ProPokemon Puzzle Scenario #3

It’s been a while since the last Puzzle Scenario, but I’m back with number three!

This week, I just want to know the most damage that can be done in one turn, excluding any actual attack damage (the number next to the attack).

If you’re unsure what I mean by this, any damage which cards like Eviolite or Defender prevent is disallowed for this puzzle, while damage from effects such as poison or attacks that place damage counters are allowed. Remember that any damage up until the opponent starts their turn is included and both decks need to be from HeartGold SoulSilver onwards.

Good luck, keep an eye out for the answer video in the next few days, and e-mail me if you have any questions!

Puzzle Scenario #2: Answer Video

It’s a few days overdue, but here’s the answer video for the second ProPokemon puzzle scenario! It seemed a pretty impossible situation, and I think it’s a puzzle that evaded a lot of people, but hopefully you guys will find the solution pretty interesting.

Original Puzzle Video:

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  1. Mark Hanson

    Creative answer :)

    So you did 460 damage to their pokemon that turn, but the question is the max amount of damage you can do in a turn period right? Then why not fill your own bench?

    Also, using this system, doesn’t a Kyurem Glaciate + Black Belt reach the same 460 damage?

    And if you were to count your own benched pokemon, then a Tyranitar Prime Darkness Howl with Featherdance and a Black Belt would do 700 damage total, whereas Landorus only reaches 660 :)

    • Nathan McLewee  → Mark

      You’ve got to put as much damage on the field as possible, but without using actual attack damage, so you might need to think about Pokemon or combinations which aren’t usually used.

      Magnezone Prime could hit for 100 per energy against a Pokemon weak to Lightning, and up to 5600 damage total. That seemed a pretty boring and obvious answer, so that’s why I included the attack damage rule.

    • Nathan McLewee  → theo

      Yanmega Prime for example would, as Linear Attack says it does 40 damage to one of the opponent’s Pokemon.

      However Gengar from Stormfront had an attack called Shadow Room which placed 3 damage counters onto one of the opponent’s Pokemon, and is an example of being able to snipe which is allowed in this puzzle (of course Gengar is rotated now though, and doesn’t fit the requirement of being HGSS-on).

  2. Max Douglas

    Mew Prime doesn’t have any listed damage on the card, and with Magnezone it could hit for 5800 on a Mewtwo EX (or any Psychic)

    I doubt that count though :P

  3. Max Douglas

    Spiritomb can hit for 10+multiple Pluspower+Black belt*weakness + 50 on bench

    Zoroark can hit for massive damage

    I got it, Raikou & Entei Legend is the winner.

    • theo Seeds  → Max

      No, it has to be damage counters. Any actual attack damage doesn’t count, and if Eviolite can prevent it then it doesn’t work.

  4. Cabd

    Looking for clarification:
    Are we to assume that all coin flips are against us, or may we have them for us.
    Burn damage, for example.

    • Nathan McLewee  → Cabd

      This is something I forgot to mention in the puzzle, but you’re looking for the most ‘potential’ damage here, so as long as something is remotely possible, you can use it in your puzzle (like having all the coin flips go in your favour).

  5. Micah Tate

    I have a question, do we have to account for prizes? As in, are we working with 60 cards or do we have to assume 6 are prized leaving us only a 54 card pool?

  6. Collin Hendrickson

    Can we use attacks that say that they aren’t affected by any affects on the defending pokemon? Like Salamence’s Tear Through: 90 damage. This attack’s damage isn’t affected by any effects on the opponent’s Active Pokemon. Although since it has only been released in Japan’s Dragon Selection I doubt it would be considered legal for this puzzle’s purpose.

    • Nathan McLewee  → Collin

      Good question, I didn’t consider that. For this puzzle I’m going to have to say no, since it’s a general rule rather then something in the game state preventing you from applying any attack damage.

    • Nathan McLewee  → theo

      You can message me on Youtube or email the answer through the contact us form on ProPokemon.

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