Rahul’s Top 4 Deck for States

Hey there SixPrizes community, it’s me Rahul again. I was unable to go to any Cities this season because of family issues and scheduling conflicts, but that’s another story for another day. I came to my Next Destinies prerelease with no absolute idea what was going to be in the set, but I had heard about Mewtwo EX and knew that was the card to get. I ended up getting nothing worth mentioning unfortunately, but I attended a booster draft a week later and got a full art Zekrom-EX.

It was around this time that I found out I could go to States so I began figuring out what decks were hot and what decks were not. I had predicted that Eelektrik NVI variants would be the top performer, with Donphan Prime variants coming in second (to counter Eelektrik), Durant taking a 3rd best performance, and Celebi Prime/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EPO to be the 4th best deck.

I was looking at the results from the European Challenge Cup (ECC), which is the first tournament to feature Next Destinies as a usable set, so this event sets the standard for determining what will be played for States here in America. Based on what I saw in the results, these are my predictions for how States are going to play out:

Top 4 Decks to Watch Out For

  1. Eelektrik/Zekrom/Mewtwo
  2. Eelektrik/Mewtwo/Magnezone
  3. Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus
  4. Durant

These are my predicted top 4 decks, but feel free to disagree with me.

Eelektrik/Z/M is fast and with the heavy hitters it has it can 1-shot virtually every Pokémon in format. It is extremely dangerous, even with a bad start, as it can do 50-80 damage on Turn 2 and that number has nowhere to go but up.

Eelektrik/M/M has virtually the same play style, but with Magnezone you have the option to stack Energy and 1-shot an EX and take 2 Prizes for losing only one (assuming they can return the KO on your Magnezone), and once you take out your opponent’s Mewtwos then you can sweep with your own. Long story short, use Magnezone early, take quick few prizes and then sweep with Mewtwo.

Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus is one of my favorite decks of all time because it replaces ZPST as the donk deck in format. It is so fast, that sometimes it scares almost every person that sits down across from them, even mirror matches. The deck focuses mainly on Energy acceleration with Celebi’s Forest Breath, and using Skyarrow Bridge you can free retreat into Tornadus or Mewtwo and start dishing out 80 or 60 damage on turn one.

The fact that the deck can spread out its Energy so well across the board and with a quick Shaymin drop means they can move the Energy in ways where the player can Knock Out anything that you may posses. This deck takes third place rather than first because this deck generally has an uphill battle against Eelektrik variants because of Tornadus’ weakness to Lightning and the flimsy HP that Celebi has.

Durant is the final big deck to expect. Even though there were only three Durant decks in the T32 of the ECC, it is an extremely viable deck choice. It is a relatively easy deck to build and play, and the difference in skill comes down to how well the deck is built and how good the player is. There will be a lot of Durant players at every States, but around round 4-5 you can establish which Durant players are a threat and which players are lacking in build or skill.

pokemon-paradijs.comI predict that around round 4-5 there will be one or two Durant players that are undefeated, and one or two Durant players that are winless; the rest will be in the bubble with one or two losses. The only advice I can give to a Durant player here is to manage your deck, and know at all times what you have in your deck and what you need at certain times.

Never Juniper for the sake of Junipering, or PONT for the hell of it. If you have a relatively playable hand then keep it and don’t overextend yourself. Make the safe plays and everything should be fine.


That’s all I got to say about States and I personally enjoy playing both CMT and Durant, so if you see me then don’t hesitate to come up and say hi or ask me what I’m playing that day or that I am the coolest person ever. (I was just kidding about the coolest person ever thing, unless you think so.) I will be at Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware States and if any of you are going to be there, please don’t hesitate to come say hi or anything.

I make a great testing partner, and as I learned from Regionals the hard way, do no, I repeat do not stay up all night testing because you are nervous, ad you are bound to make misplays. That’s all I got for you guys, thanks for reading this and on that note, if any of you guys are up for a challenge try to make a working deck with Kyurem EX in it. I’m trying (not only because I have two), but because I think it could be a great card. Rahul out.

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  1. bryracer

    I will also be at the Virginia States.. I will check to see how you are doing and say “hi”.. I will probably tell you that you are the coolest ever. PM me if you want to test out your deck against mine on PlayTCG.

    see you at States!


  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Is Zekrom/Eelektrik REALLY ‘virtually the same playstyle’ as Magnezone/Eelektrik?

    Is Magnezone REALLY your early game attacker in Zone/Eels?

    I think you need some more testing before States.

  3. nicholas inzeo

    wow big things are beyond my reach. I see cmt and durant being the biggest threat. Really dislike vsing Durant. CMT is just so fast that if you open with a 60hp pokemon and they open with celebi active and a mewtwo. They can drop a dce and grass with stadium and win. Seen it online alot -.- Really wanted to see reshboar/mewtwo ex be a top contender yet the deck seems slow compared to these for options. love fire to burn the durants!!!!

  4. Alex Holdway

    And is it really necessary to have such short musings on the front page? This seems more suited to the forums.

    And as b_m said, not many people in their right minds would START attacking with Magnezone. Please.

    • MikeL  → Alex

      Unless Magnezone is your only option, this is usually the case. Use Mewtwo to keep the prizes tied, then sweep with N + Zone.

  5. Lynx Meche

    Nothing we aren’t seeing a bunch of, but short and doesn’t cover much at all. I mean, Zekrom/Eels, arguable the BDIF, covered in 45 words? The fact that it can hit for 60 on turn one shouldn’t be the only thing said, as a lot of decks can do that right now. Why not explain what you think we should expect to see it do? Or how to counter it? Just didn’t seem necessary.

  6. Stephan Blake

    Hey! I will be at Virginia State Championships. Are you in Seniors? I am in the Seniors, and my round 5 opponent in Regionals was also named Rahul, so if you were, I may have battled you. Be sure to come up and say hi if you see me! I will do the same. You can’t miss me, I will ne wearing a Giratina hat and I have a binder with the front covered in Yellow and Silver duct tape (I am the duct tape master)!

  7. Joe Yang

    I like brevity as much as the next guy…but this is a very short article.

  8. theo Seeds

    No lists?

    Look at other 6p articles before posing such a short one.

    • Lynx Meche  → theo

      To be fair, I think this was technically submitted before the longer ones hit the front page. You can see when something hits that Schedule box on the front page.

      But previous pre-tournament predictions and analyses are common, and it’s easy to see what they generally look like just by going back and looking even at the recent ECC articles. So he didn’t know that we got a whole bunch of articles like this, but it should be easy to tell that this isn’t what the high-rated ones look like.

        • Lynx Meche  → Jak


          I’ll be honest in my opinion. I can’t say what it is or what’s in it, but I wasn’t a fan of that one either. I’ll elaborate once it’s up, but hopefully we won’t get any more of these pre-States things. We got good ones, got meh ones, not much more to cover.

        • Dane_Carlson  → Lynx

          Then… I guess I’ll stop writing mine. :P (PS: I started before a hahn put up the first one; I try not to be a copycat)

        • Lynx Meche  → Dane_Carlson

          Nah, we’re not gonna stop submissions since people were slower than others =p Just somehow time it with any others so that we don’t have to edit and queue like 15 at once. (I do recommend reading the ones that are up and making sure it’s different enough from then though, rather not turn something back just because it was too similar to the others no matter when they were started.)

        • Dane_Carlson  → Lynx

          Yep, mine has 3 decks that I haven’t seen talked about much, but that I see a lot of potential in. ;)

  9. Tom Filbey

    Very short article but i think you know the meta a lot more then the guy who wrote “The Hawk’s Nest: Moving On”. That guy was just dumb. So kutos to you! :D

    • airhawk06  → Tom

      Lol OK… If you don’t like the other article say so there. It is poor form to attack one article (and personal attacks on the author) on another article’s comment board. But for kicks and giggles let’s compare the lists.

      This article: 1) Zeels 2) Thunderdome 3) CMT 4) Durant

      My article: 1) Zeels 2) CMT 3) Thunderdome 4) Durant 5) tyRam

      Wow, what a vastly different opinion.

      You gain such insight from this… thunderdome has “virtually the same play style” as zeels. yeah right.

      Glad you call me dumb. Glad you come of looking like an idiot doing it.

    • DrMime  → Tom

      Kutos–I think I remember eating some of those back in the 80’s. Kinda crunchy, cheesy, and they’d get all over your hands?

      Or maybe we’re thinking of two different things.

  10. Amanda Sinasac

    I think for new players such as myself it would have been beneficial to have provided Decklists. Maybe consider us in the future :)

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