PokéClass Episode 65 – Manchester States/Regionals Top 8 Report

Sorry it’s been a while guys, but I do explain myself in the video and have redeemed myself through a decent States performance after a disappointing Cities run. I talk you through how my last State Championships went and from the title, you can already guess it went well again!


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  1. Daniel Middleton

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks for putting this up for me.. Completely behind on posting these here cause of my internet situation.

    Hope you all enjoy :]

  2. Tom Williams

    I am the guy from wales in round 1 :D was great to play against you even with my silly misplay. I managed to go 4-2 coming in at 11th which I’m pretty happy with. got me 4 championsip points from it too :) thanks for the game and the little fun game after and hope to possibly see you again at nationals

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