Jimmy P. and Henry P. Worlds Reports (Top 32 and Top 16)

pokemon.comHey 6P it’s Rahul back again with a report for you guys. Now, I know what you guys might be thinking, “This guy doesn’t have an invite and didn’t make it through the grinder, so how does he have a Worlds report?” Well, I pulled a few strings and I asked a couple of my friends to take a few notes so I could pump out a nice article from some world class players. I don’t have all the information from all of my friends just yet, but I am able to get out one of the many articles from Worlds I have planned for you guys.

The first article I have planned puts my good friends Jimmy Pendarvis and Henry Prior in the spotlight. This was Jimmy’s last season as a Senior and his first time playing in the World Championships. Last season he missed out on his invite by placing 41st. From the information that I received from him, he decided to play Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion. Without further ado, let’s get to his games.

(Note: From this point on it’s in his words, not mine.)

Jimmy’s Report


Pokémon – 16

3 Tynamo DEX 45

1 Tynamo NVI 48

3 Eelektrik NVI

2 Zekrom BLW

2 Smeargle UD

2 Terrakion NVI

2 Mewtwo-EX NXD

1 Shaymin UL

Trainers – 33

4 N

3 Professor Oak’s New Theory

2 Professor Juniper

2 Random Reciever


4 Junk Arm

4 Pokémon Catcher

4 Dual Ball

3 PlusPower

2 Level Ball

1 Ultra Ball

2 Switch

1 Super Rod


1 Skyarrow Bridge

Energy – 11

7 L

4 F

Round 1 vs David McNamee (Canada) w/ CMTT

He starts the Mewtwo war and I take cheap prizes on Celebis. I kill Mewtwo to put us at 3-2. He kills my Mewtwo after using an N to put me at 1 card… which is Mewtwo. I do triple Dynamotor to Mewtwo and use X Ball for the game.


Round 2 vs Aaro Limpinen (???) w/ Eels

I go first and get a T2 Retaliate and kill 3 Tynamos in a row while he begins loading up a Mewtwo. I KO a Smeargle with Zekrom then he kills my Zekrom with his Mewtwo and I kill his Mewtwo with mine for the game.


Round 3 vs Isaac Calmroth (???) w/ Nance Eels

He goes first and kills Tynamo with Mewtwo. I have a dead hand, but I drop two Tynamos and get an Energy on my Zekrom. He kills Tynamo again. I uneventfully draw into a PlusPower, aaaaand he proceeds to kill a Tynamo, yet again! I top deck into an N and put him to 3. He draws absolutely nothing from what I can see.

I draw possibly the best I drew all day with Shaymin, Switch, Mewtwo, PlusPower, F Energy. I KO his Mewtwo and he simply passes. I Super Rod and eventually get triple eels set up while he just passes. He scoops when I get to 1 Prize.


Round 4 vs Dean Nezam (US) w/ Darkrai/Mewtwo

He gets T2 Night Spear on Tynamo. I whiff so hard on a lot of things and I just get rolled.


Round 5 vs Henry Prior (US) w/ Mew/Accelgor/Vileplume/Chandelure

He uses Playground with Pichu but does not get a Mew Prime. He can’t get Accelgor into his hand to use Relicanth’s attack to put his Accelgor in the Lost Zone until he has two cards left in the deck. I never took a prize. I just loaded up Mewtwo on the bench and passed the entire game with a plan of decking him out cause he didn’t play Seeker. It surprisingly worked. He decked out trying to get Accelgor into his hand. He would’ve never been able to use Deck and Cover.


Round 6 vs ??? (???) w/ Accelgor

He actually benches Mew and I can’t do anything cause he gets the lock off pretty fast. He just rolled me.


Round 7 vs ??? (???) w/ Quad Terrakion

I get down paired so I was kinda bummed out at this point, but knew I had to win this round to make cut. Turns out he plays Super Scoop Up, Potion, Exp. Share, Max Potion, Switch, and PlusPower. Every single one of those. I try to avoid Retaliate, but he plays 3 Shaymin so I got Catcher and attack, he goes Shaymin and Catchers Tynamo, KO. This happens for the next two turns as well. He uses Super Scoop Up and such to keep the Land Crush going. I lose.


Henry’s Report

The following is Henry Prior’s T16 Worlds report, posted of course with his consent. I met Henry last year at Nationals through Jimmy Pendarvis and we became friends. I respect him as a player which is why I asked him for a report.


Pokémon – 27

4 Oddish UD

2 Vileplume UD

3 Litwick BLW Promo BW07

2 Lampent NVI

2 Chandelure NVI

4 Mew Prime

2 Accelgor DEX

2 Darkrai-EX DEX

2 Relicanth CL

1 Munna MCD

1 Musharna NXD

1 Pichu HS

1 Shaymin UL

Trainers – 23

4 Pokémon Collector

4 Twins

4 Sage’s Training

3 Professor Juniper


4 Pokémon Communication

4 Rare Candy

Energy – 10

4 Double Colorless

4 Rainbow

2 D – Basic


touchmeimsick.wordpress.comI couldn’t sleep at all Wednesday night so I decided to stay up until I had to leave for the airport at 6 AM. I meet up with the people that are on the same flight as me when i get to the airport. Our connection was in Phoenix, and a lot of Pokémon people were on our flight to Hawaii including Tom Dolezal, Dean Nezam, Jimmy McClure, Jimmy Pendarvis, Ryan Sablehaus, and a lot of VGC people that I didn’t know. Thursday night I tested a lot and traded for a few cards that I needed to finish up my deck.


Mostly relaxation and a little testing. I went swimming a lot and watched some of the grinders. I also tried out the new PTCGO and it’s amazing. They had unlocked versions with 4-of every card in format so you could build anything. Sami Sekkoum helped me with some interesting plays with Accelgor that ended up helping me in the main event.


Round 1: Ravyn Pollock (US) CMT

First round I’m against an amazing player from the US. We chat a bit in the beginning and get set up. I have a great start with Pichu, Mew, Sages, and Twins in hand. I win the flip so I feel even more confident. I think he started with a Smeargle. After my Sage my hand is even more perfect, but I’m really afraid of an N. I Playground for 2 Oddish, Litwick, and Relicanth. He gets an Eevee along with a few other things, great.

He Junipers and gets a DCE for the Mewtwo he got off of playground and KOs my Pichu. Turn 2 I get Vileplume, Lampent, and Prehistoric Wisdom to get an Accelgor in my Lost Zone. After a few turns I’m fully get up but really worried about the Eevee. Two turns of Cursed Shadow get rid of it and I feel like I’ve dodged a huge bullet. After that the deck does what it does best and I keep the lock going for the win. After the game he flips over his prizes to show me the Espeon.


Round 2 vs Nils Probst (DE) w/ Smeargle/Terrakion/Hitmontop

pokemon-paradijs.comI’ve never heard of him, and he told me that this was his first year at Worlds. He wins the coin flip but starts lone Terrakion and draw passes. I get Vileplume out before he even takes a prize and the game was basically over at that point.


Round 3 vs Adler Pierce (US) w/ Zekeels

Of course I have to play the one person that I’ve been testing the deck with since Nationals. I get set up with the absolute nuts. I get T2 Chandelure + Vileplume and Relicanth an Accelgor into the Lost Zone. He gets a T3 Eelektross on my Vileplume, but I Shaymin an Energy onto it and DCE a Mew to get the lock started. He’s about to scoop when he looks through my discard and realizes that I’ve discarded all of my Rare Candies through Juniper or Sages. He breaks the lock for a turn by sacrificing a Tynamo and Raikou snipes my Vileplume. Great. After that I just lose.


Round 4 vs Christopher Kan (AU) w/ Darkrai/Shaymin

His deck was so weird. He ran NO Smeargle, his only Pokémon were Darkrai and Shaymin. He also ran Exp. Shares and Dark Claw. I got off to a pretty slow start, but fully set up with him at 1 Prize left. I just kept the lock going for the rest of the game and won.


Round 5 vs Jimmy Pendarvis (US) w/ Terrakion Eels

This game was by far the stupidest thing that’s ever happened to me. I Playground to fill my bench and get all set up, but he isn’t taking any prizes. I start thinning my deck and get an Acclgor in the Lost Zone, but he still isn’t taking prizes. I realize that he’s just stalling me because I don’t have a Mew on the field, but it’s too late because I only have a few cards left in deck.


(I have to win out at this point.)

Round 6 vs Isaiah Rufus (US) w/ Darkrai/Mewtwo

pokemon-paradijs.comWe both sit down at the table and let out a deep sigh. Of course i have to play against a friend in a round that decides if wither of us can make cut or not. I don’t remember too much about the match except him making a huge misplay at the end of the game that lost it for him. He could’ve sent up a Mewtwo after I Knocked something Out and given himself a turn to take his last prize, but instead he sends up a Darkrai which allows me to keep the lock going and win.


(One more and I’m in cut.)

Round 7 vs William Compere (US) w/ Darkrai/Mewtwo

We sit down and he tells me about how this is his first Worlds and he really wants to make cut. He continuously talked to his father before the game which kind of threw me off my game a little bit. I had to call a judge so many times and the judge was watching him like a hawk. I was pretty angry because he was obviously trying to stall me out. It didn’t work and I got the full set up by the time he was at 1 Prize and kept the lock going the rest of the game.


I go around and ask all my opponents their records. My resistance sucks. My friend gets to the standings first and runs over and tells me that I’m 15th. I flip out and scream and double high five him and a bunch of other stuff.

After that I get in line to hand in my deck and Andrew Murray is there managing the line so we talk for a bit. They made a few of us stage a picture and act like we were playing a game, so Murray tells me to do something hilarious because the photographers don’t know anything about the game. I end up putting a lone Shaymin with 4 DCEs and a Rainbow active with 1 Prize left.


When I get there I find out that my opponent had marked Smeargles for Swiss, they were his only RHs and were extremely bent. All they made him do was replace them, but 7.2.2 says otherwise. Game loss. I wasn’t going to fight the judges for risk of a penalty for interfering with something that isn’t a part of my game, but it kind of sucks.

Top 16 vs Chase Moloney (CA)

Game 1

pokemon-paradijs.comHe gets absolutely nothing for the first few turns which allows me to get set up and get the lock going. Don’t remember too much about the game, but he didn’t take very many prizes.


Game 2

I’m really mad at myself for this one. He took a prize turn 2 and I played Twins to get a Rare Candy and a Twins instead of a Vileplume and Twins with the Rare Candy I had in hand. :/ I got the Plume the next turn, but it put me too far behind with him being able to play trainer for that extra turn.


Game 3

I get all set up and so does he. This game is pretty blurry, but in the end of the game I Playground for a Mew and get double tails on Sleep which allows him to snipe the Mew. That was my 3rd Mew and my last one was prized, so I decided to try to put him to sleep with my Munna and hope he stays Asleep along enough for me to Cursed Shadow and hope i get the mew off a prize. He gets heads right away and takes his last prize.


If the judges had ruled on the Smeargles I would’ve advanced, but I can’t do anything about it now.


I hope you guys enjoyed these reports, I look forward to providing more insight from Battle Roads all the way up to Worlds this season for you guys. I’ll most likely be going to a Battle Road this weekend so be on the lookout for a report from there. I also should have an interview from my friend Dean Nezam about his T4 performance at Worlds this year. Thanks again for reading this and good luck to all you guys at Battle Roads.

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  1. David Sun

    Where do u get to download the unlocked version of PTCGO?

  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Ugh . . . not MORE grapes about the ‘marked’ Smeargles . . .

    1. The Judges DID rule on them, they just didn’t give the ruling that was wanted.
    2. Cards/sleeves DO become bent/marked during a tournament. That’s why half the Masters players had to change their sleeves. Maybe they should have been DQ’s too eh?
    3. Chase Maloney won in top 16 fair and square. It’s kind of sickening that someone would be sour that the game wasn’t given to them on a ruling, instead of being decided at the tables like it should be.
    • Rahul Reddy  → Jak

      Hey, I personally have no problem with the way the way things went, but I just left that part in there so you could see some other perspectives about the situation

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Rahul

        I understand.

        Was an interesting article and (apart from the sour grapes) I enjoyed the reports

    • Henry Prior  → Jak

      Honestly wanted to leave it out because it was really only HT grapes that I added into the report. Adam apparently wanted to keep it in the article so w/e.

  3. Mark Hanson

    Two questions:

    1. If Jimmy and Henry wanted to post reports, why did they not do it themselves?
    2. Did Henry honestly complain that his opponent, who was using inherently bent cards (HS-CL holo rares), and who went on to become the Seniors World Champion, was “marking” his cards? Not only was there a ruling made, but come on. They’re smeargles. I guarantee you if you look at any Smeargle in any deck, it could be distinguished from other cards.

    -1 on an author getting 6P credit for others’ work, and for sour grapes that should never have been included.

    And Rahul, before you say “That’s why I asked them beforehand if it was ok to publish,” it’s not your place to ask. If someone (or two people) write a tournament report, it’s not your duty to publish it. Your contribution to this article was a couple introductory paragraphs, why should someone be allowed to write for FP (and get UG I would imagine) for posting someone else’s work? Just my 2 cents

    • Hunter Hawkins  → Mark

      Oh yea players around Virginia are very good but some of them (Jimmy)
      cheat. He cheated against me in a regionals and barely won and disrupted
      players around us whenever I used Lost Remover. i also agree that they
      should write for themselves instead of hitching a ride on another
      persons account. He also said his opponent got lucky at US nats at top

      • Alex Hedge  → Hunter

        What are you talking about? I live in the Virginia area, and can say for sure that nobody cheats (there was a Junior who cheated, but no point in going into that). Jimmy does not cheat, you’re just pissed he is better than you and won.

        • Hunter Hawkins  → Alex

          No ask any senior in NC. thats why he never comes to NC tournaments

        • jimmy pendarvis  → Alex

          Oh boy. I dont even know where to begin with this. Im going to try to be respectful as possible here.
          I am going to begin with a series of questions:

          What regionals did we play at? (what was I playing and what were you playing?)

          How did you feel I “cheated you”?

          If you felt “cheated” why did you not call a judge? I feel as if since there was no judge called, there was no proof and you are just saying that because I got something I needed or something.

          I would also like to discuss the fact of why I said my opponent got lucky at Top 16 nats. I say that because the ending was VERY lucky and im pretty sure my opponent (seth) would agree with that. On turn 3 of game 3, he has a 1 card hand and a smearlge active with 60 on it. He topdecks Juniper which gets him the necessary cards to win the game. (I would have won next turn).

          I would also like to ask you why you are going on a forum and posting a comment that is offensive to several people including myself when the comment does not have anything to do with the article at all. You took away from the article with a negative comment.

          The reason I don’t go to NC tournaments is because I have never needed to. There are always closer tournaments and even if there was not, I would not drive all that way for most tournaments.

          To be honest, (and im sorry to say it) it sounds like you are just agry because I beat you. I know a couple of NC and SC players that dont hate me or think I cheat, as far as I know of such as Blaine, Kyle and Bill. I got very lucky against Bill to the point where I would believe someone if they tried to say “that kid stacks” if it were someone other then me but as far as I know, Bill does not think I cheat.

          To the moderators of this forum.
          I think it is horrible for someone to be able to do what he is doing to me and the Rahul. He is taking away from Rahul’s great article by branding me a cheater when it has very little to do with the article at hand. His comments provide no facts and are very general. would appreciate it if you could stop these things from happening in the future. I know people who have gone through being bashed on the internet for “cheating” like Dave who won nationals using a coin his dad won in the professor cup a long time ago. He did nothing but get lucky by flipping heads but his deck was good and went in good combination with reversal so everyone simply said “the kid cheats” just because he flipped some heads…

          Another good example of this is Chase who won worlds in seniors this year (good job chase!) My friend played him in Top 4 and said he would be shocked is chase was cheating. I think Chase is probably tired of this smeargle talk too. I had a bunch of RH smeargles that were pretty bent because thats how a lot of the RH smeargles are! He took the smeargles out anyway and won worlds…

          I would really appreciate it if you could respond to me “Hunter Hawkins”.

      • killerpotatoe  → Hunter

        No players from the delaware/maryland/virginia area cheat. Jimmy is a great player and does NOT need to cheat to beat you. your obviously sour because of your loss and(like jimmy said) a judge wasn’t called even if you were cheated,–which you weren’t–making it your fault.


    • Rahul Reddy  → Mark

      I only did this because I wanted to get some first hand worlds stuff for you guys but since you’re so sour about this, I’ll write my own reports from now on. For the record this is the first time I did this and all I wanted to do is influence the community, not take credit for others work

      • Mark Hanson  → Rahul

        I would love to see your reports! I am admittedly in disagreement, but I just don’t think someone should be posting someone else’s work. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

        And again, it’s not really your place to influence the community by posting other* people’s reports. If you wanted to post worlds content, post your own thoughts.

        2 cents etc…

  4. Anonymous

    Rahul, is Jimmy P. really going to be in masters this season? I’m going to post as anonymous XP

  5. Chase Moloney

    I enjoyed the article until the section where Henry was upset that he lost because I didn’t get a penalty. Personally I wouldn’t want to beat someone that way. I could understand if it was over something in our games, but those smeargles (which honestly are no different than any other UD ones I’ve seen) were only used during swiss. The judges ruled correctly on the players who had bent cards, as certain cards are inherently bent.

      • Chase Moloney  → Rahul

        Thanks :) . Just to be clear my other comment has nothing against you, it was it was directed at Henry since he wrote that part. I appreciate people like you contributing with coverage from events, I just felt like I had to give my side with what he said about me and our games.

        • Rahul Reddy  → Chase

          Yeah, I understand completely. Thanks for supporting me! I hope to get out a lot more stuff this season, last season I only went to 6 tournaments so I couldn’t get much coverage out, I hope to change that

      • Chase Moloney  → Ross

        ha ha, thanks. I’d heard about your podcast, but for some reason I didn’t realize that was the same person I played the day before grinders until your interview with The Top Cut.

  6. N3rd4Christ

    And people wonder why Seniors and Juniors are seen diff. The comments on this thing have become JR and SR arguing about pointless things. Pointing fingers at eachother.

  7. Ross Gilbert

    I enjoyed the article and i personally have no problem with you including other people’s reports if that was the only was we were going to get them.

    I DO however have a problem with you including the section accusing a player of cheating! I know some of the judging staff at Worlds (i was there) and they did a fantastic job. They dealt with the incident and for those comments to be included was completely outta line. He wanted a cheap win. He did not deserve it!

    Both yourself and the person writing the report owe my Maloney an apology.

    • Rahul Reddy  → Ross

      I personally hold no grudge against Chase and think he should be a fantastic player due to recent success and I believe Chase will read this, I am extremely sorry for including that part in.

  8. Collin Coyle-Brinkmeyer

    I’m going to say my opinion and view on this since this is getting discussed a lot. If Jimmy and Henry wanted to post their reports, they would have to make an account, write, and submit an article. If we look back, their reports were probably not long enough to make two full articles. That being said, that also meant they probebly (I say probably because I don’t know for sure) got some guidance from Rahul, who writes regularly on the site. Plus, it was a pretty neat and interesting idea. About the Henry and the bent smeargles; I know Henry only meant to point it out and I see his view, but posting that does kind of look bad on your part. But it is also true that a lot of the RH Smeargles were pretty warped. I know the ones I played for Nationals were a little iffy, but so were everyone elses. And as for the comment about Jimmy cheating, well, I have never met Jimmy but the way he responded so professionally to that accusation–I’ll give him some credit. He already seems like the non-cheating type and his accuser didn’t even say how or when he cheated so it seems a little fishy to me. As for the article, I’ll definitely +1 because I enjoyed the reports and encourage Jimmy and Henry to do writing of their own since it was great! Thanks bye byez :)

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