Rahul’s Three Cities Reports

Hello there 6P, I haven’t written in a while but that’s because a little something called school came up and decided that it would get in my way. I went to a grand total of 3 Cities.

City #1 – Fairfax, VA w/ RayEels

Round 1 vs. Dillon Cutwright w/ Blastoise BCR/Keldeo-EX

430px-RayquazaEXDragonsExalted85BulbapediaIt wasn’t even close. I managed to get a T2 Dragon Burst for 60 on a Squirtle and I swept cleanly from there. I didn’t have a single Prize taken against me.


Round 2 vs. Jacob Nguyen w/ Garbodor DRX/Terrakion NVI/Mewtwo EX

This game was very very close, it came down to both of us with 1 Prize left and I had 2 cards left in the deck with one turn to win. I was holding the Energy that wins me the game but I needed to get the Catcher off the top of my deck for the win or I would lose the next turn.

I managed to get the Catcher to win the game. Very close game Jacob.


Round 3 vs. Arron Sanyer w/ Mirror

I managed to get a T1 Celestial Roar with 3 Lightning and he scooped basically.


Round 4 vs. Bryan Zamora w/ Landorus-EX/Darkrai EX

tynamo-noble-victories-nvi-38-no-watermarkpokemon-paradijs.comI opened Tynamo to his Landorus, and that’s all she wrote folks. A donk at its finest.


Round 5 vs. A kid from Ohio who drove down for Cities w/ Darkrai EX/Mewtwo EX/Landorus-EX

This game also came down all the way to the wire until he managed to put 3 Energy on his board and switch to Night Spear KO my last Rayquaza for the game which I thought I had in the bag.


Round 6 vs Nick w/ Garchomp DRX 90/Landorus-EX

Yeah that’s right, 2 donks in one day. I lost twice by donk.


City #2 – Warrenton, VA w/ Darkrai/Terrakion + Hammers

Round 1 – Dillon Cutwright w/ Blastoise BCR/Keldeo-EXW
Round 2 – ??? w/ Landorus-EX/Bouffalant DRX/Mewtwo EXW
Round 3 –Patrick w/ Darkrai EX/Hydreigon DRX 97W
Round 4 – Zack Lowman w/ Ho-Oh EXL
Round 5 – Matt Rockwell w/ Mirror – L
Round 6 – Nate Blevings w/ Mirror – W
Top 8 – Johnny Rabus w/ Darkrai EX/Terrakion NVI/Landorus-EX/Shaymin EX/Ho-Oh EXLWL

My run ended in the top 8 and I picked up 20 CP.

City #3 – Rockville, MD w/ Blastoise BCR/Keldeo-EX

Round 1 vs. Pokédad w/ Darkrai EX/Hydreigon DRX 97

blastoise boundaries crossed 31ebay.comHe started nothing, I got a T2 Blastoise and was able to swifty roll him.


Round 2 vs. Steve Moretto w/ Darkrai EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant DRX

Steve wasn’t able to get any Energy onto the field during the game and I was able to get set up fairly quickly and I took the game.


Round 3 vs. Brendan Duggar w/ Ho-Oh EX

Once again Brenden was too afraid to bench a Ho-Oh the entire game so I was able to take Prizes around his Sigilyph DRX until it was just the Sigilyph. I was able to get my Catcher to get the one Ho-Oh he benched the turn before to power up Sigilyph.

One of the funnest opponents I’ve had in a long time.


Round 4 vs. Jimmy Pendarvis w/ Mirror

I’m paired up against the guy who gave me the list I’m playing and I went first. This turned out to be a huge advantage as I got set up incredibly fast and was able to get 6 Water on an active Keldeo and 3 on a benched Mewtwo when he scooped.


Round 5 vs. Matt Rockwell w/ Mirror

keldeo ex boundaries crossedtrollandtoad.comI was confident that I’d be making cut even if I lost this round, but Matt insists that we play it out. I manage to get set up very quickly and take this game.


T4 vs. Bryan Zamora w/ Mirror

Game 1

Bryan and I are close friends so we were joking around and having fun during this match, which helped make me feel relaxed as the game progressed. At one point I was holding double Juniper, 3 Energy, and 4 Blastoise in my hand with a lone Squirtle and an active Keldeo with 110 damage and a benched Mewtwo with nothing on it.

He KO’d my Active and I topdecked into Computer Search to get Rare Candy and go into the Blastoise. I dumped my hand and got Keldeo and double Energy Retrieval along with 2 Energy so I Rushed In and took a KO on his fresh Keldeo.

From there the game went entirely in my favor.


Game 2

I got a T2 Blastoise and I rolled him while he was struggling to find resources the entire game.

2-0, 6-0

T2 vs. Jimmy Pendarvis w/ Mirror

Game 1

water energypokemon-paradijs.comI got a T2 Blastoise and set up incredibly fast while he attempted to keep up but I was too far ahead when he tried to mount a comeback.


Game 2

I got a T2 Blastoise again and that helped me a lot. He didn’t get one until T3 which left me with the first attack and I managed to get the first Keldeo with 6 Energy on it which gave me the game.

2-0, 7-0

So with that I won my first Cities and in grandeur fashion. I would like to thank Jimmy Pendarvis for giving me cards to play the deck and hope you all had good runs at Cities this season.

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  1. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Sorry dude, but this was shorter than most UG previews, and it took me until round 4 to figure out what you were even playing. It just felt very rushed.

    • Hamfood Lufan  → Sam

      Agreed, He is needing to stop and think. Article about your brother, article about Tri-cities, neither are satisfying or long. Try harder, please. P.S I am not trying to offend you, I just am posting my opinion

  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    ‘Some random jerk w/ Landorus EX/Bouffalant DRX/Mewtwo EX’


    We are really allowing this kind of rudeness in a FP tournament report without any explanation of why this guy was a jerk?

    Though to be honest, I don’t see the point of this article at all. It’s just ‘I set up and won’ or ‘I got donked and lost’.


    • Mark Hanson  → Jak


      Also, Rahul. It’s the adventure that people want to read, not the end. That’s what makes a good story ;)

  3. Luke

    I almost never leave comments here….But…
    The point of articles is not to brag about how well you did, how badly you beat somebody, or why the only reason you lost was because of a donk.
    We care about the process, the games, and the analysis– how you can teach other people to become better players through personal experience and analysis of the metagame. Please be more curious of your readers next time, and refrain from writing an article simply because you felt you played “in grandeur fashion.”

  4. Gerardo Del Toro

    I honestly don’t know what I was supposed to get out of this article. You didn’t go into what cards helped you out the most, what you regretted taking out, great techs you tried, etc. Like others have already commented, this report was rather short, especially for one with 3 cities reports. Cities #2 was reduced to just a list, which doesn’t give us much information.

    I do commend you on going undefeated on your third cities. Good to know that you set up rather quickly in all of your games. You seem to have found a balance in your deck that helped you achieved that.

    I hope you take the criticism constructively and write articles not for the sake of just writing them. Make them fun, informative, and with a little more length. :)

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