Kyurem EX (Next Destinies NXD 38/96) – Card of the Day

pokemon-paradijs.comHello 6P Nation!!! Today our CotD is Kyurem EX from Next Destinies. Before we get started on the analysis, though, I’d like to thank RisingDawn and David for requesting today’s card.

Base Stats

Kyurem EX is a 180 HP Water-type Pokémon with a x2 weakness to Metal and a Retreat Cost of three. It has no resistance. The Water typing is OK, as it can make Reshiphlosion and the occasional Reshiboar and Donphan decks a very easy matchup, but those decks aren’t played as much as they used to be (well, I guess Reshiboar never really was played a lot, but that’s aside from the point).

Metal weakness isn’t all that bad, unless you live in a Cobalion NVI-filled area. The three Retreat Cost used to be a killer, but Darkrai EX can negate that. I suppose the only really good thing about it is the 180 HP; the rest is meh.


Kyurem EX is equipped with two attacks: Frozen Wings and Hail Blizzard. Frozen Wings, for the cost of WCC, does 60 damage (stupid power creep… that used to be good!). The attack does, however, have a very interesting effect that discards a Special Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.

While that is outclassed by Lost Remover (big time), it does mean that you can discard opposing DCE’s and (soon to be popular) Special D Energies while under Item lock. Not only does this weaken CMT, it also weakens Dark.dec (as it will use Special Darkness energies); its entire Energy acceleration is using Trainer-Items!

Kyurem EX’s second attack, Hail Blizzard, costs two Water and two C Energies, just like Reshiram-EX and Zekrom-EX! Let’s hope it’s equally as good.

…It’s not. Hail Blizzard does a low 120 damage (well, low considering its Energy cost). To make things even worse, you can’t use the attack next turn! Ugh. But while this does sound like a very, very mediocre attack, believe it or not, it actually can be useful! Hitting hard while discarding Special Energies every other turn is actually very effective. But what would you use it with?


pokemon-paradijs.comFirst off, the underestimated KyuGatr. KyuGatr uses Kyurem NVI, Kyurem EX, and Feraligatr Prime. It’s basically like ReshiBoar, but with Water Pokémon. KyuGatr actually made two different top cut spots at Regionals: Top 16 in Ontario, Canada, and Top 32 in Pleasanton, California.

The Californian KyuGatr also ran Magnezone Prime, both as a form of draw, and to pound hard when you need to. Either way, KyuGatr is highly overlooked, and, if played right, can actually do quite well.

Secondly, Kyurem EX was used in Myles O’Neill‘s EX Corners. Myles did a great job explaining all the intricacies of the deck, so you should definitely take a look at the article if you haven’t already. Basically, the deck is a complete anti-meta deck, running plenty of Mewtwos, Terrakions, Kyurem EXs, and a full playset of Prism Energy, as well as the singleton Reshiram-EX for hard hits and Zapdos NXD for sniping.

Now, I’d like to post a list, but I haven’t played a Six Corners variant since before States. By the way, since Dark Explorers is coming out soon, so you might want to make some room for Darkrai EX and Tornadus EX.

[Editor’s Note: Kyurem EX/Mewtwo EX/Terrakion NVI made Top 4 at Philadelphia Regionals in Masters, so that’s another deck to look at too, which abuses its high HP using Super Scoop Up and Exp. Share to speed it up.]


I wish I could say more about this card (this is kind of a short article, even if it is a CotD), but really, I can’t. Those pretty much are the only two uses for Kyurem EX I’ve seen/used/heard of. Most of the Kyurems you’ll see being used are Kyurem NVI, as it outclasses its EX counter-part by far. However, I think this card deserves a 6.5 out of 10 (Decent/Good).

This card does have its purposes, and has done well in tournaments before. Who knows? Maybe this is only the very beginning of the rise of Kyurem. :P Anyway, thanks for reading, and make sure to comment if you have any deck ideas using Kyurem EX.

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  1. Brandon Scott

    This card’s first attack is really good against CMT, but is lackluster vs other decks. Hail Blizzard doesn’t do much in terms of killing high threat targets (Mewtwo EX, Reshiram/Zekrom (EX)) unfortunately, which is not good being an EX and all.

    • Ross Gilbert  → Brandon

      No, but T2 you can usually get Frozen Wings off, doing 60 and discarding a DCE. T3 you can then hit for 120 and the KO. You’re usually then safe from the return KO. Zekrom and Reshiram EX can only do this with luck on coin flips, and then there’s a downside to their second attack. 120 looks like a low amount of damage but when do you really need to do more?

  2. Ross Gilbert

    I’m gonna be submitting a report in the new few days (hopefully) of a BR i went to yesterday when i went 4-1 in Swiss and ended up in top 4 using… straight Kyurem!

    The point is: Kyurem EX is sooooo much better than people day. It has 180 HP and a weakness nobody plays. It basically takes a long time to die. For a water and a DCE it hits for 60 AND discards special metal. This leads to very efficient 2HKOs on EXs (coupled with it’s second attack) not to mention killing Celebis and taking care of Tynamos with an almost guarantee of no return KO. And apart from EXs, what can’t be taken out with the second attack (especially when you add a plus power).

    High HP + decent attacks + great weakness + everyone thinks it’s terrible = GREAT

    Far and away the most underrated EX. Word.

    • Caine  → Ross

      I’ve recently built a deck using Kyurem EX and Kyurem NVI with Hammers and Removers and it plays absolutely great, I’m glad someone is making an article on it.

      • Lucas Mazzega Menegucci  → Caine

        Yes, I did the same thing. Using hammers, removers and catchers to bring up and stay a pokemon with nothing as an active. While you spreads damage with Kyurem NV, then late game attack with Kyurem EX.

    • Lee  → Ross

      Second that. I have been testing my Kyurem/Kyurem EX/Gatr/Plume for over a month now on PlayTCG and have logged nearly 50 games or so. It’s record right now is somewhere around 35ish wins/ 15ish losses (gets hard to keep track of em all and some games people leave). It is a lot of fun to play. Anyone can private message me here if they want to set up a game.

      • Grant Manley  → Lee

        I versed that deck once and beat it w/ Kyurem NVI/Electrode Prime/ Darkrai and Cresselia Legend. You could’ve been the same guy, do you remember that matchup?

        • Lee  → Grant

          Haha nice. Probably was me but I have a terrible memory for games. I don’t remember playing any DCL however as I am sure that would have stuck out. Perhaps there are more than one of us!

    • Isaac McClintock  → Ross

      While I think the straight Kyurem deck is good, it’s really just another Terrakion deck that isn’t as good, since Terrakion streams much easier due to exp. share and heavy ball. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Ross Gilbert  → Isaac

        Heavy Ball is a MASSIVE advantage but EXP share is useable by Kyurem as well. The downside with Terrakion is that you’re really only getting an advantage over electric decks. Bring in that the 130HP can be taken care of by Reshiram, Zekrom, Mewtwo etc and it’s a problem. With Groudon he could be a real force but he’s missing that EX partner. THAT is why i like Kyurem. Also, Outrage. When facing Kyurem you have to OHKO or know that you’re risking being hit for 20 more than you did the next turn. I like Terrakion but i think unless you’re staring down a lot of electric then Kyurem is actually better.

        • Alex Hedge  → Ross

          Heavy Ball searches for Pokemon with a retreat cost of three and up, so it can search for Kyurem-Ex.

        • Isaac McClintock  → Ross

          EXP. Share is useable with Kyuem as well as Terrakion, but like I said, it can’t stream like Terrakion can, and can’t deal with all of the things that it can, like how the CMT matchup is actually really good and the ZekEels matchup is also favorable, and I can say that because I play CMT (and ZekEels on occasion). The major advantage is that you don’t worry about your opponent taking out an EX, since it’s straight Terrakion. So while your opponent may be 1-2HKO Terrakion, your 2HKOing there Mewtwo’s, Reshiram’s, Shaymin’s, and Kyurem EX’s, and 1HKOing Regigigas and Zekrom EX. The prize exchange is in your favor. 30 spread isn’t as good as it used to be because of the EX’s and the little to no fire decks being played. Im not saying it’s bad, because when Groudon EX comes out officially then it should (hopefully) get a rise in playability, but it’s simply not very good anymore, not to mention how it’s so much harder to charge up. Thank you for replying, though, because it’s always very nice to hear someone’s input on things. I hope you have a good day!

    • Mark Hanson  → Ross

      Celebi has a resistance to water, so kyurem ex can’t actually 1hko an active celebi for 60. Kyurem nvi can spread to 2hko multiple benches celebis though.

  3. Chuck Rancor

    Kyurem EX would be formidable in Kyugatr, it’s just the deck itself has lost potency to speed and 30 spread not being as hefty a threat. Before EX’s, it was good(made top cut to a cities with it).

    • Ross Gilbert  → Chuck

      I don’t think Kyurem really needs a partner. One of the main things i like about him is that, regular or EX, he’s really hard to KO. Adding partners dilutes this.

      • Aaron Minjoot  → Ross

        Unless of course, they’re paired together…Somehow I’m hoping that works out somehow…

  4. Willy Doehring

    I’m planning on useing Kyurem EX as the heavy hitter in a spread/snipe KyuGatr deck that will also use Kyogre EX. Considering that I have most of the cards already, I love Kyurem, and I just pulled an FA Kyogre EX at my prerelease yesterday, I think that it’s meant to be. :P

  5. theo Seeds

    I saw the KyuGatr with Magnezone deck being played (my friend played against it Round One), and it looked good. I can confirm that I saw Virizion, at least in one variant (there were multiple people playing it).

  6. Aaron Minjoot

    I just love Kyurem EX. My girlfriend has a knack of opening these bad boys each time she opens packs we get together. In all, I think its 2 or 3 NAs and a FA so far. Damn I love her…

  7. Myles O’Neill

    Probably worth mentioning that Kyurem EX is going to find new use in that it hits both Landerous and Groudon EX for weakness – both of which should be seeing more play as fighting picks up popularity, although at the same time Fire is fading in popularity. I doubt any Entei players are going to want to see it though.

    Fun fact – Kyurem EX’s second attack is the best way to 1HKO three different EXs!
    (Groudon, Entei and Reshiram)

  8. theo Seeds

    I’m glad we got COTD started again. now only to make it actually COTD…

  9. Dylan

    i have kyurem hp 180,i just got him today! :D
    i heard that he has the most hp then any other pokemon! :D
    like if ur a fan of kyurem!!! XD

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