US Nationals and Worlds 6P Dice Giveaways

A couple months back I placed an order for some dice…

And since US Nationals is fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to explain how you can get one.

Here’s the Deal

I have 500 of each color to give away. For free. Sorta. They’re not going to cost you any money, but I wanted to think of some fun way to hand them out rather than, well, just handing them out. That would be boring.

Originally I was thinking maybe I’d make you let me take your picture doing a goofy face (since I’m planning on photographing the events like I did US Nationals last year) but I know some people are camera shy, so I came up with a better idea.

pokemon director video
Yes… work it!

Instead, I’m going to make you do a Pokémon impression and videotape it! Way less awkward, right? You can either do your favorite Pokémon or I’ll have a bag full of slips of paper with Pokémon written on them and you can pick one at random. I’ll then turn the compilation into a video and post it to YouTube, all in the name of comedy.

So, start warming up those vocal chords and be ready to drop the word “shame” from your vocabulary!

Side note… one of the most embarrassing moments of my life was when in 4th grade I was on the school bus, alone (or so I thought), on my way to school, and decided that would be a great time to practice my Pokémon impressions. Well, turns out a girl in my class was sitting in the seat behind me and heard me chirping “Charmander! Char!” and called me out on it. My stomach pretty much instantaneously collapsed on itself.

It was almost as bad as that time I was on AIM in high school and accidentally started rambling about the Pokémon TCG in the wrong chat window to another person in my class, back when you were considered a total loser if your peers knew you played Pokémon. Oh god… so many repressed memories.


I also restocked on the green/gold dice too…

I have 100 more of these and we’ll do a similar giveaway to that which we did last time. If you beat someone I have supplied with the dice in Swiss or knock them out of top cut, then you get one as a prize. (Alternatively you could do a “challenge match” after the tournament.)

I’m not exactly sure who all will be at US Nationals and Worlds, so I don’t have a “public enemies” list for you this time around (assume most Underground writers), but I do want to hook up some good Seniors and maybe Juniors with dice to defend too. Get at me, kids.

In Other News… Playmats!

Ta da!

If you haven’t heard, we have playmats available now. They were designed by Nicholena Moon with a Ho-Oh motif and are being sold by our friends at ProPokemon. Nicholena graciously volunteered her time to work on the project gratis, and all the commissions from sales are going to her, so if you like the design, then pick one up and support the arts… or something.

Seriously though, it would make me happy to see a few sell so Nicholena get rewarded for putting up with me being picky about colors and making her redo them a couple times. I’m kind of annoying to work with…


Welp, I guess that’s all for today. I’ll see you all in Indy and Vancouver! I’m excited to get away for a couple weekends and hang with everyone. Anyone else staying at the Homewood Suites in Indianapolis or Coast Coal Harbor Hotel in Vancouver?

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  1. killerpotatoe

    “Get at me, kids.”

    right here, if you need one ;)

  2. Stephen Botha

    Wish I could get my hands on a dice :P but both the die and the mat look great. Good job to all involved.

    • Adam Capriola  → Caleb

      I don’t actually have any on me, sorry! I think ProPokemon produces each one as an order is placed.

  3. Bella Brown

    Are we non US folk allowed to enter the ‘pokemon cry’ thingy dice competition?

  4. Steve

    My family and I are staying at the Coast Coal Harbour hotel. See you there!

  5. Andrew Campbell

    The first thing I did after reading this article was look up “are there any Pokemon that don’t have a cry?”. Unfortunately, there are no mute Pokemon. Guess I’ll be challenging those UG writers :/

  6. Joshua Myles Lim

    I’ll be on the hunt for you people. I’ll get that dicee!!

  7. Ican'tgotonationals

    I can’t go to Nationals…can you do this at next year’s Illinois States (as well)? I can’t go to regionals or worlds either.

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