Rahul’s Top 32 Report at PA Regionals

Hey there 6P community. It’s me Rahul. I’m back here again today to talk about my run at PA Regionals and how it was really fun.

A few friends and I drive up and test all night, and I found Donphan Prime/Mewtwo EX to be my favorite deck choice, even though it was slightly inconsistent. The next morning I woke up and headed to breakfast and played a few games, only to find that I was getting destroyed by Zekeels.

So with 20 minutes before we left the hotel, I switch back to Zekeels. It’s never done me wrong before, and I decided to go with what I felt comfortable with. We have a turnout of 248 Masters and receive 8 rounds plus a top 32. This is the list I was playing that day:

Pokémon – 15

3 Tynamo NVI 39

3 Eelektrik NVI

2 Zekrom BLW

2 Mewtwo-EX NXD

1 Smeargle UD

1 Thundurus EPO

1 Tyrogue HS

1 Zapdos NXD

1 Tornadus EPO


Trainers – 32

4 Professor Oak’s New Theory

4 Professor Juniper

3 N


4 Junk Arm

4 Pokémon Catcher

4 Dual Ball

2 Pokégear 3.0

2 Switch

2 Level Ball

2 PlusPower

1 Super Rod

Energy – 13

9 L

4 Double Colorless

I got this list from a friend roughly 20 minutes before we left for the play hall. I got to the hall, registered, and talked to a couple of people including Alex Hedge, Tommy and Dan, and helped John with his decklist a bit. I played a game with Bryan and Dylan and had only mediocre success, but felt comfortable.

Round 1 vs ??? (Kyurem NVI/Reshiram NXD/Zekrom NXD/Mewtwo EX)

Rahul forgot to mention the sweet leather jacket he was wearing.

This game was against a newer player, so I steamrolled him with my Mewtwo.


Round 2 vs Corey Scott (CMT)

I start Tyrogue, he goes first…


Round 3 vs ???? (TyRam)

I don’t remember much about this round except that he got 2 fully charged Reshirams and 3 Typhlosion Prime out, and misplayed by putting down a clean Reshiram with no energy in the discard. I Catcher it up and start sniping for the game with my Zapdos.


Round 4 vs Super Cool Dude (Donphan/Mewtwo)

I start Mewtwo, attach DCE, and attack his Mewtwo. He goes and uses Juniper and whiffs on the Pokémon, but attached already, so that gives me game.


It was after this round that my friend Dean gave me the left over part of his cheesesteak because we had a non-existant lunch break after Round 3.

Round 5 vs Michael Pramawat (Zekeels)

pokemon-paradijs.comI went too hard early and threw away 2 Catcher and 3 Junk Arm turn one trying to get set up with Juniper. The game was even on the Prize trade, even though he went first, until I misplay by retreating my Eel into Zapdos, forgetting that I had already attached for turn, and my Zapdos only had two Lightnings attached.

I had attached to my Eel before I Juniper’d, hoping to get a DCE, but the turn was a long one and I forgot that I had 2 Switch left in my deck. That cost me any chance at winning the game.

I was holding a DCE, so my only option was to Thundering Hurricane for prizes. But because I misplayed, that cost me the game, putting me in a spot I didn’t want to be in. I should have left the Eel active and passed waiting another turn to attack, but I played hastily.


Round 6 vs ???? (Zekeels)

I didn’t remember much about this match either, but this opponent was one of the rudest I’ve had all day. He talked to me condescendingly and kept talking to his friend right next to him about trivial things like what they had for lunch. It made me super mad, but when the game was at me with 4 Prizes left and him with 2.

I drop both Mewtwos out of my hand because he only had one in play and one in the discard. I attach the DCE and drop the PlusPower. Then I dropped the game winning N. Off the N I drew into another DCE, PlusPower, Lightning and a Juniper. He had no response to my Mewtwo and I won the game.


Round 7 vs JP (CMT)

This game boiled down to a Mewtwo war with him having a Gigas. I Random Sparked the Gigas earlier, putting it at easy X Ball KO range. This move won me the game because once his Gigas was gone his Mewtwos easily fell prey to my own. This guy was super nice though.


Round 8 vs This One Girl (Zekeels)

This game went greatly in my favor as I used Tyrogue early to take multiple prizes, and cleaned up with Zekrom. We had a fun game and she was really fun to talk to.


At this point I’m hanging with Stephan and Nick and best case scenario only 3 of the 6-2’s will whiff cut. I pray to god it isn’t me and I check the standings. I’m 21st and up against my friend Dylan Dreyer, wrong. Repairings go up and I find out I am actually against Jimmy O’Brien.

Top 32 Jimmy (CMT)

Both games came down to him getting his Mewtwos out faster and me having a Mewtwo Prized both games. It came down really close with me left at 1 Prize both games when he took the game.


So my luck had finally run sour and I watched Seniors finish up. My bro Jimmy McClure takes 4th, Alex Hedge takes 3rd, and the man who convinces me out of bad deck choices and gives me lists when I need them, Jimmy Pendarvis, takes 1st. It was a night of celebration.

The next day we went back because we anticipated that we would be playing video game. I planned on borrowing a team from my good friend Wolfe, because I didn’t play VGC. After we got there, the lines were gigantic, so we all bailed, which was good because Masters didn’t start till around 4 PM. I hung out and watched Nick C. make it all the way to T4 with his crazy Kyurem EX/Terrakion NVI/Mewtwo EX deck.


  • Making T32
  • Pulling 2 Shiny Emboar in my packs
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • People I know doing so well
  • Nick’s crazy deck
  • Meeting awesome people there
  • Leather jacket making me look super boss
  • Jimmy’s hair


  • Donkage
  • CMT
  • Car rides :(

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  1. Eli Norris

    Good job on top 32. Not too big of a fan on some of the Pokemon choices, but that’s just player preference. :P

      • theo Seeds  → Alex

        Zapdos is REALLY good, because in the mirror you can start sniping Tynamos T2 with no support at all.

        • Eli Norris  → theo

          If you go first and manage to get a DCE, then sure, you snipe one Tynamo. Catcher does the same thing, and you usually run 4 of both (Catcher and DCE).

          If you go second, an enemy Thundurus one shots you.

          Zapdos is also VERY weak to Mewtwo EX. It only needs 3 Energy when Zapdos has enough for Random Spark, and two for Zapdos’s last attack.

          Zapdos isn’t even a good fighting counter. Sure, Terrakion can only hit for 50 when Zapdos has an Eviolite, but then what? If you manage to get 4 Energy on Zapdos quickly enough, odds are you’ll still only get the 2HKO.

          Anyways, Raikou EX is much better than Zapdos, and DE is practically released.

  2. pkmn master

    That Jimmy P. :/ he ended my win streak when I was forced to face him, I was 3-0 too and just barely missed cut! (actually that would be due to me getting down paired twice and one of my opponents going 0-7) aw well nice article though! a little short and all but it was a nice read!

  3. Alex Hedge

    Yeah, the car ride there on Friday was ridiculous. I was sitting in traffic for at least a half an hour at one point, on top of the already long ride. And construction during the day… seriously?

    Congrats and good article.

  4. jimmy chen

    was the zekeels girl alex? you know….bryan H’s girlfriend? :P
    if it is…she only had like barely a week’s worth of practice with that deck…

  5. John Hoff

    Hey Rahul man its John from league, I wanted to thank you for convincing me to play ZekEels (the only deck I hated and swore to myself that I would never play) but I was like yeah whatever you’re right its probably better than the Donphan/Mewtwo deck I was playtesting the day before because Zeels has more consistency and better matchups against CMT. But yeah I got to the top 16, lost on dead draws, which is probably my fault because I played 4 PONT/3 Juniper/2 N, Smeargle, and no Pokegears. In my HALF A BOX I pulled…Kyurem EX. Woohoo…congrats on two Shiny Emboars :P

    EDIT: Jimmy M was pretty convinced that Donphan was better :o

    • Rahul Reddy  → John

      Aww yeah Im so good like that John :P Hey if I don’t win its gotta be somebody from our league :P
      But yeah he talked me into Donphan the night before too…… Thank you Jimmy P

  6. Noah Wagner-Carlberg

    yes! i got food with my friend from hard rock cafe too, and we had to get it pre-wrapped and race back to the tournament at 1:25 and eat after next round. i lost to jimmy mcclure in T8 btw, nice guy!

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