Arizona States 3rd Place Report

Hey everyone. This is my second States report since last year. To be honest I didn’t really test for this event at all, but I knew my deck choice was going to be between an Eel or Celebi variant. They were both pretty fast, strong, and didn’t have many bad matchups. Before our drive from California to Arizona, my group wanted to test for a bit, so we met up and everyone had either Zekrom/Eel or Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus.

For no actual reason, I decided to make straight Celebi/Mewtwo. I played like 3 games vs those two matchups and felt confident in the deck. After those games, we headed straight to Arizona and arrived there with NO SLEEP, so my memory might be a little foggy. I won Nevada States last year on no sleep, and I was trying to repeat the performance in Arizona this year.

Round 1 vs Miguel (Reshiram/Typhlosion)

He opens Cleffa HS and a benched Cyndaquil HS. I go first and open Celebi Prime, play Skyarrow Bridge, bench 2 Mewtwo EXs, attach DCE to one of them, Forrest Breath to the other and X Ball. (This is all the deck does.) He Collectors for 2 more Cyndaquils and a Mewtwo. He benched them except for Mewtwo and passed. I attached to my active, play N to get rid of his Mewtwo and X Ball for KO. He can’t really set up and I win.


Round 2 vs ??? (Kyurem NVI/Feraligatr Prime/Vileplume UD)

He opens Kyurem NVI. I go first and X Ball it for 60. He Collectors for 2 Oddish and a Smeargle UD. I KO Kyurem and he sends up Smeargle. He Portraits, but was not aware that he was forced to play any Supporter he found in my hand, so he has to activate my Juniper which he was really upset about, and he passed after that. I Catcher an Oddish and KO it. He plays Twins and picks up his cards since 2 Feraligatrs were prized.


Round 3 vs Jason (Durant)

This is probably one of the simplest (but not easiest) matchups. Just attach to Mewtwo every turn and X Ball. Basically, he Devoured every turn, and I X Balled every turn. I play Energy Retrieval in my deck so Crushing Hammer doesn’t hurt as much.

Since he played a draw Supporter every single turn and I made sure not to play any, I was able to win by playing N on my turn for him to draw his last 6 cards. I could’ve also won by taking my last prize, but decking out Durant is way cooler.


Round 4 vs ??? (Troll)

We both have very slow starts for fast decks, but I was able to get the first attack on his Tornadus EPO. He benched another one and a Terrakion NVI. I KO it, and consecutively KO the other one, Terrakion, and a Shaymin. He benches Mewtwo, plays PONT, and whiffs on a revenge KO. I Catcher the Mewtwo and KO it for my last 2 prizes.


Round 5 vs Mark Garcia (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)

Not much to say about this game since our decks basically do the same thing. I eventually N him down to 3 cards and he was able to recover by drawing half his deck via Smeargle and his Supporter for his turn. I then N him to one card, but he plays Juniper to return a Mewtwo KO.


Round 6 vs Dallan Fell (Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eel)

He couldn’t set up at all this round. This is the only game in which I didn’t play N at all since he was draw-passing. He opens Zekrom to my Mewtwo. I X Ball for 40. He benches Mewtwo and passes. I X Ball for KO. He promotes Mewtwo and passes. I KO it for game.


Round 7 vs ??? (Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eel)

This game was pretty one-sided in her favor. I KO her Thundurus EPO after it did 60 damage to my Mewtwo with an Eviolite attached. With a small hand size, she was able to get 2 Eels out, 3 energy on a Zekrom, and a PlusPower to KO my Mewtwo. I set up another Mewtwo, N, and KO Zekrom. She benches Mewtwo, double Dynamotor, attach, KO my Mewtwo. I set up another one, N, and KO Mewtwo. She hits Revive and an energy for game.


Round 8 vs Nick Schutte (Zekrom/Eel/Vileplume)

We’re both kind of nervous at this point since the winner would most likely make it in top 16. I don’t remember who went first, but he opens Zapdos NDE, promotes Pichu, and Playgrounds for 2 Oddish and 2 Tynamo. I get 3 Celebi and 2 Mewtwos. I didn’t know much about his deck except it’s slow (Vileplume), it relies on Twins, and that Zekrom-EX would be a big problem since it can reduce my X Ball damage, I can’t play PlusPowers, and I can’t play Switch to Forrest Breath more than once a turn. The only Supporter in my hand was N.

pokemon-paradijs.comSo my game plan was this: Since the Pichu stayed awake, I should KO it and start his Twins cycle, wait till he plays all 4 and then N to disrupt him. Vileplume decks tend to be clunky once if they get it out turn 2 since the rest of their Rare Candies and Pokémon Communications are dead draws.

Sure, it’s only a few of them, but they just keep getting cycled in the deck. So my Mewtwo KO’s Pichu, Zapdos, and Zekrom while he tries to set up via Twins. He’s done with 4 of them and promotes Mewtwo to KO mine. He has between 8-10 cards in hand, I N him down to 4 cards and myself to 3 and KO his Mewtwo. He can’t return KO so I take my last prize.


Top 16 vs Zachary Mirman (Celebi/Tornadus/Mewtwo)

Zach was the person I beat last year in Nevada State Finals so I was really looking forward to another match with him.

Game 1

He opens Terrakion and I X Ball. He had a hard time setting up while I X Ball every turn and KO which ever Pokémon he attached to.


Game 2

He opened Regigigas-EX and I X Ball. He was able to take some prizes this game after he switched it out of the active position. I eventually catcher it, N us down to about 2 cards, and X Ball it for 40. He’s able to switch it out again and passes. I Catcher it again and take my last 2 prizes.


Top 8 vs Matt Souerbry (Troll)

Matt is a friend from Cali which I’ve never had the chance to play vs at all. He won Arizona States last year. Game 1 and 2 were very similar. I just Catcher/X Ball anything that had energy attached to it. Since decks with out energy acceleration pretty much lose to Mewtwo, and my deck had nothing but Mewtwo. By the way Zachary, Matt, and I have played at Worlds before, so they weren’t easy opponents; that’s just how the matchups went.

Top 4 vs Edmund Kuras (Zekrom/Eel)

Game 1

This game was really fast. I get KO’s starting turn 1. He eventually has an active Mewtwo, N’s me down to 1 card to his 4 and KO’s my Mewtwo. All I need is an energy to win. I draw for my turn and whiff. I play N, reducing my self to 1 card and him to 2.

Still no energy, but I drew PONT and passed thinking I might be able to play it for game next turn since I leave a Celebi active instead of Mewtwo. He plays Juniper and gets DCE and a Catcher for game.


Game 2

The same thing happened this game except that N worked out in my favor this time.


Game 3

I drew dead this whole game and he was able to KO my only Pokémon on the field.


I ended in 3rd place, got 18 packs, and 6 Championship Points. Not bad for not really testing. I have 2 more events to go to; California States and Nevada States. If you enjoyed this report, I’ll probably write reports for those 2 events. Thanks for reading and good luck to those that are playing the remaining events.

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  1. Garrett Williamson

    Congrats on 3rd. I had horrid luck in top 16 and ended 13th. In round 4, I’d like to say you played against either Jeremy or Drew because I believe they were the only other 2 playing troll. I might be wrong though.

    • killerpotatoe  → Eli

      do you have 2 landorus? are you going to delaware? I need to borrow some and can not go to league

      • Eli Norris  → killerpotatoe

        No, I can’t go to Delaware as it is 6 hours away. I have 2 Landorus but I have no idea how I could get them to you…

        Did you hear I got 4th? :P

        If you are running Landorus/Terrakion, I would suggest to just run straight Terrakion. Landorus puts damage on you, does less damage, and has less HP. I don’t see why you would need it.

        Or you could just use Durant again, just take out the Weavile and add more consistancy and you might do better.

        • Eli Norris  → killerpotatoe

          Here is my Durant from states:
          Pokemon: 5
          4 Durant NVI
          1 Rotom UD

          I/S/S: 44
          4 Junk Arm
          4 Crushing Hammer
          4 Revive
          3 Pokemon Catcher
          3 Lost Remover
          3 Level Ball
          2 Pokegear 3.0
          2 Eviolite
          1 Super Rod

          4 Pokemon Collector
          3 Professor Juniper
          3 N
          3 Twins
          2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
          1 Flower Shop Lady
          1 Black Belt

          1 Battle City

          Energy: 11
          6 Metal Energy (Basic)
          3 Metal Energy (Special)
          2 Prism Energy

          You may want to change it a little. Special energy wasn’t as prevalent as predicted, so you could cut a Lost Remover for something. You may also want to add another Prism for a special metal, and remove the Black Belt for a Seeker or something.

          As for a Terrakion list, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure to have 4 Exp. Shares and lots of draw.

        • killerpotatoe  → Eli

          I like the list and I think I’ll make it work. thanks! also, it was landerus/mewtwo

  2. David

    Decking out durant lol nice

    its just that I’m kinda running durant and it makes me sad that one of my durant buddies got decked out against mewtwo :(

    but who cares you should win a trophy for that achievement Celitwo the Decker of durants :D


  3. Dane_Carlson

    LOL All your Top Cut matches were vs. Cali players. :P (I think Zachary Mirman is Cali… I’ve heard his name before) Congrats, and I’ll be at the Queen Mary on Saturday, so if you see a nerdy redhead in green shirt, come say hi! :)

  4. Zach Carmichael

    Did you play 3 Mewtwo Ex in this deck? And congrats.

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