ProPokemon Puzzle Scenario #2

I’m back with another Puzzle Scenario video! You guys wanted a harder puzzle this time, and my brother Samuel thought of a great idea for this week. It’s a similar concept to last week, but this time the player looking to win has two Vileplume UD on their field and can’t use any Stage 2 Pokémon!

If you can figure out the answer, and want a shot at winning the free membership, just send me your answer. You can do this through a YouTube message, the Contact Us form on ProPokemon, or through a SixPrizes Private Message (my username is nnaann).

Good Luck, and keep an eye out for the answer video!

Puzzle Scenario #1: Answer Video

This is the answer video for the first ProPokemon Puzzle Scenario, with an explanation about the solution and the draw for the first Premium Membership winner!

Original Puzzle Video:

ProPokemon Premium Membership Page (Coupon Code: puzzle):

Subscribe, and keep an eye out for the next Puzzle Scenario, which should be online in the next couple of days!

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  1. Raimundo Estela

    I’m loving these. I had some ideas for puzzle number one, but like you said, it all depended on which pokemon the oponent would select, so it didn’t qualify as an answer.

    My only issue with the Answer video was that the real solution was too short. It was like “Yeah, you used Smeargle with Seeker, that’s it”. I would have liked a real a demonstration with the cards, no need to represent all if there are multiple options, just one would have been enough.

    Still, great job! I’m already thinking the new one and i think i’ve got an idea.

    • Nathan McLewee  → Raimundo

      Thanks Raimundo – I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos! Looking back and rewatching the answer video, I agree with the fact that I should explain it properly. I’m taking a lot of suggestions on board, so hopefully the videos can improve each week, and I’ll make sure I demonstrate this week’s solution.

      For what it’s worth, this week’s puzzle answer is pretty complicated, and I don’t think anybody would understand what I was talking about otherwise!

  2. Alex Holdway

    Does that magnezone player take their turn first and THEN the Vileplume player does their turn and wins, or is it just the Turn of the Vileplume player to win?

  3. Ed Mandy

    Another fun puzzle posted, another green check mark clicked!

  4. Curtis

    Are there no stage 2s allowed at all, or are they allowed by means other than evolution, like with Mew or something? Also, are LEGENDs allowed?

    • Nathan McLewee  → Curtis

      The player with Vileplume doesn’t play any other Stage 2 Pokemon in his deck, so you’re not able to evolve into them or Lost Zone any with Mew Prime. Legend Pokemon are completely fine, although remember that any method of winning needs a 100% success rate, so you can’t rely on any coin flips or discards from the top of your deck.

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