What’s That Coming over the Hill? Is It a Podcast? (Yes.)

Hello. Hopefully some of you on this fine website have read some of my articles before. Hopefully you even enjoyed them. The short version of this article is: I have started a podcast, I think it’s awesome and I’d like you to give it a go. Links at the bottom. If nothing else, PLEASE go subscribe on iTunes!

Here’s the longer version:

We have awesome coverage of this game, the vast majority of which has come around in the last couple of years.

  • The Top Cut make amazing game videos and record at events as prestigious as Nats and Worlds.
  • The Deck Out is a fantastic blog which is updated regularly with awesome content and even some Japanese content.
  • SixPrizes has amazing articles written by top players about a huge variety of topics
  • PokémanDan Lv.45 produces a series of top quality videos on YouTube about all the top decks (amongst other things)
  • PokéBeach gives a good coverage of major news and leaks of Japanese cards


The one thing I believe we have been missing is a proper, weekly, 30 minute podcast that is bang up to date. This is where I hope to come in. I have started PTCG Radio which I pop online every Wednesday. It’s around 30 minutes long and every week I fill you in on the top news stories of the week, I cover a main topic and I weigh on the biggest issues being discussed on forums around the internet.

In preparing this I search through every website I can so that I can give you the most complete and up to date information around, without you having to go and read quite as much as I have!

I’m not a fan of telephone interviews as I want to keep the quality of the audio as high as possible, but at Nationals I recorded some good interviews in person and these can heard in episode 2. I plan to a LOT more of this in the coming weeks, including at Worlds (so if you can help with this, please let me know).

Those of you who have been listening so far will know I have been uploading this to SoundCloud every Wednesday and PokémanDan has been kind enough to add these to his YouTube channel a couple days later.

I have however now set up PTCG Radio on iTunes. The easiest way to get it now is just to click that link, click “View in iTunes,” then click “Subscribe Free.”

These are the episodes done so far:

Week 1:

– I covered preparing for Nationals. This included everything from practical tips like what to remember to take through to the decks that I expected to do well.

Week 2:

radiot3a.com– In this episode I talk about the results of Nationals in (primarily) the US and UK. Included are interviews with several players recorded at Nationals to really take you into the heart of the tournament.

Week 3:

– In this episode I look at the latest Japanese set which was recorded the very same day that the scans were leaked onto the internet.

Week 4:

– In this episode I go through the tournament season. For beginners this included how the season runs and what the different tournaments are but there’s something for veterans as well as I examine what the Championship Point cut-off actually was and how you could reach it. Also included was news so breaking that I recorded an appendix and re-cut the podcast!

Week 5:

– In this latest episode (recorded shortly before I wrote this article) I look at the surprise decks from Nationals before I weight in on the controversial topic of whether we should extend top-cut time-limits.

Week 6:

– In this episode I go through everything concerning Dragons Exalted. I look at all the playable cards, looking at how good they are and what their shortcomings are. It’s a little longer than usual because there’s so much information to get through!

pokemon-paradijs.comI hope you like the podcast, give it a try and keep listening. Please tell your friends as well as I’d like to see how big this could grow.

I didn’t want to do a YouTube channel as there’s too many good ones (plus I am NOT pretty enough to get in front of cameras!) and I thought a podcast that could be downloaded and stuck on your iPod (or listened to online if that’s your thing) would be something a little different.

I will be at Worlds and I will be trying to get some interviews from people who perform well to include on my podcast shortly after Worlds. If you see me, please come and say hi and if you do well at Worlds, or know someone who does, please help me get an interview.

Let me know what you think.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ptcgradio/id549694951

Twitter: @thewossy

E-mail: ptcgradio@hotmail.co.uk

YouTube (PokémanDan): http://www.youtube.com/user/PokémanDanLv45/videos?query=ptcg+radio

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/ross-gilbert-1

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  1. Oliver Barnett

    Heya man, glad I could be a help to your podcast (back in that giant interview stream at Nats) hopefully next time you interview me I won’t sound nearly as nervous lol

    • Ross Gilbert  → Oliver

      Well you were buzzing after your Top 16 finish! I think it’s understandable!

      You wait til you hear how nervous i am after i grind in :p

  2. pokejav

    Ross, I just listened the your podcast and loved it. It will be great information to listen to while driving in my car to work each week. Thank you for your contribution to the Pokemon community! Coming from someone as knoweldgeable and experienced as you (think Truth!!!) I can’t wait to see the great things that come from this program.

    • Ross Gilbert  → pokejav

      You are very kind sir!

      Though i fear you are mistaking me with Ross Cawthorne. HE got 2nd at Worlds last year with an awesome rogue deck. I made Top 16 at Nats last season with speed Donphan… (Plus, i’m English)

      • pokejav  → Ross

        Thanks for the clarification. My bad. Regardless of my mistake, the value of your prodcast stands.

  3. Ryan Palmer

    Brilliant podcast, if you can keep it going as a weekly thing that would be awesome

    • Ross Gilbert  → Ryan

      Thank you very much. It definitely will be weekly, as long as people keep listening ;)

      This week it’ll be tomorrow as i fly to Worlds on Tuesday and next week i’ll be taking a week off (as i’ll be in Hawaii) but after that it’s plain sailing :D

  4. Aaron Minjoot

    A brilliant effort Ross. Its great that this is getting the attention it deserves.

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