PokéClass Episode 62 – Breathing the Forest: EXTC (Celebi/Mewtwo EX) Deck Analysis

This week is all about the deck that took first at this year’s European Challenge Cup, EXTC, better known as Celebi/Mewtwo. I provide you with a skeleton list and go through the array of techs you can include in this hard hitting machine.


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  1. Treavor Redburn

    Very good video! I’ll be talking about this deck in my next video also, so please let me know what you think.

  2. Bernard Latif

    Nice episode.

    The only thing that could have made it better is a section on what to watch out for when playing it.

  3. Edmund Nelson

    I honestly don’t think that naming a deck that sounds so much like a illegal drug is a good idea. Especially one as bad as ecstasy or MDMA.

    • Ross Gilbert  → Edmund

      That’s why i call my deck “Crack”. No way that could be misconstrued!

      I use it to crack the competition. BOOM!

  4. Julia Follan

    OK, that deck sounds totally amazing! And only running Basic Pokemon frees up so much space in there, as you don’t have to run evolutions or Rare Candys. I wonder how that deck would do against something with loads of Scizor Prime in it? I think it would probably still win, though. And couldn’t it also run psychic energy and more Mewtwo EX, and be able to use the second attack, Psydrive? Although being able to do Shaymin EX sounds better than that idea.

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