Battle Roads Beat-Down: Victories for Victoria

rocknartgallery.blogspot.comHello SixPrizes, today I have a Battle Roads report to post. During my previous Battle Roads I had a pitiful 3-3 record with the most standard Zek-Eels list you could make. This time, however, things would be different.

I woke up at 5 AM to make a 7 AM ferry from Victoria to Surrey to compete. I went with my girlfriend and two of my friends from my local league. We had all been seeing the major success of Darkrai EX, and since none of us had any desire/resources to play it, we worked on teching Terrakion NVI in Zek-Eels to counter all the Darkrai we were expecting to face.

By the morning of the event our lists were nearly identical, and I made a more standard Zek-Eels list for my girlfriend to play.

This is the list I used:

Pokémon – 16

4 Tynamo NVI 38

3 Eelektrik NVI

2 Zekrom BLW

2 Mewtwo-EX NXD

2 Terrakion NVI

2 Smeargle UD

1 Thundurus EPO

Trainers – 32

3 Professor Juniper

3 Professor Oak’s New Theory

3 N

4 Junk Arm

4 Pokémon Catcher

3 PlusPower

3 Dual Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Switch

2 Random Receiver

1 Super Rod

2 Skyarrow Bridge

Energy – 12

8 Lighting

4 F

I was anticipating a rise in the amount of Darkrai from its already strong showing at the last Battle Roads, so I felt Terrakion was necessary if I wanted to win at the top tables.

Round 1: VS Magnezone/Eelektrik
I've always imagined Juniper saying “O hai there” knowing that you don't want to see her at that point in the game.

This game was a bit of a gong show at the start. I had a Smeargle and two Tynamo but no Supporters while my opponent had three Magnezone and a Juniper. To top things off, my opponent used Tynamo to Paralyze my Smeargle for three turns in a row. On the forth Thunder Wave I escaped Paralysis and got the Juniper to start setting up.

He eventually had to Juniper two Magnezone and wait on a Super Rod to get them back. Unfortunately for him Terrakion makes short work of Magnezone and he didn’t run PlusPower, so Zekrom was useless against the bull.

WIN 1-0

Round 2: VS Zekrom/Eelektrik

This was a relaxing match as my opponent has very friendly. I used Terrakion early trying to power up a Land Crush ASAP and this caused my opponent to drop her Tornadus EX. Unfortunately for her I still had Zekrom.

She is able to stall a couple turns by Catchering an Eel, but dropping a Raikou-EX would have been too risky with Terrakion on the bench so she could never really capitalize on it.

WIN 2-0
My big bad bull brings the beat-down to Battle Roads.

Round 3: VS EX Truth

This was one of the best games I’ve ever played. My opponent starts with a Pichu HS and a Solosis BLW and I start Smeargle. My opponent’s only Supporters were Pokémon Collector and Seeker, and I had no energy in hand for a couple turns. Vileplume UD hit the field quickly followed by a Reuniclus BLW the following turn. I had accepted defeat early on, but I was going to give my opponent a game.

I had gotten three Eels, Smeargle, Thundurus, and Mewtwo EX. Once I got Energy, I started Charging as much as possible to prepare Mewtwo. He Tromped a lot with Groudon EX, taking 2 Prizes on Smeargle and Thundurus until he got a Darkrai and retreated to Pichu to take the hit from Mewtwo. Instead of using Mewtwo, I charged up an Eelektrik to take it out.

He revenge killed the Eel with Groudon which got taken out by Mewtwo. While this was happening I also got a Terrakion ready to Land Crush which I used when he tried to stall Mewtwo EX with a Darkrai.

On the last turn I had an active Terrakion and a benched Mewtwo with 8 energy and ready to receive more. My opponent concedes on the last turn as he cannot deny me a prize.

WIN 3-0

Round 4: VS Zekrom/Eelektrik

Another mirror match. I take an early lead and my opponent goes for a Mewtwo war in a last ditch effort to win. Unfortunately for him I’m able to match his Mewtwos or just Catcher around them. It also didn’t help that most of his prizes ended up being Supporters when he had none in hand.

WIN 4-0

Round 5: VS Empoleon DEX/Terrakion NVI/Gliscor UD
I bet you forgot this ninja existed.

My opponent was really polite throughout this game, which always makes for a pleasant game. I miss the T1 Charge, but still manage a T2 Disaster Volt. Every turn I would Catcher a Piplup and take it out until he finally gets an Empoleon… and then I Catcher it and Disaster Volt it.

I was very thankful that I knew what Gliscor did when I saw him bench a Gligar. He used a Gliscor to take out a Tynamo and try to stall Thundurus, but I had the Switch ready. In the last game he starts sending out Terrakion to Retaliate and I respond with 1HKOs with Mewtwo. He did manage to take one Mewtwo out, but I Catcher a benched Piplup for my last prize.

WIN 5-0

Round 6: VS Durant

I was not looking forward to this game as I knew my opponent played Durant and I hate playing against Durant. Both of us were guaranteed to make cut however, so the game wasn’t to stressful. I start with Thundurus and take a few prizes before setting up an Eelektrik and upgrading to Zekrom.

Every turn my opponent is forced to dig through his deck for a revive and Catcher to pull up the Eel. I warn him that he could deck out as a joke. When I have 1 Prize he Catchers my Eelektrik which had one energy attached and Devours my second to last Junk Arm and last Energy.

My draw N with one card left in deck and if it is an energy or a Junk Arm and I can draw it I win. I play the N and realize my opponent has three cards in hand and three cards left in deck, that’s right I decked out Durant! I was so excited I yelled it out across the room.

Top 4: VS CMT

Game 1

I have a slow start and my opponent is able to pick off Eels as they hit the bench, without Double Colorless Energy countering Mewtwo is too difficult without Eels.

LOSE 6-1

Game 2

I start lone Tynamo and play a Juniper. I get zero Basics or Pokémon search cards. Luckily for me my opponent misses the donk and there is a game to be played. I set up a Terrakion for cheap prizes and get some Eels as well. I’m able to take this one.

WIN 7-1

Game 3

I fill my bench with three Eelektrik, two Smeargle, and a Terrakion. My opponent had taken 1 Prize previous to this, and then time is called. I have to take a prize on T1 and then KO the Tornadus EX he benched to win. My plan was to catcher a Celebi I had used Spark on and KO it with Eelektrik, then when he gets the return KO I can get a Zekrom.

I was hiding in the shadows this Battle Roads.

Unfortunately I can’t draw into a single energy with both my Supporters and Portraits. I can tie the score on T2 but then we go to sudden death and he gets the return KO.

LOSE 7-2

I get third overall and earn my first Victory Cup. My friends had great records as well. In all divisions either me or one of my friends from Victoria X-0’d Swiss and both Juniors and Seniors were won by the Victoria crew. The other records from Victoria were: second place in Seniors, 4-2 from my girlfriend, and 3-3 from my other friend running the same list as me (he had horrible luck for most of the day).

The one thing that bugged me was that I faced only one deck that used Darkrai, so Terrakion didn’t prove to be vital except against the EX truth deck I faced. Terrakion only ever held my back in the last game of top cut, had he been a Zekrom I could have won that game.

The loss was still a result of a misplay anyway, so I won’t hold it against the bull. It’s also hard to bear any hard feelings from a day were I decked out a Durant.

I hope you all enjoyed my report, good luck for the rest of you that are attending the remaining Battle Roads!

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  1. Joel Chan

    Lol! Is this the first time I’ve seen on SixPrizes that Durant, which technically decks out just decked out? Some skill on your part, and horrible decisions on that Durants user’s part, set you right up for the win. That made me feel so excited I yelled it out across my study room!

  2. Chuck Rancor

    I think the decking out Durant is worth more than winning the tournament, so props to you. And I’ve always been fascinated with heavy Terrakion techs in Eels, so thanks for the list :D

  3. Micah Smyth

    i played millmortar against durant and decked him out :)

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