Rahul’s Not That Exciting Delaware States Report

Hello again 6P community, I am back again today with another States report. I went to the fair state of Delaware this time and met some awesome people. I guess I should start out with the events that transpired leading up to the tournament, but if you really don’t care; feel free to skip ahead to the report.

I arrived at the hotel on Friday night and we heard that there were people in the play area already. I headed down there and tested with a couple of people including Michael Pramawat, Ben Potter, Luke Reed, Chris, Stephan, Dean, Jimmy^2, Matt, Bryan, Don, Johnny and Tim. We had an assortment of decks and I was absolutely paranoid about Tetrakion. Luckily Pram had one built and was willing to let us borrow it.

I tested 3 games against Tetrakion and won all 3 with ease. The key was to play just like you would any other game, but using Mewtwo EX rather than Thundurus or Zekrom early. So it was pretty late by the time I went to bed, but I felt pretty comfortable with my deck considering it went 13-3 during the late testing hours.

The next morning we roll out of bed and get ready to play. We get breakfast and walk over to the play area and fill out our registration for the day. I met Adam there and to be honest, I don’t think I have ever met someone so chill in my life. I make some last minute changes, get my deck sleeved up and get my deck checked in. I hung out with Henry Prior, Nick, Westin and Alex until deck checks finished and we started.

Masters had around 106 people, which meant we got 7 rounds and Top 16 cut. I was psyched and ready to go, check pairings and find out I am up against Luke.

Round 1 vs Luke Reed (ZekEels)

pokemon-paradijs.comI had the most horrendous start of my life and open double Mewtwo EX in my opening hand, with two of my Junk Arms and a Juniper. I go second and I don’t top deck a Supporter, so I discard my second Mewtwo EX with Juniper and the game goes downhill from there. I couldn’t recover and ended up losing, but took 3 Prizes before the game ended.


I know losing round one is a big blow to my resistance and I hope that Luke does well the rest of the day.

Round 2 vs Joe Hahn (Super Mega Awesome Fudge Coated Donphan Dragons)

This guy was so much fun to talk to, and may have been the nicest player all day. He was just getting back into the game and said he tossed together his deck that morning. I saw that he opened Terrakion and I got a little afraid, but he benched Yanmas, Phanphys and Zekroms.

After that I felt fine, but he had a horrendously slow start and I 6-0’d him. I honestly had fun talking to this guy and If you are reading this, thanks dude.


Lunch break gets moved from the end of Round 2 to the end of Round 3 and I am starving at this point, so I want to go get lunch soon. I check pairings and lo and behold; I am up against Westin Lee. I played Westin three times last week and helped him change some things the morning of in his deck, so I walked in really confident and looking for a good game.

Round 3 vs The Awesome Westin Lee (ZekEels)

He opens a lone Basic and I win the coin flip. He flips over a Tynamo to my ThundUrus and I use Dual Ball to get the Tyrogue HS and retreat for the game. We play two more games for fun afterward and in those games, he donks Game 2 and I donk him Game 3. I felt bad doing that to a friend, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


I check my clock and it’s 12:30 PM. We were instructed to be back by 1:15 PM for the next round. I needed permission from the guy that drove us up, so I wait for his round to end. When he finished his game it was 12:45 and I rush over to Wendys, special thanks to Bryan for the ride over. We eat and get back with a couple of minutes to spare before the round begins.

Round 4 vs Zach Bowers (CMT)

I sit down not knowing anything about what my opponent has in store for me. I see him flip over a Celebi Prime and I know that I am in for a fun game. By turn 2 he has a Mewtwo EX with 5 energy on it hitting me and I calmly drop the response. The game was over in 5 turns with each of us Knocking Out 2 Mewtwos a piece and me having the Catcher to take out a benched Celebi with my Zekrom.


Round 5 vs Michael Pramawat (ZekEels)

Yup, I am playing Pram again. It’s our 5th game in a week. He goes first, which ultimately won him the game. I had to discard 2 N with a Juniper in order to get what I needed, and that also came back to bite during the late game when I was unable to N away his massive hand. It was once again a very close match, like all of ours were, and I unfortunately lost.


At this point I know I have to win out in order to make Top 16. I am playing with serious purpose now and I know I can’t afford to lose any more games.

Round 6 vs Joseph Endicott (CMT w/ Gigas)

This guy was fun to talk to and the game was more or less one sided. I went second, but I saw him drop a Regigigas-EX and know I can out speed it. In the end I manage to out speed him and he shows me that one of his Mewtwo EXs was prized. If he had both Mewtwos maybe the game might have gone differently, but I was able to win. Thanks for the great game dude and I hope you read this.


Round 7 vs William Copeland (ZekEels)

Another familiar face shows up and I go in with the assumption that he doesn’t have a Mewtwo. Boy was I wrong. He sits down and we begin to crack so many dirty jokes that I can’t stop laughing by the end of the match. My sides seriously hurt from all the laughing. I assumed he didn’t have the Mewtwo EX and began to go agro Mewtwo, but I was totally not expecting him to drop his Mewtwo EX. It came down really close because I didn’t expect that.

The highlight of the match was when we pieced together that Professor Oak writes his New Theory on Ash’s mom, with his Heavy Balls and Super Rod. It’s not dirty if it’s Pokémon.


I sneak into cut at 10th seed and I am so happy with just getting this far and I want to win but was tired and hungry. I find out I’m playing my bestest friend in the whole wide Pokémon playing world, Bryan. Yes, the same Bryan that I beat last week in T16. He was about to teach me a lesson in Smeargle.

Top 16 vs Bryan (SmeargEels)

Both games 1 and 2 I get steamrolled because I start garbage and I have no response to any of his knockouts. I believe he used PONT 3 times in one turn at one point, but by then the game was already over. His Smeargle UD is too boss, and I can say he got his perfect revenge for last week. But in all honesty, this guy is really cool and I can say that I didn’t mind losing in T16 as much, because it was him.

We had everyone who didn’t make cut make brackets for Top 16, in the spirit of March Madness and Ben Potter got his 1st place right. I want to congratulate Stephan for taking 2nd place. We are all proud of you dude. I feel like I haven’t been doing you guys justice by not giving you any lists so I decided to give out my Pokémon and Energy lines, here they are.

Pokémon – 12

3 Tynamo NVI 39

3 Eelektrik NVI

2 Thunderus EPO

2 Mewtwo-EX NXD

1 Zekrom BLW

1 Tyrogue CL

Trainers – 16

4 Professor Juniper

4 N


4 Junk Arm

4 Pokémon Catcher

Energy – 13

9 L

4 Double Colorless

Great weekend overall and I will be at Maryland next week. If you plan on being at Maryland States, fill out the pre-registration because they are limiting the number of players that may participate. I hope to see you guys there and please don’t hesitate to say hi if you see me. I know this weekend, Adam, the guy who was sitting diagonal to me Round 2 and Harry (Austin and Justin’s Dad) said hi and told me they read my articles.

I was genuinely happy, and thanks for telling me to keep going guys. I might not be able to get them out as often as I would like, but I will know you guys appreciate it.

I thought Adam did a great job getting match slips out, and I would like to congratulate Matt Rockwell and Dean Nezam for finishing T8, and Jimmy McClure for finishing T2. Remember, please comment on what you liked and what you didn’t so that I may improve, and see you guys at Delaware next week.

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  1. theo Seeds

    Congrats on Top 16, but how does SmeargEels work? Is it’s main attacker actually Smeargle, or is it just something he donked you with twice, or what happened?

  2. Bryan Hrbacek

    OH MY GAWSH, Rahul! Now Joe is your nicest opponent? It’s like you’re cheating on me!!! Just remember, I had him in the first round! YOU GOT MY HAND-ME-DOWN!!! I know you said you crushed him, but he really had me on the ropes. I think the only portrait I pulled in that game was a Blackbelt to tail wrap his donphan…

    But hey, now I’m the really cool guy. I think I can live with that. Thanks for excluding me in all the congratulations though >:-O

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