I’m Not Sure What Its Point Is, but I’ve Written It Anyway: A Boundaries Crossed Prerelease Report

Hello again everyone! It’s ninjapikachu here, proudly presenting my 2nd article. Now, I know that Prerelease reports aren’t exactly the most useful of articles. Obviously, there’s a lack of deck or metagame strategy, and no one ever needs to prepare for a Prerelease.

However, having recently had a Boundaries Crossed PR, and having had the ability to take notes during it, I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. Also, over the course of my Boundaries Crossed Prerelease preparations (oh yeah, the non-existent ones), I made a minor discovery. Perhaps giving a very little advice from it will help justify this article’s existence.

So, let’s begin!

Happy birthday!

Now ideally, this would ideally be a double report. In fact, it was a spectacularly complicated and convoluted series of events that led to it not being one. Knowing that Prereleases would fall sometime around my birthday, I had for months been planning to attend them at both the Cumbernauld and Edinburgh Leagues, as I would have enough money.

It is here that my short (and for almost all of you, probably unnecessary) cautionary tale can begin. Originally I had assumed that the Cumbernauld Prerelease would be on the day before the Edinburgh one.

I asked a friend from league if it would be, over Facebook, and their message back to me seemed to confirm this “Yes, it’s the Saturday before Edinburgh.” I was annoyed, because I was going to be meeting friends that day, and for various reasons, the date could not be shifted.

I’m not sure if I was as annoying as everything that came next, though.

Either when I went to League that weekend (the one before the Edinburgh PR), or in conversation with someone else on Facebook, I got a nasty piece of news: Cumbernauld Prerelease had been that weekend, i.e. several days ago.

I hadn’t been busy that day, I’d had enough money to, and I’d accidentally just missed it. If I’d only checked their website, realised that there were two Saturdays that that message could have applied to, I’d have been fine.

“What?” I reply, “I thought your Prerelease was last weekend. I’d been planning to go, actually, but I missed it.”Fast forward to Edinburgh Prerelease day, at least I made it there. As it turned out, the meet-up had been shifted to another date, and I’d had a free Saturday. And then, in a conversation with someone who goes to Cumbernauld League, they mentioned “the Prerelease yesterday.”

“It was both weeks,” he says. I think you can all see the piece of advice in here:


I must say that I never have before, and I never missed anything. But it’s safe to say that that habit is going to change in the future, big time.

Anyway, moving hastily along from my ill disguised disappointed complaining attempt to give advice, I’d imagine you now want a Prerelease report.

Well, I forgot to note down how many of us there were, but I think we got mixed in with the Juniors, as there were only 3 or 4 of them.

In my packs – surprise surprise – an entire 0 Landorus-EX! I do get a Black Kyurem EX, though, and various decent things.

Having got Black Kyurem as well, and having very little else, I decide to go with a strategy that went something like: 17 L Energy, 17 W Energy, 2 Great Ball, 1 Poké Ball, 1 Town Map, 1 Black Kyurem EX, 1 Black Kyurem BCR.

At least I was assured of NEVER getting either a bad start or an Enegy shortage. My notes are somewhat sparse in detail, and my handwriting is hideous when written fast, so this may not be a perfectly accurate record of events.

ROUND 1 vs. Ryan

trollandtoad.comI start with Black Kyurem, one Great Ball and a load of Energy. He starts with Numel BCR, and goes second. On my turn, I attach an Energy of one kind or another, get nothing with Great Ball, and pass. I KO a couple of things of his, I think, using mainly Dual Claw.

Numel ends up doing 120 to me before I Knock it Out, though, leaving me staring down a Charmander. This is going to be a downright embarrassing first round. But he passes, not having the Energy required to kill me. I Flash Freeze that Charmander for the win


ROUND 2 vs. Robin

I start with Black Kyurem EX, and Energy. He starts with Skitty BCR. He goes first, plays Aspertia Gym, attaches, and Tackles. I attach and pass. He attaches, and does whatever Skitty’s second attack is for 20. In one or other of these turns, he must’ve benched something, but I don’t know when or what.

I use Dragon Fang. He does the same 20-damage thing again. I use Dragon Fang for the KO. At sometime round here, I benched Black Kyurem, and I must’ve been powering it up a bit too. I think there might be a few turns unaccounted for here, sorry about this.

His mysterious thing uses something that had a coin flip that he flipped tails on? I Freeze Shock to kill it. He brings up… oh no… something? On my next turn, I retreat into Black Kyurem, and Flash Freeze for the game.


ROUND 3 vs. Jiri

I start with Black Kyurem, and Black Kyurem EX benched. I can’t remember much of what he had, except that there was a White Kyurem EX angrily staring me down. Now if I’d only gone first, I would’ve won this. He attaches and passes. I attach to Black Kyurem and pass. He attaches and passes.

I attach and Dual Claw for 80, owing to Weakness. He attaches, and uses whatever White Kyurem EX’s first attack is, for 120. I attach to Black Kyurem EX, and Dual Claw for something I don’t remember. It might not have been anything.

He benches Cresselia-EX and attaches to it, hurling 120 at Black Kyurem for the KO. I attach and pass. I think he attaches to Cressalia EX again, then does 120 damage to my Black Kyurem EX.

FINALLY! I attach L Energy to Black Kyurem EX, and use Dragon Fang for the knockout. He sends up Cresselia-EX, puts another Energy on it, and passes. I used Dragon Fang, but flipped tails. The next turn, he’s able to use and uses Psychic Protection for the knockout and the win.


ROUND 4 vs. Nathaniel

I start with Black Kyurem EX, Great Ball, Poké Ball, and Energy. I think I go first. I fail with both Balls, attach W Energy, and pass. He starts with Woobat BCR. He attaches and passes. I attach L Energy, and pass. He plays Aspertia Gym, benches Audino BCR, and uses Scout. I attach a W Energy, and Dragon Fang for the KO.

He brings up a Venipede BCR, attaches, and passes. I use Dragon Fang, flipping heads but becoming Poisoned. He attaches to Audino, and passes. I use Dragon Fang. He brings up Audino and passes, and I attach and use Freeze Shock for the win.


I end up coming 2nd, with Jiri from round 3 winning. At the end, it didn’t matter that I missed the Cumbernauld Prerelease(s). They were selling Boundaries Crossed packs after the tournament, and with my saved money I bought 7, pulling a Cresselia-EX FA in the process.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this article, and that it wasn’t too spectacularly pointless. Thanks for reading, now I’m off to stare at my shiiiiiiny new Cresselia.

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  1. Jiri

    It was nice to read that and possibly the best part was number 3. XD

    Good report Julia :D

  2. mike newman

    >>>>He starts with Numel BCR, and goes second.

    >>>He starts with Numel BCR




    • Julia Follan  → mike

      In my defence, I just wrote “Numel”. Someone’s kindly edited it, in case no one guessed it was BCR in a Boundaries Crossed PR. They did a great job otherwise, though.

    • Adam Capriola  → mike

      I add the set names so they automatically link and people can look up the card if they don’t know what it does. I know I would have no idea what Numel or any other random Basic does otherwise. JEEZ MIKE!!!

      • mike newman  → Adam

        And OF COURSE there’s a perfectly logical explanation. LAST TIME I TRY TO BE FUNNY ‘ROUND THESE PARTS.

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