Prof. Amphy’s NDE Prerelease Report + Reshiboar EX Deck Analysis

Hi guys!! I’m back with another smashing article!! This time I’m giving you a two for one; my Next Destinies prerelease report and my Reshiboar EX deck analysis. I wasn’t going to do another Reshiboar article, seeing as I’ve done my fair share of them in the past, but when I read a recent Reshiboar article on here and saw so many mistakes and how bad the comments were, I was driven to correct the mistakes and change players minds about the deck.

Next Destinies Prerelease Report: 2/3/2012

I get to PBKW Comics & Games with thirty minutes to spare. I walk in, greet the shop owner, and go up to the counter to pay for the event. Then I get in the line to get registered. I get a poster, a deck box, and a raffle ticket, and leave the line to go find a seat. As I’m walking I greet some of my friends and former league members. Finally, I take my set and wait for the announcements of when the packs come out.

As I’m sitting there, I look up at the registration line and it’s basically out the door!! I’ve NEVER seen so many people come to play for a prerelease. There were 71 people who entered the prerelease. That’s the second highest attendance for a prerelease event. Finally, the announcements are made and the packs are being passed out. Before they get to my table, I hear players opening up their packs. Some of them are really loud, because they pulled a Mewtwo EX, which is really exciting.

They finally get to my table and I pass the packs down until it gets to me. As I open my packs, I start separating them into colors/Trainers etc… I open my last pack and pull a……. Mewtwo EX!! I am so happy with it that I show everyone at my table what I got. Now I wasn’t as loud as those other players who got one, but I was just as happy. After that I started building my deck. I had mostly Water and Lightning Pokémon so I went with that. I also threw Mewtwo EX in there because of its first attack.

One kid told me that I couldn’t play with Mewtwo in my deck because it’s Psychic. I showed it to him and explained that his first attack is Colorless and can be splashed into any deck. Then one of my former league members comes over and I play him in a couple of games with the deck I just made. After that parings were up.

Round 1

So we cut and shuffle each others decks, lay out our Pokémon and wait for the start announcement. We flip over our Pokémon and I start off with Mewtwo EX (I forgot what he had). I went first and attached a Double Colorless Energy and Knocked Out his Pokémon, which only had forty HP. He sends out his other Pokémon and on his turn he attaches a DCE to his Pokémon and tells me to go ahead and finish it, so on my turn I did. I used Mewtwo EX’s X Ball attack for eighty damage!! It was one of the quickest games that night.


Round 2

pokemon-paradijs.comWell I don’t start out with Mewtwo EX and I didn’t go first. He starts out with a Cubchoo NDE, attaches DCE, and passes. Then I attach an energy to Shinx and do 10 damage I think. Then he attached a W Energy to Cubchoo, evolves it to Beartic NDE and Ambushes me for sixty damage!! I have nothing that can take that thing down, so I just send out something to stall for the time being. He ends up sweeping me with it as I can’t get up anything fast enough to KO Beartic.


Round 3

Surprisingly enough I start off with Mewtwo EX again and attach an energy and pass. He then uses Heavy Ball to search out his Regigigas-EX. He puts it on his bench and attaches an energy to it and passes. He then lets me KO two of his Pokémon while he powers up his Gigas. He then sends it out and waits for My Mewtwo EX to attack it. I get smart to his plan and retreat it and send out something weak until I think of a plan to get rid of it.

I finally come up with a plan to KO Regigigas-EX. I let him KO two of my Pokémon while powering up my Mewtwo EX up on the bench enough to KO his Gigas straight up. I sent it out and KO’d his Gigas and his other Pokémon with ease.


After that, I started asking people for trades because you can’t trade the cards you have untill after the rounds are over. I wanted to trade for a Reshiram-EX, which wasn’t that popular, or expensive, so I hoped someone would trade something for it. I went around and asked four to five people that I knew who had one to trade me, but no one seemed to really want to trade it.

One couldn’t do it because his mom didn’t want him to. Another valued it more than what it was worth. Another said he was giving it to his dad, who was serving his country over seas when he gets back. (Aww, that’s so touching.)

pokemon-paradijs.comIn the mist of asking people, some guy wanted to trade me for a reverse holo Stunfisk. He was willing to give me a Shaymin EX full art for it. Now I knew it was a bad trade and I asked him if he wanted something else to go along with my Stunkfish. He said that he didn’t care about how bad the trade was. He just wanted the Stunkfish because he’s a collector. So I traded him for his Shaymin EX. Now that I have Shaymin, I have something good that’s worth trading.

I walk around with Shaymin EX asking some of the same people before to now trade me a Reshiram-EX. Still, no one wanted to trade me, even though I was offering them a full art for a regular EX. So then I offered to buy it from a couple of players. Finally, one of my friends decides to trade me it after seeing how much trouble I’m going though to get it. I trade him Shaymin EX and a holo Luxray for Reshiram-EX.

Finally, I have everything I need for the deck I’m going to make. By this time the extra packs have already been passed out and the raffle has started. I didn’t really care for the raffle, seeing as I have everything I needed. So I pack up my stuff, say good bye to my friends and the PTO/organizers (even though they don’t like me right now), and went home.

Reshiboar EX Deck Analysis

As some of you know, I’ve been playing, testing, writing articles and been a fan of Reshiboar deck since the Black & White set came out. With Next Destinies being out, it doesn’t take much to upgrade the deck from what it was (1-2 cards maybe). But it’s not as simple as that; those few cards change the deck quite a bit. So much so, that with the right touch, it could be a top contender for States this year. That’s what I’m here to discuss.


As soon as you see this guy you automatically place him in the Reshiboar/TyRam/Magneboar decks. But, what synergy does he have with them? Well, for Reshiboar and TyRam it gives them a bigger beat stick. They can now 1HKO Pokémon with 130 HP thanks to Reshiram-EX’s Brave Fire attack.

In Magneboar it’s a stable beater that doesn’t remove its energies to the Lost Zone. Reshiram-EX can also help take down other EX’s with his attack, since they have massive Hit Points as well.

And with Emboar’s Ability, it can be powered up within one turn, which is very fast. One DCE and two Fire, or even four R Energy is possible with this guy. His Retreat Cost is pretty hefty at three, but that’s not a problem if you’re attacking with it. It can be searched out by Pokémon Collector and Heavy Ball for easy access. The only two downsides I see that would be a problem would be flipping tails for his attack and your opponent taking 2 Prizes when they kill it.

You can solve the flipping problem by sticking an Eviolite on him, making him even harder to KO. You can also use Fliptini’s Ability to re-flip if you get tails. As far as your opponent getting 2 Prizes on you off of it, you’ll just have to live with that.

Mewtwo EX

This is the hottest card in the Next Destinies set, and it will be a tech in just about every single deck for States. It’s only fitting that it should be in this deck as a tech. In this deck it will be used to counter other Mewtwo EXs and Pokémon that have massive energy requirements due to its X Ball attack.

It can be powered up with a DCE, or you can use Emboar’s Ability and attach two energies to it in one turn. That would really surprise your opponent and catch them off guard, if you just dropped it from your hand onto your bench. Well, That’s about it for this guy. Let’s move on to the decklist.

Pokémon – 10

2 Tepig BLW 15

1 Pignite BLW 17

2 Emboar BLW 30

3 Reshiram BLW

1 Reshiram-EX

1 Mewtwo-EX NXD

Trainers – 34

3 Pokémon Collector

7-8 [Draw Supporters]


4 [Energy Recovery Cards]

3 [Pokémon Searchers]

3-5 Rocky Helmet/Eviolite

2-3 Junk Arm

3 Pokémon Catcher

2 Rare Candy

2 Switch

2 PlusPower

1 Super Rod

Energy – 14

11 R

2 Double Colorless

1 Rescue

Low Pokémon Count

Well to tell you the truth, this is the lowest it’s ever been, but it works. You don’t really need much to win, especially with these Pokémon in your deck. Mulligan are not a problem either. Even if you do mulligan, all you need is 1 Pokémon to get the ball rolling. The Trainers and Supporters will do the rest.

Lots of Trainers

There are a lot of them, but every single one of them is needed for this deck to work. I’ve been reading some recent articles on here lately and some of the writers have done their skeleton lists like this. I think it’s cool to do it like this, so that you can choose what the best options are for you in the deck, which would be different from mine. 3 Collector is fine, since there isn’t a lot of basics in this deck.

7-8 Draw Supporters can be anything you want. From Juniper to PONT, to Sage’s, to Cheren, Bianca etc…. I would go with four Oak and three Juniper myself, but that’s just the way that I play.

As far as Pokémon Searchers go there are only two that would fit the bill: Heavy Ball and Pokémon Communication. Heavy Ball is from our newest set and it can find a Pokémon with three Retreat Cost and put it in your hand. There are however only 3 Pokémon that fit that mold in this deck.

Nevertheless, I think it’s worth it to have something to search these guys out, seeing as they are a pretty important part of the deck. Pokémon Communication is the standard staple here and it’s great, but there are a couple of disadvantages to using it. One, you have to have a Pokémon in your hand to use it. In this deck, there aren’t a whole lot of Pokémon and most of them might already be on the field by the time you use it.

Two, you have to show your opponent the Pokémon you put on top of your deck. This can wreck your strategy if you’re not careful. If you put back something like Mewtwo EX or Reshiram-EX, your opponent now knows that they’re a threat and it gives them a heads up of what is to come later in the game.

If they KO one of your Pokémon, you can easily go though your deck and pull out one of those. But when you do, your opponent will be ready for it and they will counter you hard for it. Pokémon Communication is still a good choice though. It’s up to you whether you want to use though.

Again, it’s up to you to decide on how you want to put energies back into your hand. Energy Retrieval and Fisherman are two perfect choices for Energy Recovery. How many of them you want to put in your deck up to four is up to you. You can go two Retrieval and two Fisherman, or one Fisherman and three Retrieval. It’s all up to you.

pokemon-paradijs.comI had a hard time deciding on which Pokémon Tools would be best for this deck. So I just split them like that to give you guys the option of your choice of what to put in here. Reshiram and Emboar can do well with both Rocky Helmet and Eviolite, but the EXs only do well with Eviolite. Both of them bring something unique to the table and they both help this deck to do well. If it were me, I would find a way to play both. That’s why I went with a ratio of three to five in that slot.

Two to three Junk Arm sounds about right for this deck. Quite frankly, I don’t see that much stuff you would want to get back after using it once, or twice in this deck. Unless it was discarded with Juniper, which I think is the main reason why Junk Arm is in here.

There is enough energy to cover everyone that attacks in this deck and one energy to at least put Emboar back into your hand after it gets KO’d by your opponent (because it will). There are two slots open in this deck. You can choose to add whatever you like. You could add another Tepig, or the third Junk Arm etc…

Other Techs

Cilan is another card from the new set that really works well with this deck. Getting three energies in your hand is perfect for abusing Emboar’s Ability. You can use it to power up a Reshiram in one turn with the help of Emboar of course. Doing so makes Reshi a scary Pokémon to face in the beginning of the game. You could easily choose this for one of those slots in the deck. It really does deserve a shot to shine in here.

Cleffa HS and Manaphy UL are normally used in a deck like this to shuffle your bad hand in and draw a better one. I didn’t list them in the deck because I don’t think they will be needed. Cleffa never wakes up, or falls asleep when you need it to and it’s a free prize for your opponent in the early game. Manaphy is a little bigger, but gives you one less card and doesn’t protect you from any damage.

Both have free retreat which is good, but I wouldn’t want them taking up space on my bench, just to be free retreaters. It’s up to you whether you want one of them to be in you deck or not. I think the deck has enough draw and search power to do without them. But that’s just me. Twins is obviously a pretty good choice in here. Seeing as you need time to set up Emboar in the begining, since it’s slow.

Turn two and three is when your opponent will try to go after your Emboar to kill it early. If they do, Twins would be great to get what you need to get back into the game. I can basically do without it because I can usually survive and get Emboar up within those turns. Rescue Energy can help with this as well. Twins is still a good card for this deck and it should be considered for a slot, or two.

As far as Ninetales HS and Shuckle HS Promo go, it has been tested and discussed that they are not needed as a draw engine in this deck. There’s not too much else to say about it. You can bury yourself if you want to. If you think you can make them work then go right ahead.

Victini NVI 14’s Ability can work well with Reshiram-EX’s attacks in here. Space is definitely an issue when it comes to it though.

If you’re planning a fast build with 2 Reshi EXs, then I say make some room for Victini. I just think focusing on the regular Reshiram is better, since it would have a better time dealing with Mewtwo EX, seeing as there would only be one energy left after it does Blue Flare. It’s all up to you if you want to have some flipping fun though.


What matchups? Next Destinies has just came out and we have yet to see how this deck would work in a format full of crazy EXs and Powerful Pokémon. I have my speculations though, but only time will tell if it would be a great deck or not. Well, I think that’s pretty much it for this article. Until next time, Amphy out!!

[Editor’s Note: To be completely honest, I really appreciate the article and the effort put forth here, but if the whole point of this article is to prove people wrong about Reshiboar EX when it seems pretty apparent you haven’t tested the that much deck yourself (especially against anything post-NDE), then I don’t think you’re going to change anyone’s mind about the deck.]

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  1. Jak Stewart-Armstead


    I don’t think it was very classy of you to criticise the other Reshiboar article. Especially as your list isn’t brilliant either. I’m a bit surprised the FP editors let that one slide.

    2-1-2 Emboar w/ 2 Candy is crazy. All it takes it for one Tepig to be Prized and the other one Catchered or donked (hey Mewtwo/DCE/PP will do it), and your deck has just fallen apart. 3-1-2 and 3 Candy is the minimum you should be looking at.

    • samuel roach  → Jak

      Well, one of the reasons for me writing it was because the other article was so negative. I just wanted to show a better deck and explain the truth about it’s potential.

      The other article claimed his deck was a Reshiboar deck (which it wasn’t) and had false matchups etc…

      I did say in my article that you could add the third tepig into the deck and it’s not my full list. It’s a skeleton showing just the general stuff you would put in the deck. You could have also used a better line than: Mewtwo/DCE/PP will do it. Sure you’ll be able to get a DCE on it, but getting 2 PP’s on top of that is insane.

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → samuel

        Point is, you don’t go criticising other people’s articles. How would you like it if a Reshiboar article goes up next week saying ‘I thought I should write this because Amphy’s one was so bad’?

        The Mewtwo example isn’t Farfetch’d at all. In fact against Mewtwo/Celebi, they wouldn’t even need PP, the deck could easily donk a Tepig w/ Mewtwo or Tornadus. If you think that’s insane then you haven’t tested the match up properly.

        • Edgar F  → Jak

          They don’t actually have amazing odds of the donk. Mewtwo/Celebi in my testing only seems to get triple-energy starts about 30% of the time, and 3 energy+Catcher should be under 15%. I still don’t like the list, and while Mewtwo/Celebi IS the best early game pressure list, it doesn’t just say “I go first, I win” against anything not starting an EX. If it did, we wouldn’t be testing anything else. :p

    • Carl Scheu  → Jak

      i agree, i feel like it’s almost hypocritical to say this but running two of a card you NEEEEED to win is just not going to get there…i mean i’ll be honest I’ve failed with Reshiboar but seeing that I know a person who was successful w/ the deck makes it hard for me to even take this “skeleton” list seriously, there is NO WAY you wouldn’t run at least 3 tepig and that NEEDS to be in the skeleton.

  2. Micah Tate

    “In the mist” should be “In the midst”
    Anywho, I really like this deck and have been testing it a lot myself. My list looks a lot different (more pokemon) and so I was quite interested in how this deck would run in comparison and how consistent it would be. All that being said, I’m kind of disappointed that no match ups were posted =/ Good read nonetheless, very well written and interesting :D

    • samuel roach  → Anonymous

      I thought about it, but I didn’t think it was important to mention due to the fact that space is a really big issue with this deck and switch is better.

  3. tim h

    [Editor’s Note: To be completely honest, I really appreciate the article and the effort put forth here, but if the whole point of this article is to prove people wrong about Reshiboar EX when it seems pretty apparent you haven’t tested the that much deck yourself (especially against anything post-NDE), then I don’t think you’re going to change anyone’s mind about the deck.]

    Well said. I agree. I haven’t seen a convincing list yet.

  4. Mekkah

    So why is this on the FP if even the editor didn’t think it was any good? Should’ve stuck with just the report.

  5. Ross Gilbert

    I think Reshiboar is a good deck and i believe people will do rather well with it. I really like that you’ve gone to the effort of refining the deck and sharing your thoughts.

    However, ignoring everything that everyone else has said: You have 8 draw supporters and no clutch pokemon (Cleffa, Manaphy etc). You also have 7 basics. What happens if you start lone Tepig and no draw supporters? Especially in a format where everyone plays Mewtwo and 60HP is not a hard target to hit.

    For the record, at Cities this weekend (HS-ND) i played a pretty good Reshiboar player with a decent list. He started lone tepig and no draw supporters….

    • samuel roach  → Ross

      Those clutch Pokemon are techs and not part of the decks real strategy. Plus they’ve proven to be unreliable to me. I don’t need unreliable flips, snipe targets and dead bench sitters in my deck. That’s just the way I feel about it.

      I’m usually lucky enough to have a collector/draw supporter in my hand within the first couple of turns to help me out. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t need Cleffa/Manaphy in the beginning.

      Having them in the deck just in case something goes wrong doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for me to play them.

      • Ross Gilbert  → samuel

        “I’m usually lucky enough to have a collector/draw supporter in my hand within the first couple of turns”

        Firstly, this is no longer fast enough. Secondly, usually isn’t good enough. My experience with this format over the last has shown me that consistency is much harder to obtain. That’s why i’m suggesting more draw supporters.

        End of the day, it’s your deck, i’m just trying to offer advice. If you’re cool with it then that’s all that matters :)

        P.s. My disagreements aside, i still enjoyed reading the article.

        • samuel roach  → Ross

          My experience with the deck has prooven to be good. Thanks for the advice. I take everything into consideration.

      • Anonymous  → samuel

        Um, Cleffa (or Manaphy, for that matter) is what makes Reshiboar work; the deck was, is, and always will be a bit clunky, and I don’t care how lucky you are, Cleffa is needed.

  6. Dave Wilson

    Reshiboar is the best deck in a 70 card format. Unfortunately, it’s just impossible to squeeze everything you need in 60 spaces. Feels bad man.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Dave

      you hit the nail right!!! that is the very reason why people are ending up with inconsistent reshiboar decks.

  7. Roarkiller Master

    I still think Electrode Prime is the best way to go. Shaymin and seekers go a long way at keeping it healthy, or I could go rogue and spam potions.

    Either way, one thing I can say for certain: Reshiram EX is looking more like the #1 instead of mewtwo the more I think about it.

    • Dave Enzo  → Roarkiller


      i must respectfully disagree on the mewtwo not being number one though.. he may be weak against himself but he is still God-like (especially when your playing opponents without one) disrespect to reshiram or zekrom right there either tho…i accually believe each EX pokemon has its own spot where it is totally awesome that deck is gona be any good or not is the question …

      But… Electrode!!!!!

  8. Thomas Qualls

    With all the EXes now in the forefront of the format, how useful is Plus Power, especially if you decide to run rocky helmet? (This isn’t a criticism, just an honest question.)

    When 130 was the magic number for hp, Plus Power was so great, but now that we’re looking at 140, 170, and 180 hp to climb over, does the +10 really make that much of a difference? (Almost) Everything in the format can only 2 shot KO these behemoths (not accounting for weakness, of course).

    However, I can still see it being useful in the same way it always has been, giving you the 130 to knock out Reshiram, Zekrom, Chandelure, Kyurem, etc., etc., but other than Zekrom and the occasional Reshiram, will we even see pokemon with JUST 130 hp?

    If we don’t need plus power any longer, what would be a good, strategic replacement in this and other decks? Lost remover, maybe? Just curious on people’s thoughts…

    • Dave Enzo  → Thomas

      well we will deff. see pokemon with 130 and even lower even decks that have EX pokemon still have them and play them because of the two prize rule for EX pokemon its still nice to run a few of the lower ‘big basics’ power still has alot of room in a deck but it has a few less chances to use it ive noticed alot with matches that blackbelt is amazing because it is easy to fall behind in prizes when your pokemon are giving out 2 prizes i mean it sux sometimes that its a supporter but once your all set up its not bad at all

    • samuel roach  → Thomas

      Plus power helps KO those pesky EX Pokemon over 170. Rocky helmet will do only do 20 to an EX with 180, leaving them with 160 left. Reshi EX can do 150, but it will need a pp to finish the job.

      As long as 130 pokemon are being played in a deck pluspower will always be a good option to play. You’ll need both Rocky Helmet AND Pluspower to get over the big Pokemon in this format.

        • samuel roach  → Balasar

          :lol: pretty funny bro.

          You keep bringin em up and I’ll keep knockin em down. ( like Stoyocovich with 3’s)

          let’s see: I’ll do blue flare, then he’ll bring it back, then I’ll energy retrival and kill it again and so on untill I win. I think that’s about right.

        • theo Seeds  → Balasar

          Are you insane?

          You shouldn’t be playing that in Durant, you should be playing it in Ross.

        • samuel roach  → Balasar

          You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. :lol: You walked right into that one.

        • Roarkiller Master  → samuel

          A Blue Flare leaves reshiram empty the next turn, especially if the durant player conserves their removals (I would). Reshiram EX is the only basic capable of staring down durant face to face IMO.

        • samuel roach  → Roarkiller

          That’s exactly what would happen. I would get out Reshi EX and power it up and swing. The rest is history.

        • samuel roach  → Joe

          That list is not my list. Don’t asumme that I only run 1 just because it’s in that crappy list of a skeleton.

          by the way, yes, I’ll brig up Emboar and sweep, or pignite.

        • Eli Norris  → samuel

          If it’s a crappy list of a skeleton, why the hell would you use it in your article?!

        • samuel roach  → Eli

          because I just wanted to give an example of what might be played in the deck.

          Now you can look at the list and get a general idea of what to play and tweek it the way you like. You can add more Tepigs, candys, etc.

          Personally, I really don’t see what the problem is with it. You guys want the perfect list so you can netdeck it without any real work. What fun would it be if I gave you a perfect list? You would think there would be nothing to change, or fix. You’ll take it strait to the tourney and loose. Now we don’t have that problem.

          I’m always thinking 3-5 steps ahead of the pack when it comes to making a deck strategy. Especially as a gym leader since I’m helping other players make decks as well. Just something to think about.

        • Will Goebel  → samuel

          You should have given us a GOOD list of a skeleton rather than “that crappy list of a skeleton” that you gave us instead.

        • theo Seeds  → samuel

          But Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon only gives one prize card, EXs give two. stop writing fallacies.

        • samuel roach  → theo

          I was having fun and making a joke. You had to ruin it didn’t you. :(

  9. Anonymous

    I tested each matchup VERY well. Why would I not test my main deck against the most popular decks that I will be going up against at States? Because I don’t want to go to Worlds? That is certainly not the case. At least some actual testing went into my article! I mean, a 2-1-2 Emboar and 2 Candy? I a format where T1 or T2 60 damage is going to be common? Were you drunk? And why would you run Tepig BW 15 over the promo Tepig? And Emboar BW 30? What the heck? It’s Emboar BW 20! I would love to watch you play this exact list at States so that we can all know how awful this list really is. I am sorry, but I feel as though this article did a terrible job of showing the potential of the deck, and I think that next time you should think before writing an article just to try and make someone else look bad, because it just ends up making you look bad. And next time, do some testing, because if you don’t test it, all we can qualify it as is theory. At least I got my Emboar line right.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Anonymous

      heh yours was 3-1-2 just one tepig up from his list. He has only 2 rare candies because he values having 3 catchers.

      although i do think it is unfair to put you in the spot in this article.

    • samuel roach  → Anonymous

      Really? You’ve tested your deck with Reshiram EX in it before the set came out? Don’t make me laugh bro. Your deck isn’t truly a reshiboar deck anyway. Wait, your in Seniors? Nothing you say can hold water to me bro.

      Maybe because I don’t have the other tepig. Come on bro, you know there is no Emboar 30. Don’t try that crap with me, you know what I ment. I will play it at states and prove you and everyone else wrong as well. It did better than yours. I really didn’t mean to criticize your article, but I couldn’t ignore those comments that other people made about your article. That tells the story bro.

      That’s the only thing that looks right though.

      • Joe Yang  → samuel

        “Wait, you’re in Seniors? Nothing you can say hold water to me bro.”

        I enjoyed the article, Amphy, but please don’t pontificate.

      • zeusisme  → samuel

        Really, you can print out proxies with a printer, bro. And my deck is Reshiboar, just RDL heavy. And so what if I am in Seniors? It dosn’t mean I couldn’t whoop your butt in battle any day. And, by the way, you used the wrong form of “your”. That is the possive form. So, what you wrote would read like this: Wait, you have Seniors? You never know, maybe I am only 13 (which I am) and going to graduate from 12th grade next year (which I am). Maybe you should post an ideal list, not the one you’re using, so that people can buy the proper Tepig. Or maybe just say this: Tepig promo BW07 works better than this Tepig, so use it if you have it. I can’t wait to see you play this at States and watch you go 0-X because of how inconsistent you are at getting Emboar. And next time, test this stuff before you post it, because if all theory worked, I would be playing Magikarp HGSS donk for States.

        • samuel roach  → zeusisme

          Nothing beats the real thing. that’s all I have to say about testing.

          Not with Magnezone in it.

          You being in seniors IS a big deal. First off, you’re playing against players that are on a lower skill level than us. Not all seniors are on this low level. Some of the decks they play are also different. Not only that they are BIG netdeckers; meaning that they’ll just take a list off the net/ whereever and play in a tourney with it. Now sometimes that’s not a bad thing, but when they get in the tourney and misplay, play the deck wrong etc… It backfires on them. This is where a deck like yours would win, because a well playtested deck will always beat a netdeck 90% of the time. And no you can’t beat me either. You must have been dreaming when you said that. there’s nothing wrong with that though. Gain some confidence bro and keep dreaming ok.

          That’s good that you’re smart and passing grades, but in Pokemon you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Right under me. :lol:

          You’re right, I should have said that about Tepig. I’ll give you that one. Trust me, I’ll make you eat those words and I’ll be making top cut with my deck. I really don’t playtest with stuff that I don’t have yet and I’m not going to lie about matchups like you do. So tuche.

        • Eli Norris  → samuel

          Guys, there is absolutely no point in insulting each other.

          A lot of people have said that BOTH of your lists need work.

        • zeusisme  → samuel

          Yes, real cards are better, but if you do not have the real cards, you can’t test against decks. Like, it would be impractical to get 8 Mewtwo-EX just to test the Mewtwo-EX/Celebi Prime mirror. And, you should always try a deck out with proxies before you go and blow $200 on it. And Seniors are in no way lower level players than Masters. Around here, we have Ross.dek, 6C and other decks like them in Seniors that you just can’t netdeck. We even have upper level players like Jimmy M. who placed 2nd at U.S. Nats in Seniors, and even indercarnive who has been commenting on this article, who would have gone 5-0 in Swiss at Cities if all 3 of his Electrode Prime weren’t prized against me. And a 1-1-1 Magnezone doesn’t change my deck from Reshiboar to Magneboar. It helped with N, and I added 2 Lightning energy to deter my opponents from Catchering it. And even if all the world’s population told me that I didn’t test those matchups, at least I would know that I did.

        • samuel roach  → zeusisme

          I don’t buy cards. I either pull em at the prerelease, or trade for them. And if I trade for them I do find out if they are worth getting before I get them.

          Where did those decks come from? MASTERS!! Ross C made that deck right? Same thing with the other decks. The MASTERS are the ones who come up with these decks and play/test them before anyone else. We spend countless hours fixing and tweaking decks. Some of us try to come up with rouge ideas like Ross and experiment with all kinds of Pokemon/decks/strategies. You spouting off about how well some of your opponents have done means NOTHING compared to what we’ve done.

          So You’re telling me that Magnezone didn’t change your deck that much? Did it help you draw? (yes) Was it another attacker? (yes) did it help with fire’s weakness? (yes) THOSE things changed alot in your deck. You can’t tell me it didn’t.

          Are you still on this? DUDE, WHO in their right mind would belive those matchups you posted? Wait, no one belived you did they?

        • theo Seeds  → samuel

          Dude, a lot of the writers for this site are Seniors. I’m pretty sure Dakota Streck is, and I know 100% Dane Carlson is. They’re good players, and I value their opinion as much as any master despite the difference in budgets/metagame.

          Seniors have the capability to test decks just as much as masters. The fact that the human brain develops more is true, but a lot of the time Masters can be under so much stress from HW/Whatever that they don’t think straight and make mistakes with decks.

        • samuel roach  → theo

          First of all, get your facts strait. I DIDN’T bash all seinors. All I did was tell the truth about what usually happens at Tournaments. Some DO netdeck and copy lists, Some do play different stuff than what the masters do, some aren’t on the level that we’re on.

          You can’t sit here and tell me that I’m lying. Yes some seniors are really good, but some seniors are not as good too. Guess what? They always end up playing each other too. Especially in the swiss rounds.

          You all need to stop trying to find something to bash on me about and work with me on fixing this deck.

        • theo Seeds  → samuel

          You want to fix the deck? I’d suggest adding more Rare Candy, Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar. I think that’s been said enough.

          To me and a lot of other people on this site, it DID sound like you bashed all Seniors. In fact, what you said in your last comment was different than what you said in your others. Don’t try to edit your comments on me either. I’m glad you see that you’re wrong, you shouldn’t go off and diss people on the site because they have been alive shorter than you.

        • samuel roach  → theo

          “You being in seniors IS a big deal. First off, you’re playing against players that are on a lower skill level than us. (Not all) seniors are on this low level.”

          I said that 4 days ago to zeusisme.

          Trust me, I have mad respect for seniors.

          I was paraphrasing in my last post. Basically, it was the same thing.

          I don’t edit my posts EVER. Whatever I say, I mean to say it. Just don’t twist my words and make up stuff you think you herd. (it DID sound like you bashed all seniors)

          Get it strait bro. (for all my bro fans out there) :)

        • Eli Norris  → samuel

          “Wait, your in Seniors? Nothing you say can hold water to me bro.”

          Are you sure you have “mad” respect for seniors?

          Also, your argument before doesn’t make much sense. It is true that not all seniors are good, but not all masters are good either :/.

        • samuel roach  → Eli

          Knowing that some seniors are bad, netdeckers and the fact that his article wasn’t that good, he really has no room to talk.

          I do have mad respect for them. HE has ruined it a little bit for himself, but I in no way think that way about all of them.

          I know that all masters are not good. Some are professors, T.O.’s, P.T.O.’s, league/gym leaders. most of those guys don’t get to play. Now there are still a massive amount that are just regular players. I say about 30% are good 40% are decent and 30% are bad.

          It does come off like I said that all masters are superior and stuff, but you know, he knows and I know the truth about what really goes on in the game.

          Some players are great, some are decent, and some…. just want to have fun. lets leave it at that.

        • In_My_Opinion123  → samuel

          Listen here bro.

          Bro, lots of Seniors are better than Masters bro. Also, bro, a lot of master are better than Seniors, bro.

          Just because you think badly about Seniors doesn’t mean they are bad, bro. It is like saying old people are bad at Pokemon, or black people are bad at Pokemon.


        • Will Goebel  → In_My_Opinion123

          The difference between saying Seniors are worse than Masters at Pokemon and saying black people are worse than white people at Pokemon is that the official Pokemon tournaments are specifically broken into separate divisions based on age, but not gender. Young children tend to be worse at Pokemon than more experienced Masters, so P!P divided them by age groups in order to make it fair. The age divisions really prove that age is a factor in skill level.

        • In_My_Opinion123  → Will

          So two people start playing, and the older one is better despite equal intelligence?

        • Will Goebel  → In_My_Opinion123

          The human brain years to develop. The average Master’s brain is more developed that that of the average Senior. Therefore, if a Master plays a Senior and nothing else is known about the two and their matchup, the Master is more likely to win.

        • Will Goebel  → In_My_Opinion123

          The difference between saying Seniors are worse than Masters at Pokemon and saying black people are worse than white people at Pokemon is that the official Pokemon tournaments are specifically broken into separate divisions based on age, but not gender. Young children tend to be worse at Pokemon than more experienced Masters, so P!P divided them by age groups in order to make it fair. The age divisions really prove that age is a factor in skill level.

        • samuel roach  → In_My_Opinion123

          First off, You didn’t read what I said clearly did you? I said that SOME seniors are loke that, NOT all of them.

          It’s not a stereotype either. It happens, and it happens a lot. I wouldn’t say something about it if it wasn’t true.

          Next time, take the time to read and understand EVERYTHING before opening up your mouth son.

        • theo Seeds  → In_My_Opinion123

          “Listen here bro (1).

          Bro (2), lots of Seniors are better than Masters bro (3). Also, bro (4), a lot of master are better than Seniors, bro (5).

          Just because you think badly about Seniors doesn’t mean they are bad, bro (6). It is like saying old people are bad at Pokemon, or black people are bad at Pokemon.


          Thought I should point that out.

      • In_My_Opinion123  → samuel

        You tested your matchups well?

        You tested against bad people, which would be in your opinion ALL and ONLY Seniors.

    • Ross Gilbert  → Anonymous

      I agree that what he said in his article was appalling and completely uncalled for. Don’t stoop to his level. We need to show respect for each other. Lord knows enough non-Pokemon people try to bring us down :p

  10. Anonymous

    Amphy, I really like the deck concept. I think this is well written. I do not like the blatant criticism. I also do not like the list at all. Sorry.

  11. Dave Enzo

    The article was nice but i think we need someone to accually test the potential of this deck the right way by testing it against each big deck 10 matches each.. i would do it im testing my deck though …and whoever tests it would need a bigger draw engine and 8 pokemon search cards
    P.S. heavy ball is sick for this deck reshiram pignite and emboar can all be searched

    just my opinion

    • Anonymous  → Dave

      I’ve actually tested the deck, but I’m kinda afraid I’ll get flamed if I write it, mainly becase I make quite a few odd choices in the deck. I am, however, working on an article of my predicted Top 5 HS-NDE decks, and Reshiboar is included (#5). Anyways, if you guys do want to see my current list and trust me that I have tested it, I’ll comment back right here. :)

      • Dave Enzo  → Anonymous

        yea id like to see it and i cant wait to see this article you have coming up if i were a better writer i would try becoming a writer for the site lol but im not too good with punctuation and grammar lol ..anyhow even if your list for reshiboar has a few strange techs in it ppl can hate all they want on it as long as you have tested it and can back it up then who cares about the opinions they have lol..anything that has been tested correctly is respected in my opinion

  12. Benjamin Bolival

    I like this nice 2-in-1 article ! Im sure you placed a lot of time and effort to write it.

    Reshiboar EX is a tricky deck to build because as Amphy hit the nail right, this deck doesnt have a lot of space. Get the list wrong and it will be ugly. There are also different ways to build it. Amphy has posted one way plus other ideas to build it differently. With States upcoming I dont think most competitive people with good Reshiboar EX builds will post their list. I have a different build from Amphy’s and its been going well in my playtesting. It also centers on a different tech that Amphy didnt cover in his article.

    I do agree with Amphy that one Reshiram EX will suffice since you want the lower the odds of Reshiram EX as your starter . However I think 2 Mewtwo EX in the list actually gives you better match-ups across the board. 2 Mewtwo Exes gives you better chance of winning against Mewtwo EX decks, Truth Variants and Water decks.

    • samuel roach  → Benjamin

      Dang it, now you’ve got me wondering what build and techs you have that are different than mine. I want to try out all possibilities.

      Reshiram EX is a great starter.T2 Glinting Claw and possibly doing 80 is nuts. It’s just that he’s not the foucus of the type of deck I’m running right now.

  13. Nicholas Inzeo

    I mention yesterday that I prefer fire and here it is! lol

    Still want to see a cleffa in there though ^.^
    2/25/12 we’ll be having a theme deck tournament for the following prizes.

    1st – Mewtwo EX / 10 booster packs from Next Destinies
    2nd – 8 Booster Packs & depending on the poll on the website. The Ex can be shaymin ex , zekrom ex, or reshiram ex

    anyways I would love to try out the deck list. The only issue has to many bugs. Evolite and junk arm on the site glitch -.-

    • Adam Capriola  → Nicholas

      Dude, no offense, but stop spamming your tournament everywhere on the internet. If you want to advertise on 6P, write an article and plug it at the beginning/end. More people will see that than your comments anyway. I’d be happy to help you advertise if you’d ask.

  14. Homo

    Why even run regular Reshiram? The cards that make REXboar so much better than any other Reshiboar variant are these: Heavy ball, ReshiramEX, Cilan, Fliptini, Eviolite. Regular Reshiram has no place in it.
    What makes REX so much better in this deck is that it means that Emboar isn’t needed 100% of the match. I only need him for one or two turns to search 3 fires with Cilan and attach them to my REXs. After that he’s no longer needed. As a result, its not a disaster if he falls prey to a catcher and gets killed, since his job is already done. Compare this with regular Reshirams who discard two fires each time. Emboar has to stick around. In addition, a ton of energy recovery is required, in addition to a ton of energy.
    Because of the energy requirement of REX and Mewtwo, it makes much more sense to run 4 DCEs. Thanks to the power of Cilan, you can run much fewer fires. I run as low as 7 fire. You only need six fires and 3 DCE to fully load all 3 REXs, so having any more is wasteful. Cilan basically allows an energy acceleration deck to run a relatively low number of energies. It’s brilliant.

    Rocky Helmet has no place in this deck. If REX has to take recoil (and it will at some point, the chance is 1/4), you want it taking as little as possible. However, I will admit that it would be nice if Mewtwo had 20 fewer health points after attacking. :P
    I run 2/2/2 Emboar and 2 Rare Candy. As thin as that is, I really have no space for thickening it up. Sure it sucks if one Tepig is prized and they catcher KO my other one, but usually it ends up alright. Thanks to DCE, REX can still start wailing out on turn 3, and if they keep catcher killing my bench, my unharmed REX will just kill everything.

    My deck has flying success against any other decks that don’t run EX’s. This includes Reshiphlosion, Chandelure, Troll and Toad (despite the weakness), Six corners, Durant, ZPST, Zekrom/Eels, and Zone/Eels. Magnezone isn’t that good if he can get OHKO’d. While I haven’t played each deck very many times, REXboar lost to a variant of the Truth running KyuremEX and RegigigasEX, it lost to a cool deck running Zebstrika/Mewtwo/Eels, and it lost to a Zekrom/Eel variant. It did well against Mewtwo/Tornadus/Celebi because Tornadus gets OHKO’d, and Mewtwo gets OHKO’d by my own Mewtwo.

    While I would like to say my deck could be tier 1, I don’t think it will cut it. I have too many games where I just start with garbage and am forced to dig up Cleffa and stall. It just isn’t as consistent as I want it to be, and that is the curse of Emboar.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Homo

      the power of the emboar-based decks is its ability to load up energy on big hitters. hence it hinges on getting an emboar fast (that means rare candies and cards that will enable you to search for pokemon) and the ability to dig out the energy out of your deck (as well as having the right energy count). if you dont have enough of those types of cards in your reshiboar ex deck then you will end up having an inconsistent deck. sometimes we can get distracted by all those cool tech cards and we try to stuff them in a deck and as a result we lose consistency.

      • Homo  → Benjamin

        While I can’t consistently get out a Boar turn two or even turn 4-5, I can consistently load up a REX by turn 3 to hit for 150. As a result, it’s not a horrible disaster if I can’t get out the boar. While one REX is hitting for 150 per turn, I can load up the next REX manually if I must (it only needs 3 turns to do so). Lost Removers hurt, but I can’t counter against everything.
        I’ve played this deck countless times on Playtcg, and it wins a clear majority of the time. Emboar is a bonus in my deck, the core essentials are simply REX, Eviolite, and Victini (and DCE). I would like to play more times against the decks that run EX’s, but I’ve only played Mewtwo/Celebi/Tornadus 3 or so times, and a ZEX variant 4 times. :(
        On a side note, I’ve considered thickening it to 3/2/2 Emboar and 3 rare candies, but with the current success of my deck atm, I don’t wanna edit anything. I wanna play test it more and get whooped a bunch before I edit it.

        • samuel roach  → Homo

          Regular Reshiram is still great in this deck. 1. You don’t take 2 prizes when you kill it. 2. It can handle Mewtwo pretty well. 3. Only a few can OHKO it.

          I think 2 reshi EX’s is ok, but I don’t think the whole deck should be based on it. You’re running something totally different. 4 DCE is rediculous when I’m only running 1 Reshi and 1 Mewtwo EX. You’ve got to have more fire energy than that bro, I’m sorry.

          Rocky Helmet works well with Reshiram. It helps to damage EX’s so that you can KO them on your turn. It also means that You can KO Magnezone prime with 120 now. Eviolite IS good with Reshi EX though. I did say in my article that I would play with both in my deck. I think both are nessasary in here.

          And you really can’t compare your deck to mine. Like I said before; yours is different.

          I can consitantly get Boar out T2-T3 with my deck. I’ve been doing that ever since BW came out. Any one can get a REX powered up by turn 3, that’s nothing special.

          I do like the abreviation of Reshiram EX though (REX).

        • Suncool  → Homo

          IMO, any Reshiboar list that cannot achieve at least occasional T2 Emboars is not worth using.

  15. Matthew Frankovich

    Not everything in this article makes sense. 2-1-2 Emboar with 2 candy is a bad idea, as others have said. Also, I think it’s very weird that, in your actual Decklist, you don’t include anything at all from NDE, just one Reshiram and Mewtwo EX. Reshiboar didn’t really work out in past formats, and I think the articles being written about it now should really focus on how NDE changes the game. For example, the speed of Reshiram EX and including 2 with Fliptini. The great and effective ability to Cheren for three energy and Blue Flare or Brave Fire when your opponent thought you were done.

    You also write off Heavy Ball extremely quickly, saying that only three Pokemon can be searched out. I think that’s an understatement, since the three Pokemon are the evolutions you need, and your huge-hitter. Given that Pignite and Emboar are the only two cards that can’t be gotten by Collector, and also the two cards you need as soon as you can get them, I think Heavy Ball is extremely useful in this deck.

    Also at the end you say to go 3-1 Reshi/Reshi EX, because Reshiram makes a better Mewtwo EX counter. While that’s true, the Mewtwo EX you have in your deck also makes a great Mewtwo EX counter, and it’s very unlikely that you’d need four Mewtwo counters, as if you KO three, you win the game. Given that the synergy between Emboar and Reshiram EX is one of the things that makes this deck work again, I’m skeptical that you’d only want to run one. I’d argue more towards a 2-2 split, personally.

    Also, like others have said, no Cleffa and so little draw support is crazy. Cleffa’s an extremely useful card, from starting with it to having it benched for the free retreat so you can either stall with it if needed with so little draw support from Supporters, or it can let you make sure you can set up another attacker before promoting it to Active.

    I really like the goal of the article, and I love ReshiboarEX, but I don’t know that every argument you make makes sense. I think some playtesting against even just proposed Meta-decks could be useful. While we don’t know what everyone will play, we can assume decks like Magneels, ZekromEX+Eels, Mewtwo/Celebi, 6 Corners, CaKE, and Durant, will be around, and it’d be nice to at least see the results against some of those with your deck list. Theorymon only goes so far.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Matthew

      I agree with your heavy ball.

      he does discuss Cilan (im sure by Cheren you meant Cilan), Cleffa/Manaphy in his Other techs section.

      Running a baby is a big risk in the current format imho since it can be donked by a Mewtwo[EX] plus DCE.

      The decision to run 1-2 Reshiram EX I think boils down to personal taste. I’ve been playtesting a build with one Reshiram EX and 2 Mewtwo EX and 2 Reshiram BW and its been doing well so far. it works without cleffa =)

      • Matthew Frankovich  → Benjamin

        I did mean Cilan! Thanks, edited. He gives it a small paragraph and talks about just one scenario. I just wanted any future readers to have a second opinion, that it’s very useful, and helps every attacker in the deck.

        Running a baby’s a big risk, I’d agree, but I think it’s always been a big risk, with ZPST, Tyrogue, and other Donk decks running around for a long time now. I’d argue that it’s only slightly more risky now, with the prevalence of Mewtwo. Either way, a lone basic start is very bad, baby or Tepig.

        This deck is very preferential, I agree. There are a lot of things you can do with it. I’d argue that a decklist should start with consistency and then let the player tech as needed from there, but you’re right, it’s all a personal preference thing.

        • Benjamin Bolival  → Matthew

          Cilan is really a godsend from TPCI to Reshiboar users. Now no more scenarios with IQ drawing zero energy hahahahaahaha

          and i will repeat for the other readers what i think the key is when thinking about building a reshiboar deck:

          the power of the emboar-based decks is its ability to load up energy on big hitters. hence it hinges on getting an emboar fast (that means rare candies and cards that will enable you to search for pokemon) and the ability to dig out the energy out of your deck (as well as having the right energy count). if you dont have enough of those types of cards in your reshiboar ex deck then you will end up having an inconsistent deck. sometimes we can get distracted by all those cool tech cards and we try to stuff them in a deck and as a result we lose consistency.

    • samuel roach  → Matthew

      Like I said in my article: this deck doesn’t need that much from the new set. Reshiram EX, maybe a Mewtwo, cilan and Heavy Balls. I had most of that stuff in my tech sections. Not everyone is sold on Heavy Ball like we are.

      I think I did mention something about 2 Reshi EX’s and fliptini in my article. I might want to give that a shot as well.

      So you’re saying I don’t need Mewtwo? I think it’s still good to have 1 you know.

      You call 7-8 draw supporters little? I really hate Cleffa by the way. All the times that I’ve had it in the deck it wasn’t helpful at all for me. Now Manaphy on the other hand has been working out pretty well. I would choose that over Cleffa anyday.

      Why are you guys so hung up on seeing matchups right now. I bet you haven’t even had time to test out anything from the new set yet with the other cards. I’m not trying to say that this deck is the BDIF, all I’m really doing is hyping it up a little. That’s all.

      • Ross Gilbert  → samuel

        I’m willing to put my hand up and say that 7-8 is little.

        Without Pokegear i wouldn’t drop below 10. All it takes is 2 turns without one and you lose (well, against a good deck)

        • indercarnive  → Ross

          yeah. this deck NEEDS a hand. the reason it died B4 nationals last season was all the yanmega’s so almsot every deck ran judge.

          and now we have N :0

        • samuel roach  → indercarnive

          But N isn’t going to scew you up like that in the begining like judge did. They’ll have to wait until some prizes are taken beore N really shines. If that happens, then wouldn’t really matter what kind of hand I get if I’m winning already. Reshiram EX can just sit there and fire away at the opponent. Unless you totaly disrupt the field and the hand enough to mess Reshi EX up, then N isn’t going to hurt that much.

        • mike newman  → samuel

          ” If that happens, then wouldn’t really matter what kind of hand I get if I’m winning already.”

          Jesus Christ. You would be winning, yes, but your main attacker discards 2 energy every turn. This deck needs a hand. If you think it’s okay to theorymon a big turd of an article like this and poison the minds of 14 year old netdeckers everywhere, that’s fine, but if you are going to legitimately say “RESHIBOAR DONT CARE ABOUT N HAVING A HAND IS OVER RATED COME AT ME BRO,” I question your ability to play this game correctly. Would you be interested in doing some testing (So you can test this deck for the first time ever! Lol!) on PlayTCG with me some time?

        • Eli Norris  → mike

          I am just going to clarify if he uses this as an argument:

          Reshiram EX does not discard energies, and that is what Amphy said he would use.

          But yes, obviously Reshiboar needs a hand. If Reshi EX is knocked out, with for instance Mewtwo EX, then you are out of attackers and down 2 prizes with no hand.

          I agree with your post, I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t counter argue with “Reshi EX doesn’t discard energies.”

        • samuel roach  → mike

          Sooooo…. That’s not a real list bro. Do you really think I would play with something like that? That list was put there as an example of what you might see in a Reshiboar deck. Now the list that I put in these comments is more, or less the type of deck I would run.

          Sure, If I have taken 4, or more prizes and you play N on me, then having 2 cards would hurt. What I’m saying here is that Reshiram EX changes that. It doesn’t discard energies like regular Reshiram does, so there is no need for me to need energy recovery or search for that stuff. IF Reshi EX is out when you use N, EVEN if I only have 2 cards, I am still in a good position, because all I have to do is swing with Reshi EX. What else do I need? I don’t need Emboar to attach energies, because they’re already on Reshi EX (unless reshi has no energies on it at the start of the turn) I don’t need to draw energies, I don’t need other Reshiram, I don’t need Cleffa, etc… do you see where I’m going here?

        • mike newman  → samuel

          “Well to tell you the truth, this is the lowest it’s ever been, but it works. You don’t really need much to win, especially with these Pokemon in your deck. Mulligan are not a problem either. Even if you do mulligan, all you need is 1 Pokemon to get the ball rolling. The Trainers and Supporters will do the rest.”

          I don’t know, “bro”, you sound pretty confident about the list there. And why in God’s name would you publish an article with a list that you yourself claim isn’t “real” and that you yourself wouldn’t play? It is absolutely ridiculous that you would waste anyone’s time (not to mention your own) writing and publishing this garbage article, and then not even defend it when everyone tells you how awful it is. You are scum.

          Oh, and, what the hell happens when they play an N AND knock out your Reshiram EX? Boo hoo.

  16. Anonymous

    TBH, I see no point is Prerelease reports, especially AFTER it is over.

      • In_My_Opinion123  → Benjamin

        PRs are on multiple weekends…

        and I don’t see the point wasting time ready a PR report. Just don’t make one at all.

        No “I want to do better in tournaments that don’t count for anything! Yay!” Nobody cares, or really should care about PRs, except for the cards that you get. It is much more time-efficient to drop and test.

        • samuel roach  → In_My_Opinion123


          Some people want to read a good story you know. Especially if you pulled something good like Mewtwo EX. (which I did) We all know that they don’t count for anything, but at least it’s something.

          So what are you going to contribute to the site, besides a crap load of negativity?

        • In_My_Opinion123  → samuel

          Hmm, I would imagine it would be hard to contribute more than a PR report.

          You don’t seem to know all I do. Do I care? No. Is negativity involved? Yes. All criticism is negativity in it’s own way, and without criticism, nothing can get better. Criticism was involved in numerous article corrections.

        • samuel roach  → In_My_Opinion123

          I don’t care who the crap you are, or what you do. All you’ve done on here is run your mouth. Mostly everything you’ve said has been a lie and your bashing comments aren’t helping anyone on here. This isn’t Pokegym, so cut that crap out.

  17. Balasar

    i think the article was well written, and i’m sorry that you’re catching so much flak from other members for putting up a list they find sloppy or for saying that it’s not right to criticize other works in your writing. i find the list to be a better and more consistant skeleton than some on the forums. i intend to compare it with the other article to see which is better.

    the part of this article that i’m upset about is that you didn’t test the deck. i went off on someone recently for not including testing as a part of the sample article they wrote to get discovered. we all know what decks will be good and what won’t. why not put that knowledge to use? test this deck versus vvv, mewtwo/celebi/tornadus, durant, etc. use the recent cc as examples of decks that work, but make them better with nde cards. for example, instead of communication in durant, add level balls. stuff like this. this is the only criticism i have as far as the article and decklist. i’m not going to call you a hypocrite like some people *cough*baby_mario*cough* or say that this is a sloppy skeleton. i think that we should all be appriciative that amphy took the time out of his day to go out of his way to write up an article on his pre-release experience and a deck that he finds underestimated. thank you for the great article amphy.

    • Balasar  → Balasar

      after looking at the other article, i must say that your decklist allows for the most amount of versatility, but from a deck-building standpoint, i do see a few issuses that weren’t appearent in the other decklist.
      1.) more tepig-2 just isn’t enough. 3 is a good amount
      2.) fliptini. this is needed if you’re running reshi ex, or else you risk running into the opponent ko’ing you because of recoil. (yes i realize the other decklist doesn’t run reshi ex, but you should still include it)
      3.) listen to homo on their suggestion on reshiram. you need to run less blw reshi and more ex. maybe a -1/+1 (respectivly) just so it’s more even and you have what you need incase it get’s milled by durant or is prized.

      • samuel roach  → Balasar

        1. I agree with that.
        2. I’m only running 1 Reshi EX right now. I think it would be dead inthe deck if I added it. Now if I had 2 Reshi EX’s, then that’s a different story.
        3. Maybe I’ll get another one and test it out.
        4. I don’t agree with you on that. To tell you the truth My Rare Candies have been dead, because I’m mostly leveling up with Pignite. Now if they KO my Emboar (which hasn’t happend alot) and I want to get out another one fast, then yes, Rare Candy would be great in that moment.
  18. Harrison Dye

    THIS ARTICLE SUCKS NOOB I gotta show you my POKEMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    There’s more mods besides us. Somebody already got him. Heh, Nickelback. Classic. In the future, if you need one of us, you can always PM us or Email us too.

  20. Anonymous

    2 CANDY! and only 2 tepig. man you are asking to be denied. have you even tested the odds of getting an emboar by t3?

    • samuel roach  → Anonymous

      Yes, yes I have. I’ve done that MANY times in testing and in every single tournament game I’ve played in this past year. Well, I did have a line of 3-2-3 with one being a bad boar back then. But I always pulled off T2 T3 Emboar. I actually scared 1 of my opponents at cities last year, because my deck was so consistant. I took him to the limit. I told him: “I’ve been doing this all day”

  21. Suncool

    Some good points made. I do think 3/1 Reshiram/Reshiram EX split is the best, because Reshiram will most likely be used more often – if you want more Reshiram EX, go ahead.

    I have to disagree with the Emboar line though. I run 3-1-3, and that significantly increases my chance of starting with a Tepig rather than a Reshiram – this makes the deck much better against Durant, because only a fully charged Pignite is needed to win.

  22. samuel roach

    Hey guys, this is what I’m testing with right now.

    Pokemon – 12

    3 Tepig BLW 15
    1 Pignite BLW 17
    3 Emboar BLW 20
    2 Reshiram BLW
    2 Reshiram EX
    1 Manaphy UL

    Trainers – 35

    3 Pokemon Collector
    4 PONT
    3 Juniper
    2 Cilan
    2 Energy Retrival
    1 Fisherman
    3 Heavy Ball
    3 Eviolite
    2 Rocky Helmet
    2 Junk Arm
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Switch
    2 PlusPower
    1 Super Rod

    Energy – 13

    10 Fire
    2 Double Colorless
    1 Rescue

    I’ve been listning to you guys advice and comments and changed this up a bit. I want to see if what you say is true. If it is, then great and thank you. If not, then I’ve got more work to do. Let me know what you think.

  23. José Yago De Alberto

    Woaw.Seriously.The Emboar line is bad, the candys are too few, you consider vital cards for the deck such as victini or cilan to be just techs,you don t even mention super scoop up,you have four slots in your deck for energy recovery cards when you only have one pokemon that discards energy.
    Is this even tested at all? Or did you just throw a random list out there to misslead a ton of people about how the deck should be run, while you play it the right way?
    What happened to this site?
    Why everytime I see an acceptable article I scroll down to its bottom to find that it is Underground?
    I m speaking for a majority of cases, not all of them.
    There should be a previous filter of articles that are going to the front page.

    • samuel roach  → José

      Really? How is the Emboar line bad? Some of the same people on here suggested that exact line. So you’re telling me that they’re wrong? I’m actually going to change the # of Candies in the deck. I’ve been trying to find the right way to fit everything in.

      Did you say Supper Scoop up? :lol: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks for that one bro.
      it’s 3 slots now. I took out a slot because I now have another Reshi EX in the deck, so I don’t need to recover that much. I have 2 pokemon I count both Reshiram as 2.

      The deck is being tested as of right now. I put it up to show you guys what I’m doing with the deck. I’m not trying to mis lead anyone.

      You’re on it, that’s what happend to it. (joke) :lol:

      It’s six prizes bro, it’s always like that.

      What are you trying to say bro?

      • Benjamin Bolival  → samuel

        do not underestimate ssu amphy it does wonders in reshiboar ex.

        it helps you recycle all those damaged exes.

        it is flippy but when you get heads it helps a lot in avoiding giving away 2 prizes.

        besides it frustrates your opponent when you scoop it up and power it up again unscathed using infernal fandango.

        • Dan W  → Benjamin

          Yeah. A lot of people don’t realize how effective a card could be be in a deck, even if the ideas seems ridiculous. It’s annoying when people are like “lol tht wud b st00pid” when they haven’t tried it, or even bothered to think about what it could do =/

        • Benjamin Bolival  → samuel

          seeker can work but it only works on benched pokemon. ssu can work on active.

        • Benjamin Bolival  → samuel

          well you still need to run switch when you have ssu because of the heavy retreat cost of emboar as well as your attackers.

          nonetheless going back to seeker, it is supporter and having played this deck for a long time you know that it serves it best if you reserve supporter cards to energy search supporters, energy retrieval supporters or hand refreshers.

          you need to playtest using ssu against seeker and see which gives you more consistency

        • Joe Lewis  → samuel

          What if you have use professor Juniper to try and get one of your two tepigs, two rare candy, two emboar, etc. You’re going to waste your supporter on that? GL :)

        • samuel roach  → Joe

          Thank you, but I just said Seeker is better (because it is) just to counter what the old man was saying about SSU. Now I wouldn’t play Seeker, or SSU in my deck, because both of them are mediocre at the moment. I don’t have a lot of room to take a chance like that. Are you going to play with a flippy card?

          What happend to Pokemon Reversal? Why not play that then?

        • Will Goebel  → theo

          Sorry Coolestman22, I should have elaborated upon what I meant when I dropped that one-liner, and I realize now that it doesn’t make any sense with what I’m actually trying to say. You’re right, I probably should have phrased that better. I didn’t really think that through. Rephrase: The obvious superiority of Pokemon Catcher over Pokemon Reversal does not prove that flippy cards should not be used. This is because, since literally everything except for the coin flip is the same between the two cards, Pokemon Reversal does not have a single advantage over Pokemon Catcher, whereas Super Scoop Up has the advantages over Seeker, its closest alternative, of being a trainer rather than a supporter, being able to scoop up your active, and not allowing your opponent to scoop up one of their benched. Because of this, Pokemon Reversal and Super Scoop Up are in entirely different situations with regards to usability, and therefore, neither can not be used to prove something about the other, with regards to usability.

        • samuel roach  → Will

          I do agree with this. I just don’t like to take chances on flipping coins if I have to. Just player prefrence.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → José

      i guess the juxtaposition highlights the benefits of being an underground member =)

      but do not fear there’s always esa’s the deck out. i think he posted a nice reshiboar list pre-ND.

  24. mike newman

    Your list is god awful, but I’m surprised nobody has mentioned your biggest mistake.

    You traded a full art Shaymin for a Reshiram.

      • Eli Norris  → samuel

        It’s really funny that your writing style completely changes when you are trying to insult someone. You use the word “bro” a lot.

        • mike newman  → samuel

          Which list? The one with only two copies of the most important card in your deck. That one. Get OUT of here.

        • samuel roach  → mike

          “Which list? The one with only two copies of the most important card in(your) deck. That one.”

          That is not MY list. That is a selleton of what might be played in a list. Get your stuff strait and YOU get OUT of here.

  25. K2theAblaM

    Editors Note discredits the article, yet the article is posted on the front page.


    • Lynx Meche  → K2theAblaM

      Front page usually goes with “a good effort was put into it so post it anyways,” as Adam’s said in the comments on other low-voted articles. Hence the note, I guess? (I didn’t edit this one so I can’t say much about why, really. Could’ve just been a note left in by mistake, that’s happened.)

      • Benjamin Bolival  → Lynx

        well in a way you can say this article was a success judging by the amount of discussion it drew (whether it be good or bad)

        • samuel roach  → Benjamin

          That’s exactly what I wanted, a lot of discussion. This will not only help me, but anyone who might decide to play this deck/strategy.

  26. tylertyphlosion

    You’re article is bad and you should feel bad! IMO.

    • theo Seeds  → tylertyphlosion

      How does this help him make better articles in the future?

      Next time please explain what was bad, what could be done in the future to prevent these bad things from happening, and what you think is the right way to play the deck/whatever like all the other people.

  27. Travis Yeary

    “As far as your opponent getting two prizes on you off of it, you’ll just have to live with that.” 0.o … that’s something we can just not care about anymore? I thought an opponent taking prizes was… game-losingly bad.

  28. In_My_Opinion123

    This article in a disgrace is more than one way to 6 Prizes. The lists are bad, the writer discriminates against Seniors, and the attitude of the author is downright awful.

    I think this pretty much sums the whole article up:

    [Editor’s Note: To be completely honest, I really appreciate the article and the effort put forth here, but if the whole point of this article is to prove people wrong about Reshiboar EX when it seems pretty apparent you haven’t tested the that much deck yourself (especially against anything post-NDE), then I don’t think you’re going to change anyone’s mind about the deck.]

  29. Jeff

    I took this Deck idea and made it into my own. I took the basic skeleton of what you proposed and added in my own tweaks and mixed it around a little, keeping the over all basis. Here’s what I came up with and I’ll explain the changes in the area’s where they come up, (Pokemon, trainer, Energy)

    2 Tepig
    1 Pignite
    2 Emboar
    3 Reshiram BW
    1 Reshiram EX
    1 Mewtwo EX
    2 Druddigon
    1 Victini (Victory Star abiliby)

    When I first read this list I was appalled, “There’s no way this deck will work with so few Pokemon, especially with the line up that’s given here.” I was for the most part wrong. It worked really well in play testing, however I knew that it needed a tad bit of tweaking. I added two Druddigon due to it’s high HP (100) and it’s Rough Skin ability. That comboed with the Rocky Helmets you’ll see below can be DEVISTATING, especially as an opening turn, and really helps making revenge killing Mewtwo, other Reshiram, and the counterpart Zekrom EX very easy. There are chances the opponent could have Evolite or other such shenanigans active to help protect their Pokemon from revenge killing, however the ability to possibly do 4 damage with out attacking was too good to pass up, and even then the extra 2 is worth it, especially to help setting up. I’ve found openings with Druddigon give me all the time I need to set up if I had a slow start. Also Fliptini is AMAZING combed with Reshiram EX and a few other things in this deck. But I figured when I put it in only one would be needed and true to my suspicions that’s all that was needed.

    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 PONT
    3 Juniper
    3 Energy Retrieval
    1 Burned Tower
    3 Evolite
    2 Rocky Helmet
    2 Junk Arm
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    1 Pokemon Reversal
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Switch
    1 Super Rod
    2 Cilan
    1 Pokemon Communication
    2 Heavy Ball

    I don’t know what you were thinking but Plus Power has no room in this deck. Absolutely none. I’m hitting for 120 a turn at the very least with Reshiram EVERY turn, if not 150 with Reshiram EX. That clears the way for anything with Evolites backing me up for support. When you’re hitting for that much you can use your space much more wisely. So I added in Heavy Balls giving me Reshiram EX, Pignite, and the two Emboars as targets. 2 cards for 4 targets seemed appropriate enough. I kept in one Pokemon Communication only because there would be times when I found that I would have a dead Reshiram in the hand or the second Druddigon and it could be used to start up another Emboar. Cilan is an amazing card, but with such a low energy count and only getting to hit basics two was perfect. No more, no less. Too many and I found myself with nothing to use it with in play testing. Only one wasn’t enough. Super Rod helped refuel for the second Cilan but for the most part doesn’t see much play. Also with my play tests I considered Flower Shop Lady but discovered not enough of my Pokemon went to the discard to justify wasting the supporter turn. Surprisingly the number of Switches and Rare Candies work. I don’t know why but they do. The reason for one Pokemon Reversal is, (embarsingly) I didn’t have a third available Catcher, but with Fliptini it still does the job, though it shall be replaced once I get my hands on my third catcher. Junk Arms were fine as well. Energy Retrieval are beautiful cards with Reshiram and Emboar. It makes 120ing every turn easy. Burned tower was my fourth Energy Recovery card. I know it helps my opponent as well, but with Fliptini it makes it super easy to almost always assure a hit and can be very helpful when you don’t have any of the other energy recovery cards.

    11 Fire
    2 DCE
    1 Rescue

    Same as yours.

    When I first started play testing I did it without a second deck and just kind of messed around with the flow. I changed what I thought needed changing and took it to my local card shop. Some games were close but I do not lie when I say that I won every round I played with this deck. I came close to getting donked a couple of times, but I ended up pulling the right supporter to get pokemon on the bench, and was able to continue on and make a recovery from there. Probably my favorite part of the deck was when I started with three Reshiram and noticed that they all had Blue Eyes and were White Dragons and was able to make a very bad Littlekuriboh reference that cracked up my opponent. I also one with just those three on the board.

    The way I filled up my bench there was only ever room for one Victini, and it didn’t matter if they were able to knock it out leaving Reshiram EX’s Brave Flame up to chance, I generally had two fully powered regular Reshiram ready to Blue Flare away whatever knocked it out, and only resorted to EX when needed. Mewtwo also was a life saver many times and often revenge killed things that may have taken out a Reshiram. Emboar almost never saw play, but did allow me to donk my opponent one round when it was the only thing I had. On my second turn (I had gone first,) I was able to Candy Tepig and equip three extra energy after a Cilan for the Heat Crash knockout.

    Over all I give this deck a 9/10. I do not know what I would see at a Battle Roads so I don’t want to get over confident, which is why it doesn’t get a full ten, but I have no doubt from what I’VE experienced that this deck is going to be very good if played right. I’ve certainly found it fun to play.

    • samuel roach  → Jeff

      Thank you so much for posting this. I really like the idea of Druddigon in here. A couple of questions though; When did yoou get Emboar up and running on the bench? Did you ever attack with Druddigon, or was he just in there for the ability?

      Also, Victini’s ability only works with ATTACKS. So you can’t use it with Burned Tower, or Pokemon Reversal. That’s the only problem I saw.

      We need more of this and less of what In My Opinion is saying. I will be posting some results of my playtesting soon as well.

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