LEGEND which would otherwise sweep you. Obviously trying to Catcher Oddish before they evolve or Gloom before it evolves is good as they can both be 1HKO’ed by a minimum powered X Ball.


Wins: 6, Losses: 4


pokemon-paradijs.comThis is another favorable matchup. ZPST’s consistency is shaky and the sheer speed won’t overwhelm you because the EXs cannot be 1HKO’d by a maximum powered Outrage or Bolt Strike. It is smart to avoid RDL because Tornadus can 1HKO it. The powerful EXs can easily just wreck through ZPST. Zekroms being able to 1HKO Shaymin EX is scary, but Shaymin EX is still good late game.

Notes About The Testing

  • Most games vs. ZPST were super close.
  • Game 10 vs. ZPST was a Zekrom donk against a lone Shaymin EX.
  • One game against ZPST was a two turn Voltorb sort of donk against a Tornadus. I told you Voltorb was a donker!
  • ZPST’s speed and Catchers devestate the Voltorbs before they can evolve and the Weirdo generally gets slower starts against ZPST because of that.
  • In one game, after a Reshiram-EX got Bolt Striked, ZPST’s Tyrogue finished it with two PlusPowers!
  • One game vs. ZPST, Electrode Prime KO’d a Cleffa.


Wins: 6 Losses: 4


This is a favorable matchup, but it is still a lot harder than I thought it would be. Cobalion is a huge pain which is bad because CoKE and LaKE decks are starting to focus more on Cobalion because of Mewtwo EX. Even though Reshiram-EX, Zekrom-EX, and RDL can 1HKO a Cobalion it is still difficult because you have to switch between Pokémon a lot thanks to Iron Breaker.

If a Cobalion has Eviolite and two Special M Energy, then neither Zekrom-EX or RDL can 1-shot it without Black Belt. Also, CoKE decks should not be able to use Twins as The Weirdo is more sacrifice-based than CoKE. Basically just sweep with Reshiram.

Notes About the Testing

  • One game vs. CoKE was sudden death because of Reshiram-EX’s recoil.

Cele2nadus (Sell a Tornadus)

Wins: 6 Losses: 4


pokemon-paradijs.comThis is a favorable matchup, but like CoKE, it is not as easy as I thought it would be. Tornadus EPO being able to 1-shot RDL is a huge pain as RDL is the best Pokémon to use against Mewtwo EX. Mewtwo EX is also a good Pokémon to set up against Mewtwo EX and an EX dragon can 1HKO Mewtwo with Black Belt.

Zekrom-EX is a nifty bonus against Tornadus as well as Reshiram-EX being a nifty bonus against Celebi Prime. You should be able to win this matchup. It is also important to note that Cele2nadus will probably play Skyarrow Bridge for you and CoKE probably will too.

Notes About the Testing

  • One game both decks had long energy droughts and in the same game, Electrode Prime Energymited for no energy!


Wins: 6 Losses: 4


This is yet another good matchup. I know The Weirdo screams “No Vileplume!” but Chandelure just doesn’t have the power to overcome The Weirdo. But it does have the annoyance. Eerie Glow provides more problems than you might think. Vileplume UD locks you out of your Trainers, and most importantly Switch, which is what you need against Chandy. You usually have to try and hit through confusion which is unfortunate.

What is fortunate, however, is that you can rip through Chandelures easily and Chandelure has consistency problems. If it wasn’t for testing, I would think that Chandelure would be near auto-win. Eerie Glow is a big fat problem. Usually, they won’t get to use Eerie Glow that much, but that is probably their only way of winning.

Last and certainly least, I bring you the matchup for…


Wins: 5 Losses: 5


pokemon-paradijs.comThis is probably one of the most underestimated, underrated, and unknown decks. It is good and not to be ignored. It runs Cinccino BLW, Tornadus EPO, Pichu HS, and Victini NVI 15. It is a pretty tough matchup because of its unfaltering consistency (most of the time), and being able to do two for 1 Prize trades with the EXs.

You want to do one Energymite max against this deck so they have to KO three EXs still. You should probably start attacking with Virizion ASAP and use Catcher to get continuous KOs. Once you have exhausted your Twins, Catchers, and Junk Arm, then you should start whacking away with the EXs. RDL and Shaymin EX are very scary plays because they can easily be 1HKO’ed because of weakness.

I thought my deck would perform better than that; especially because none of the decks (other than Cele2nadus) had any Next Destinies cards. Still, 6-4 against most of the meta isn’t too shabby. It needs a way to deal with Eelzone and Reshiphlosion. And it just needs to be strengthened more to be able to go 7-3 against all of its 6-4 matchups. Durant just got plain lucky a lot and it should’ve been 7-3 or 8-2.

There are a few decks that are missing from the matchups and here’s why:

  • I just don’t have builds of 6 Corners, VVV, Zekeel EX, Reshiboar EX, LaKE, or RossGigas.
  • We all know Gothitelle and Mew Box are dead.
  • There are too many rogue decks and it would get boring hearing about matchups against decks you’ll never face.

Other Options

This section is going to be about all of the possible techs and possible quantity-of-cards-already-in-deck changes that were not mentioned. I have not tested all of these, but there is plenty of time to tweak before States.

~ Reshiram BLW/NDE or Zekrom BLW/NDE could be used as a weaker RDL or a weaker alternative to their EXs. Probably not a good idea, but worth a try.

pokemon-paradijs.com~ If you take out RDL, which I would not advise, then you could take out all the Communication for Level Ball.

~ Skyarrow Bridge would really help this deck. However, I think it will be played a lot, and you don’t need it that much. I would just rely on your opponent having it.

~ Another DCE is needed.

~ Taking out a Grass for a Rainbow or DCE would be a good choice.

~ Fliptini would immensly help this deck because of Voltorb and Reshiram-EX.

~ Eviolite is mandatory in this deck and I think two could possibly go in for Shaymin EX and Zekrom-EX.

~ Super Rod, Flower Shop Lady, Revive, Energy Retrieval, Fisherman and any other recovery cards I’m missing would be fairly good in this deck, but not mandatory.

~ Pokégear 3.0 is yet another very good tech, but I just didn’t find myself needing it in testing.

~ Cobalion NVI could really help against a lot of matchups and possibly change the tides against many decks.

~ Audino EPO could be used if you’re that much of a troll.

~ Professor Juniper and Sage’s Training are other good options for draw-power.

~ Lost Remover is a powerful card in this coming format and it would be a nice addition to this deck.

pokemon-paradijs.com~ Cleffa HS/CL can be used as an opener but it can easily be donked by Mewtwo EX unlike Virizion.

~ As with all decks with multiple different types of basics, Absol Prime and Shaymin UL are good tech choices even when not facing Chandelure.

~ Magby TM/CL can be used to soften up things that your Pokémon-EX can’t 1HKO and it is easier to use than Virizion.

~ Pokémon Communication should be bumped up to four.

~ Legend Box would be a wise choice in a meta with eXtra Mewtwo.

~ PlusPower is handy in many situations when you can’t use Black Belt or don’t have it in hand.


I know I wasn’t in-depth at all about these but there are a lot of nifty little techs that can go into this deck. For Trainers, Lost Remover and Juniper would work pretty well, I imagine. I know that no one likes theorymoning, but I only got to test the original list.

The original list was really good, but it definitely needs to be tweaked a little to help against the hard matchups. Good luck and I hope this inspired you to try your own teched out version of “The Weirdo!”

~ Grant Manley/thevilegarkid/Super Rogue Deck inventor. Until next time, SEEYA.

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  1. George

    I tried running a variety of RDL scenarios and have found it to be more of a liability than an asset. It takes too long to set up and it only has 140 HP, plus that dreadful weakness to Psychic. Good article and great data support, but I would still be leery of using RDL in this new format.

    • Grant Manley  → George

      RDL is actually very helpful if you get get it out T2, T3 or even T4. I agree that it can be risky and I respect
      your opinion because you have tested it and you make good points but I respectfully disagree.

      • killerpotatoe  → Grant

        deck has some potential, but will never be tier1-2 because your energy exel forces you to give a prize card and exs are your main attacker(s)

        ps, cinccini? I’ve always loved cinccino to death, but no high damage output plus no mew2x counter?
        no thanks.

        yanmega/cinccino/mew2, that’s a deck

        • Grant Manley  → killerpotatoe

          Cincinno is extremely speedy and consistent.
          Your Mewtwo counter is Mewtwo which is easy to include.
          And, FYI, Electrode is used a lot even though it gives a prize.
          Have you tested the deck against the meta? Do you have proof that it can’t be tier 1-2.
          I didn’t think so. (And if you did then I’m dumb. But I know you didn’t.)

        • killerpotatoe  → Grant

          mew2 is a counter
          what is your couter to the deck? partners are tornadus(supposedly) and magnezone. counters include, well, 4 plus power puls 4 junk arm. fit that into a consistant deck.

          put that in your pipe and smoke it

          (nice article, I hate m2x)

        • Grant Manley  → killerpotatoe

          What? Magnezone? Where did Magnezone come from?
          Put that in your pipe and smoke it? I’m assuming that’s a nicer way of saying SUCK IT?
          You use M2X and RDL to beat M2X, Zek and really anything in the deck that can hit for 110+ to beat Tornadus. Terrakion which really should be in the Weirdo is used to beat Regi & ‘Magnezone’.

        • killerpotatoe  → Grant

          back down man. put it in your pipe and smoke it means think about it. also, I was talking about cincini, not the weirdo(because it can’t break the 100 damage mark). though I’m not I fan of weirdo, because it’s an ex deck that gives prizes, it is undoutedly a good deck.

        • killerpotatoe  → Grant

          just realized this (lol), but you have rdl in a deck with a 1-time accelerator. let’s just say that’s…weird. how many trodes per game average? couldn’t be more than 2 right?

        • Anonymous  → killerpotatoe

          as grant said it runs DCE, it can put mewtwo in. and honestly i dont know why you dislike electrode. CaKE did really well BND(before Next destinies) and eprsonally i see it chuggin along. the beauty of electrode is it is fast, it can get special energy(only energy acceller to do so), and electrode decks can have amazing techablility and can easily change atatckers(partially since they can abuse special energy). this deck is nothing more then modified CaKE. take out kyurem and cobalion, put in Ex’s and RDL.

        • killerpotatoe  → Anonymous

          I’m not saying elecotroed is bad, but free prizes are given along with being a ex attacker deck. you may think you can make them take a 7th prize, but remember that voltorb you bench early on? chatcher.(if not, virizion)
          also, coke is one of my favorite decks

  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    This deck really REALLY needs Shaymin UL.

    Don’t hide it away as a teck choice . . . put it in the list.

    • Anonymous  → theo

      synergy and playability are 2 diderent things. 6c has no synergy with each card. but due to all the options they have 6c can win.

        • theo Seeds  → Anonymous

          I know it’s good, but first of all I would rather play an EX based deck at states, second of all the synergy is missing. I’m not saying it’s a bad deck, I’m saying it looks bad on paper.

        • killerpotatoe  → theo

          6c is a deck where you get a early prizes lead with virizion, tyrouge and sometimes absol prime. then you take the stratgist’s rout of copying your opponent to win(eye for eye=prize for prize). in other words, you get ahead early then take revenge KOs

        • Anonymous  → killerpotatoe

          not soo much much eye for eye. BND 6c didn’t have a thing in it that could be OHKOed so it was really take cheap prizes anywhere possible. exactly likie luxchomp. though luxchomp had mroe recovery then tanking.

    • Grant Manley  → theo

      To coolestman22: Nice name, I’ll consider it. And it does work.
      To everyone: I recently tweaked it like this:
      -1 Shaymin EX
      -1 Zekrom EX
      -1 Grass
      +1 DCE
      +1 Terrakion NVI
      +1 Eviolite

    • Lee  → theo

      I think we will see more ElectrodeBoxes. With the format basically handing itself over to Basics and Electrode being one of the few fast energy accelerators out there, we will see a lot of “Oh, take X number of this and this and this basic Pokemon and use Electrode to outspeed your opponent in energy. Use Twins for further abuse.”

  3. Anonymous

    i’ve been thinking up something similar like a electrode/EX deck. maybe 1-2 reshi, 1-2 zeks, and 1 kyurem, 1 mewtwo. nice idea. the biggest problem i find with the weirdo is it just doesnt have a ton fo room. i mean your list runs NO eviolite and only 4 stable draw support( i know you have 3 twins but i meant STABLE as in any time, any place)

    • Grant Manley  → Anonymous

      I also dislike the fact that there isn’t much room but the deck is good.
      I found that the draw cards are just enough. Eviolite is a needed choice as stated in the
      article and that’s why I put in Evilite after writing this article. (See my below comment)

      • Anonymous  → Grant

        different subject but I’m curious. how do you power up shaymin EX late game without leaving it up to be catchered?

        • Grant Manley  → Anonymous

          That is just a problem that Shaymin EX has.
          You might be able to use Electrode but probably not.
          Also, there’s no guarentee that your opponent will have Catcher in hand.

        • Anonymous  → Grant

          i’ve yet to see a deck run less then 3 catcher. and your list is the only one to run less then 3-4 junk arms.

  4. Max Douglas

    I like the deck, but I love how you’ve done your match-ups!

  5. jimmy chen

    i think you should go 4 rainbow and 2 prism, since RDL cant use prism.

  6. Grant Manley

    To jimmy chen: I run 4 Prism & 2 Rainbow because
    the focus of this deck is more basics and RDL is there for EXs and Legends.
    To everyone: Thanks for all the comments, feedback and suggestions!

  7. Anonymous

    With the way the matchups look, it doesn’t look like a good deck.

      • Vinay Patel  → Grant

        I agree that this deck definitely has potential; however, I don’t think that it (and your level of prose, although that will only get better the more you write) were front-page-ready.

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Grant

          Do you even know what flaming is?

          That wasn’t flaming, it was (very mild) criticism. Don’t overreact to every comment that isn’t praising you, because that WILL lead to flaming. Seen it happen on here dozens of times and it never ends well.

          Just take note of what he says and think about how you could improve.

        • Grant Manley  → Jak

          yeah cause saying ‘don’t flame of you don’t have a reason’ is overreacting.
          Also, that is the only comment that I even reacted at all. (Replying calmly does not count as reacting)

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Grant

          Oh? I thought you didn’t like sarcasm?

          Calling something a flame when it isn’t a flame is overreacting, yes. A ‘flame’ is hostile and insulting, VinayPatel’s post was neither.

          Using words correctly would help improve your prose style.

        • Grant Manley  → Jak

          OK I don’t want a heated argument. I probably didn’t know exactly how to say what I was trying to say based off your replies. Thanks for correcting me in a civilized and not insulting way. Nice catch on the sarcasm.

  8. Luca

    What a great birthday present. I’ll start testing and using this deck at states. Grant is great writer and deck builder that shows you non-mainstream decks.

      • Will Goebel  → Grant

        Well at least the fact that you automatically assume any complement to this deck is sarcasm shows that you know it’s bad.

        • Grant Manley  → Will

          I didn’t mean it like that. (Although it probably sounded like it.
          I’m just somewhat new to this site and I’ll accept praise of course but
          I’m not used to people liking my articles that much.
          And, in contrast to your comment, I don’t assume any comment praising the deck is bad, just that comment.

  9. Vinay Patel

    Is it just me, or does he say “Most games vs. ____ were super close” and “____ went first the vast majority of the time” a bit too much?

  10. Adam Bigott

    In reference to Durant

    “It may seem dumb to Energymite against it, but each game against it you should try for at least one Energmite and even two won’t kill you.”

    Even if you run 2 Reshiram EX and 4 Fire, the fact that you run no energy recovery and rely on electrode makes this deck bad vs Durant. A few of those fires will get discarded, special energies will get lost removered, and the fire energy will often get hammered.

    I’d be willing to help you retest the Durant matchup. Not trying to be mean or say I’m hot stuff or anything. I just think that those results are misleading.

    • Anonymous  → Adam

      cause you know they can hammer 3 fire energies. but i agree durant is never fun to play if you use electrode.

      • Adam Bigott  → Anonymous

        Cause you know, he will be able to draw and mite into 3 of the 4 fire energies. None of them will get prized or devoured against a deck designed to discard the top 4 cards of your deck. That’s crazy talk. You act like the triple hammer is impossible, but there is a 1/8 chance of hitting 3 in a row. That’s a lot more likely than the scenario you proposed.

        • Anonymous  → Adam

          didn’t propose he mites into them. i even said that 1 would be milled. i disagree with no rod in this deck yes. but i’m jsut saying a t2 reshiram with like 4-5 energy isnt something to laugh at saying ill hammer and lost remove then all away.

  11. theo Seeds

    Someone should test 6c with Electrode. It would be like this, minus the Black Belt, and some other stuff, and adding more Junk Arm, Rainbow Energy, and other stuff like that.

    I’d test it, but the deck isn’t my style, and I’d rather test decks I’d play competitively.

    • Grant Manley  → theo

      Yeah everyone has their own play styles and I’m personally just a rogue person this season
      and I am probably going to play this or something similar to this for 1 State(s).
      My play style changes each season cuz last year it was Vilegar lock and before it was Cursegar lock
      and in my previous article it was (rogue) Mime jr. lock so usually I prefer lock decks. I’d say I’m a jack
      of all trades and a master of… ALL! Thanks again everyone for all the comments and suggestions.
      45+ comments and +10 rating isn’t too shabby.

  12. A.N

    You mentioned playing against a Cinccino deck near the end of article, and I’m interested it. I used to run Cinccino/Zoroark/Basculin deck back in the day, and I was wondering what’s the synergy behind your Cincinno deck. Also, do you think Stage 1 decks are still viable, with the new Next Destinies set just coming out and all, or Stage 1’s going the way of the dodo?

    • Grant Manley  → A.N

      You use Pichu to set up T1 which you should always be able to do because I run 4 Dual Ball and 4 Pichu.
      Then, you either do 2 manual attachements to either Victini or Mincinno on the 1st 2 turns or quick charge
      Mincinno w/DCE on T1 or T2. Evolve to Cincinno T2 and whack for 100 on T2 with Cincinno or Victini. Tornadus is for fighting and late game. This deck if built right can win and is extremely consistent. It can do prize trades with EXs and regular Pokemon w/110 HP or less because of PlusPower. Stage 1s are still viable. Electrode Prime is going to be big as extremely viable energy accel. Scizor Prime and Zoro are IMO great. Zoroark is hitting for huge amounts against the EXs and it has resistance to Mew2EX. Scizor Prime is good because the format is going to be extremely Special energy centered w/ Prism, Rainbow, DCE etc. Umbreon can be nifty but is overlooked due to damage output. Yanmega uses no energy and henceforth is good against Mew2EX and it can snipe Voltorbs and Cleffas etc. No, Stage 1s are far from extinct. In fact, a tech I overlooked for the Weirdo just as a staller and to make the opponent think twice about their moves. However, decks w/ only stage 1s probably aren’t good. The aformentioned stage 1s are splashable w/ basics (spare Scizor) so they can be good. Scizor can work w/ Skarmory and Cobalion so that could work. Scizor might even be able to go in Durant!

      • A.N  → Grant

        How do you deal with the Pokemon in between 110 HP and 170 HP? Zekrom or Reshiram for example? I assume with this deck you’re running 4 Catchers, 4 Junk Arms, and 4 Plus Powers? I was wondering if Rocky Helmet would be appropriate for this deck, as well as new trainers such as level ball (over dual ball). Would Skyarrow bridge make this deck stronger or would it give too much of an advantage to the Big Basics?

        • Grant Manley  → A.N

          Skyarrow is probably not a good choice because it would most likely benefit your opponent more but it is an option. I’m on the fence about skyarrow. Communications are going to be replaced with Level Ball. Dual Ball stays. Rocky Helmet is in the deck as well as Eviolite (1). Pluspower helps against 110 HP basics.
          Non-EXs with 120+HP like Reshiram and Magnezone are problems but can be catchered around and Magnemites/Cyndaquils can be killed early game. You can do consistent 2 for one prize trades w/EXs so they shouldn’t be a problem. It can usually work around anything but no deck is perfect. Cincinni has strong points and weak points. Cincinni can work around the Weirdo but the Weirdo can also work around Cincinni which is kind of confusing but the matchup between the two is near-dead even.
          My list runs 3 Catcher, 4 J-A, and 3 PlusPower. I’ll post my list on the Forums soon so check it out.

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