PokéClass Episode 60 – Preparing for the ECC!

This week is all about the upcoming European Challenge Cup next weekend. The video contains all of the hints and tips you need about our new format whether you are going to the tournament or not, and there’s also a Mewtwo/Celebi decklist thrown in there too!


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  1. bryracer

    can’t wait to see the results from ECC. Dan… i love your videos… very well put together. I feel like i could be watching you on tv here in the states. I would watch your tv show for sure!

    one thing i noticed that might be a good synergy with mewtwo/celebi… is shayman ex for the late game attacker.

    keep the videos coming Dan!!!

  2. Nicholas Inzeo

    I dislike durant -.- Wish I could go to the ECC. I can afford it but my health wouldnt permit it. Sigh….


    My name is Nicholas Inzeo and I’m sponsoring a Theme Deck Tournament in New York / Poughkeepsie
    This event will be a Theme Deck Tournament using the Theme Decks that were just released Feb 8th with Next Destinies.

    Theme decks will be $10.00+Tax and we have enough of room to fit 100+ players. By using a theme deck instead of bringing your own deck, it balances out the no age bracket for this tournament. All ages are permitted to play & there will be other prizes to be given out during the duration of the Tournament.

    [/I]1st prize – Mewtwo EX 54/99 Mint Condition & 10 Booster Packs
    2nd prize will be a different EX (Poll on website taking place to decide which one with the most Votes) & 8 Booster Packs

    There will also be 18 Booster Packs for raffle. All Booster are from the Next Destinies Set.

    Over 60+ Online Codes to be given out.


    • Lynx Meche  → Nicholas

      I can’t even….

      What’s it take to get a Disqus restriction? This isn’t the forums so I’m lost, but there’s gotta be something =T Pretty sure it’s spam by this point.

  3. Johnny Y

    Anyone have a list of the Zektrik that did the best at the ECC?

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