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dleedailydosage.blogspot.comHello 6Prizes! Today I’m going to introduce a new rogue deck that hasn’t gotten much attention. With the release of a new set to shake up the meta and another round of Battle Roads in progress, now is the perfect chance to go rogue because the stakes aren’t as high.

At first, when I came up with the idea, I thought it was a completely original one that no one had thought of. When I went to a Battle Roads, I discovered that there were a few people with the same idea as me, so I can’t claim to be the creator of the deck.

The name of my rogue deck is “Gear Shift.” Below is my current list for Gear Shift:

Pokémon – 14

4 Klink DEX

1 Klang DEX

3 Klinklang BLW

2 Darkrai-EX DEX

2 Groudon EX

1 Mewtwo-EX NXD

1 Kyurem EX

Trainers – 34

4 Professor Juniper

4 N

4 Professor Oak’s New Theory


4 Max Potion

4 Junk Arm

4 Heavy Ball

4 Rare Candy

2 Dual Ball

2 Random Receiver

2 Eviolite

Energy – 12

4 Rainbow

4 Prism

4 M – Special
It's time to shift some gears!

My inspiration for this deck was the Darkrai/Hydreigon deck that won a major tournament in Japan. This deck had Hydreigon (from the new Dragon set, not the NVI one) move D Energy across the board allowing a player to use Max Potion on a damaged Darkrai without losing its Energy.

I was infatuated with the concept and thought of how it could be done in this format. My answer with using either Klinklang or Meganium Prime along with Prism and Rainbow Energy, which would let me use any EX and not just Darkrai.

I settled on Klinklang because its entire line is searchable by Heavy Ball and it has Psychic resistance. The next step was deciding on which Pokémon-EX I wanted to use. Darkrai is extremely useful to the deck because of his Ability, his resistance to Psychic, and his solid attack.

Groudon is used for his usefulness in the Eelektrik and Dark matchups and his ability to 2HKO pretty much anything (except an EX with Eviolite that isn’t weak to Fighting.) Mewtwo EX is here to stop the opponents that try to stack absurd amounts of Energy on their Mewtwo EX to get a 1HKO on your EX. Kyurem EX is there to hurt any deck that plays a lot of Special Energies and helps lower Mewtwo’s damage output.

The strategy of this deck is to get out a Klinklang, a Darkrai, and any other EX you may need for specific matchups and attach an energy each turn. Whenever your Pokémon take damage, you move your Energy onto something else and focus on healing with Max Potion. Pretty much every Trainer is geared toward setting up your field or keeping your Pokémon alive. I would love a Pokémon Catcher or two, but space is very limited in this deck even with most Trainers maxed out. If you want to run them, you could drop a Max Potion and/or an N for them.

Drop it like its heavy.

There are a couple of problems that will make this deck grind its gears. The first is that you have no method of accelerating your Energy so, if the opponent Knocks Out something with two or three energy on it, you’ve just been set back that many turns in attachments.

The second problem is Mewtwo EX. Mewtwo is one of the few cards that can 1HKO anything your send up by loading up a massive amount of Energy. The first time your opponent loads up a ton of energy on their Mewtwo you can use the first to set them back, but this deck doesn’t want to enter a Mewtwo war, so only do this when they are able to 1HKO anything you have in play.

The third problem is Lost Remover, but only Durant and the occasional rogue deck run that card. The final problem is that you need to have a Stage 2 in play and, if it gets KO’d, it needs to be replaced right away. Thankfully, 140 HP isn’t exactly easy for most decks to deal in a turn, but it happens.

Decks that can get out a Tornadus EX on the first turn may threaten to run your Klink off the table before they can evolve. This isn’t a rare occurrence, as so many tier one decks run Tornadus EX + DCE + Skyarrow Bridge.

Since this deck can run almost any EX it wants, I’m going to give a run down on each EX and whether or not it is well suited to this deck.

Mewtwo EX
I can still be used in just about any deck!

This card is used to deal with an opponents Mewtwo EX, and if the opponent doesn’t play it then you can use X Ball for massive damage, or even Psydrive; that attack still exists.

Shaymin EX

This card undermines the purpose by only having 110 HP. It could be used as a last ditch effort with N, but I would not advise it.


Because you don’t want to leave any damage on it, this guy can’t really be used in the deck.


You get Glinting Claw and Strong Volt. Glinting Claw is underpowered, and I think Strong Volt was supposed to work in a deck that could retrieve energy from the discard, which this deck cannot afford to loose.


Again, you get Glinting Claw and an attack with an unavoidable downside.


NO! Discarding energy is bad for this deck!

I feel like advocating this card would destroy any credibility I have.

Kyogre EX

LOLOLOLOL! Wait, hold it! This deck may be one of the (very) few where Kyogre EX could see play. If you include a single copy, you won’t start with it often, and you have Groudon EX to handle Lightning decks. Kyogre’s Dual Splash could be quite potent in combination with Darkrai’s Night Spear and Groudon’s Tromp to soften up the Bench for multiple Knock Outs. Time to buy full art Kyogre EX while it’s at $5.

Kyurem EX

The first attack can help reduce the damage output of Mewtwo EX, and, with two Kyurem and Darkrai, you could use Hail Blizzard every turn if you wanted.

Darkrai EX

As mentioned above, you need this card for the Ability.

Tornadus EX
When I was a kid I thought Max Potion was named after me.

Tornadus provides us with a Fighting resistance, but his strongest attack can discard Energy, which is something this deck can’t handle when unnecessary.

Groudon EX

A Lighting resistance and a solid pair of attacks, seems legit.


I now wish there was a Fire-type equivalent to Klinklang; however he doesn’t bring much to bring to the table in this deck.

Overall, I like the deck a lot, because, once it sets up a Klinklang and has three to four Energy in play, you can deny your opponents of any further prizes with Max Potion. Klinklang can also allow for a lot of silliness, which makes him a lot of fun to use.

The best part about this deck is that, despite the silly plays and high fun factor, it is also a solid deck that I could easily see winning a Battle Roads. Best of luck to anyone who decides to shift gears after reading this article!

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  1. Jamie Winter

    ALWAYS run lost remover :P It’s a staple in pretty much all my decks.

    • theo Seeds  → Jamie

      If you have the space for it, but it will end up being cut from just about everything to make room for other stuff. With the possible exception of Quad Terrakion and Durant.

  2. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Painfully short, but overall a solid article. Well done

  3. Jason

    This deck has officially bumped kyogre out of the title as “Worst EX in the current format.” Congratulations to reshiram ex for reclaiming the title, you truly deserve it

    • Joel Chan  → Jason

      Let’s be honest here: if Reshiram EX was the worst EX in the current format, it wouldn’t have been viable with a variety of Fire decks. ReshiPhlosion is still a viable deck, and works with Reshiram EX very well. There are many more examples, but the mere fact that this deck is still in the upper tiers suggests its ability to function in the current format. Try and think about it.

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Joel

        Reshi-EX should only be used in Reshiphlosion if you can’t afford Mewtwo.

        Even then it’s questionable.

      • theo Seeds  → Joel

        The only thing Reshiram is good in are ReshiBoar (Questionable playability), and ElectrodeBox (slightly less questionable playability). TyRam can’t afford to play it because it gives up two prizes too easily, and because it needs 2 Afterburners AND a DCE manual attachment to work.

  4. Joshua C

    Just a question: Is this Initial D.EX from the Deck and Cover article? :S

    • theo Seeds  → Anthony

      People are calling it a bunch of different things, such as KlinkCorners and Klinklang EX, but I like the name GearBox.

  5. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    I was happily reading this article, thinking it was pretty good, and then all of a sudden it just stopped.

    I was expecting some discussion of the T/S/S, Energy, and match ups but . . . nothing.

    Is there a part 2?

  6. Eli Norris

    Catcher is almost completely necessary to stop your opponent from building up massive Energy on a Mewtwo.

    Smeargle can help set up, and Collector is probably a better option than solely relying on 4 Heavy/2 Dual Ball.

    Also, Darkrai + Sableye and Hammers completely destroy this deck. Hydreigon/Darkrai is better off because of Dark Patch. The best solution is probably Meganium/Celebi/Basics, but it’s a stretch.

    And lastly, way too short.

  7. DrMime

    A fair introduction to the deck, but the meta is evolving fast, and the analysis here is already too late by a week. (Believe me, I know–the article/tourney report I posted on this deck just last Monday is already hopelessly out of date.) Current questions about the deck: How can the deck deal with increasing use of Lost Remover in Darkrai/Sableye & Fighting hate-decks? If you substitute normal Metal Energy for Special Metal, can the deck ride out the special energy denial storm with metal attackers and Mewtwo alone? If so, which ones? Skarmory UD is available to accelerate, but is it worth it?

    Lots of resources available for research on these questions–including the Deck Discussion Thread on this very site. Readers interested in learning more should check this info out. Best of luck Trainers!

  8. Ray Bryan

    R U Kidding me?, Reggi would be great in there. Damage control..output & on in it.

    • pkmn master  → Ray

      actually, the whole point of regigigas is to load like 120-150 damage on him and OHKO anything…. no damage on gigas=weaker attacks…

      regi with The Truth was a bit better, because you had complete control of how much damage was on your regi, so he couldn’t be ko’d, while he ko’s back….

      anyways… nice article, but it was too short for me to +1 it. If you could do a part 2 which includes matchups, further explanations of every card, and tournament results, then you would get a +1 from me :)

  9. Isaac McClintock

    This was a good read and an interesting concept. My only issue is that it was way too short. I will still give a +1 though because I love stage 2 decks and feel they are underrated.

  10. Bryan Ward

    I’m guessing against any Reshiram based decks with a Pokemon Catcher, this is an autoloss. Glad I’m using my Reshiram deck until Typhlosion is rotated.

  11. theo Seeds

    This was fairly short. No matchups? No card explanations? No tech choices?

    I disagree with your list a lot too. I’d prefer to run Collector/Pokegear in this deck because the deck isn’t designed for speed, it’s designed for not losing once you’re set up. Why not play a card that increases the odds of setting up, the main goal of the deck? There is no need for speed in this deck, and you need to get 2 Klinks out on T1, just in case of a Skyarrow Bridge, Tornadus-EX, and Double Colorless.

    I also think you should have at least talked about Klinklang EP. Klinklang EP was used by a couple players such as TAndrewT to get energy back from the discard, as there’s no other way to without using Recycle or Trubbish.

    And yes, it’s also a viable reason to run Lost Remover over Enhanced Hammer.

    I think that while you can never have too many draw Supporters, 14 is too space-consuming. I think cutting an N and a Juniper for 2 more Dual Ball would be a good idea if you choose to stick with that engine.

    I liked your coverage of the different EX’s you could use, however, aside from the other things. I think that using Kyogre would be interesting, but it might be a better choice just to use Kyurem-EX, because it’s great in the mirror matchup (Hits Groudon for weakness and discards energy), and the only deck right now with benched pokemon to take out right now is Zekeels, so it’s better to use Darkrai for that. I also have to ask you why Entei is bad when it wins you the mirror with a single Pokemon Catcher.

    Speaking of Catcher, I also have to ask you why it’s absent in your list. It seems like a good card to use in any deck, and you certainly have the space for it. This is the highest energy count I’ve seen a Klinklang deck have. Catcher is the difference between winning and losing some games, which is why every deck should have at least two until it rotates.

  12. Alex

    I have been running this deck for the past few weeks, and there are a lot of things that would make your list a little better in my opinion.

    First off: Catcher. Every deck should have it. I think you have room in your Eviolite count. Unless your EX has a weakness, nothing you have is really going to be OHKOed unless they drop multiple PlusPowers. With the whole concept of Max Potion, you don’t have to worry about how much damage you are taking. I think you could drop the eviolites and add two catchers.

    Second: You run Random Receiver, so I think you can drop the Juniper count to two. Why? Because you don’t want to be discarding energies, especially if you’re getting Lost Reomvered slash Remodeling Hammered for days. This allows for two more cards to be put in the deck.

    Also: What happens if Klinklag isn’t set up fully right off the bat? Shaymin helps a ton. I only use it once every 3 or 4 matches, but Shaymin is what helps me win in those games. With Shaymin being said, those two free spots that freed up when you took Juniper out can be replaced with Super Scoop Up. SSU also will double as a Max Potion in a pinch.

    Other small things: I run 1 Groudon and 1 Terrakion. I run P-Comm over Dual Ball. I also run a Jewish Painter.

    This deck is fantastic. Once it gets set-up, it can roll. I have been on the fence about revive, because that would allow you to get involved in a Mewtwo war.

    • Alex  → Alex


      Zekeels- 75/25 in favor of Klinklang

      CMT- Even

      Terrakion/Empoleon- 55/45 in Favor of Klinklang

      Dark Tornado- 65/35 in favor of Klinklang

      Durant, Quad Lion, Kyrurem EX Tank, or anything else designed to stall with disruption- 80/20 in favor of Stall

      Dark.Dec- 70/30 in favor of Klinklang

      Those are a rough estimate in my testing

      • bowser  → Alex

        seems a bit optimistic, plus i don’t know what you consider dark.dec or dark/tornado but there are more and more variants of those deck each day

        • Alex  → bowser

          What I have found is that this deck counters dark very well, since it uses Groudon tank as it’s dark/electric stopper. It might be a bit optimistic, but I’ve played against Zekeels a lot, and won consistently. Empoleon is a little scary, but nothing too bad, and the CMT matchup comes down to how fast CMT and KO Klinks. I mean this is all just me, and I’m probably coming off as biased…dam…=(

  13. Brandon13Jones

    I liked the article, but it would be nice to see some testing results.

  14. bowser

    Good article… except you make it sound a little bit like the deck is your idea. This deck is all over the place already. I like the comments about each EX because we’re experimenting with some non-Darkrai/Tornadus/Mewtwo (basically the expensive EX) versions.


    12 energies – all of them Special: so it’ll be simply autoloss versus Scizor Prime, I think ;)

    Lets see – DCE (even x 4) in so many decks right NOW, and many Prism, Rainbow, (and the expected Blend – ?), plus Rescue, Special Metal / Darkness… Maybe there will be a short, but interesting time for use Scizor Prime ?

    But of course another really nice article, something not about M2 or Zeels (or better ZMEeels), so thanks a lot :)

    • Gage  → yahoo-NHK3KBLKNGZ7FRINR7J3DCD64Q

      It’s not an auto loss you just have to prevent them from taking a prize early on and then just keep spamming Max Potion. No one takes a prize all game and then you eventually deck them out by playing your 4 N and 4 PONT to refill the deck lawl. This assumes you can get Klinks evolved fast though.

        • indercarnive  → Mark

          or a 4 lost remover. literally a guy at my league scooped to me saying “your no fun to play with, i know i autoloss 4 lost removers”

  16. Alex Hedge

    Kyorge is not viable at all. Kyorge is still the worse EX because it is ohko’d by almost half of the meta.

  17. Alton Aderhold

    Love the idea behind this deck. If you miss a couple of energy drops or can not get a Klinklang out by turn 2/3, it’s almost impossible to keep up w/ the meta game right now. I guess just like any other Vileplume assortment. I would have to say TAndrewT’s view on this deck is way more efficient. The main strategy for your deck list is to get Klinklank out by turn 2/3 and start rocking peoples world w/ maxpotion shenanigans. Which is ideal, but you have no counter-strategy such as catcher disruption or ways to keep your deck flowing w/ Smeargle or what not. I might have to test this deck out, or see if I even have any Klinklang BW only because I like new deck ideas(or because I am too lazy to figure anything out for myself lol).

  18. espy87

    Meh. I played this deck at a Battle Road and won. My list looked nothing like this though.

    No Basic Metal? Get ready for a teched Lost Remover/Enhanced Hammer to take down your entire deck.

    I think the deck is great, but only because of its suprise factor for the first few weeks of BRs.
    Watch for more teched Lost Removers/Hammers. This deck will die fast.

    Although there are adjustments you could easily make to make it more playable.

  19. wisconsinsquad

    Was just about finished with an article about this… Good job anyways though!

  20. Ty Sylicus

    Thx for the article. I’m glad you’re having fun with Klinklang as this is my favorite deck at the moment.

    I’m curious–where do you get a $5 FA Kyogre??

  21. indercarnive

    i saw this deck at a BR. ran meganium prime though instead of klinkklang. since meganium has 10 more gp and can one shot a terrakion. and i think meganium has 1 less retreat. and he ran DCE. nice deck my 4 lost removers can wreck it.

    • Ty Sylicus  → indercarnive

      It has 10 more HP and can one-shot a Terrakion, which is not. However, Klinklang’s entire line can be searchable with Heavy Ball and Abilities cannot be shut down as easily as Poke-Powers.

      • indercarnive  → Ty

        comm gives more options for searching out EX’s ike mewtwo and darkrai.what shuts down pwer’s now adays. grumpig? i mean thats not legitimate. and meganium can one hit a terrakion. 70+70=140.

        • Ty Sylicus  → indercarnive

          A good point, about Comm and EXs.
          Perhaps you should put your cards where your mouth is: build the first Meganium + friends deck. :)

          I’ll tell you one thing though. Meganium will cry come rotation time. The players using Klinklang are already looking towards the future.

          Then again, the rotation will also kill Rainbow E, PONT, and Dual Ball…will this deck survive?

        • indercarnive  → Ty

          yeah. and i mean there pretty much the same deck. but i just rpefer the ability to one hit terrakions with meganium. but with BW-on this deck has to be klinklang. but it will survive i think. i’ll bet we get a bsic searcher before long. i mean with collector AND dual ball gone is just cruel.

        • Ty Sylicus  → indercarnive

          Absolutely! I predict heavy Ball lines in future decks, like 3-4 Ultra, 1-2 Level/Heavy, maybe 1-2 Great, and 2-4 Comms again. BW-on leaves us without a Pkmn-searching Supporter! Sounds awful! I hope TPCI will resolve this soon.

        • indercarnive  → Ty

          thats why im 50/50 about TPCI waiting another year before switching. we will only have a couple cards that search and a couple cards that reshuffle. no options at all. N and juniper and biance only. and if it cant use the ball engine then its worthless.

        • Ty Sylicus  → indercarnive

          Undoubtedly! Ball engines are very useful now and depart from the usually Collector+Comm synergy. I’ve been experimented with more Ball engines myself, though it’s difficult for a beginner.

          You forgot Cheren BTW which is a solid straigh-draw option.

        • collin  → Ty

          i built meganium and friends and i must say… its actually way different than klinklang… sure u still have the same ‘moving energy’ shenanigans but with celebi and grass energy… idk… but ATM i think they are about equally playable IMO

        • Ty Sylicus  → collin

          The pivotal card in making both builds work isn’t the Stage 2 energy-mover, it’s that pimp Darkrai EX.
          Can’t wait for the tins! I’m sure then my build of this deck will actually WORK. Running Switch and Skyarrow Bridge is still FAIL when they catcher up my Klink line.

  22. Alton Aderhold

    I do have one question, what do you do when they catcher out klinklang? I mean if you have no switch, how are you supposed to attack, or retreat without wasting energy?

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