Worlds Dice Challenges ’13

It was great making everyone do Pokémon impressions at US Nationals for 6P dice, but I still have a ton of dice left over along with a fresh stash of new ones to give away, so I’m trying to come up fun alternative challenges to get them. If you have any ideas, please comment! I’ll try to keep this post updated as I know not everyone uses Twitter which is where I’m throwing out the new challenges as I think of them.

Just to clarify, you must be in Vancouver to participate in these challenges. Good luck and have fun! I’ll try to hang around the convention center most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so you can find me and collect your booty.

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  1. William Compere

    you must take off your shirt and run around the convention center saying im a dork

    prize 3 blue and 3 sparkly

  2. William Compere

    u must run up to top pro players ex jason klackzyski and tell them u suck

  3. Ryan An-hiding-gel

    Are the dice available for purchase? I wasn’t able to make it to Nats and really want one, I collect dice. I would plank naked in the middle of my university for some dice. There’s no denying that dedication.

        • Adam Capriola  → Ryan

          I’ll probably do challenges again next season; this was a last-minute idea I had and it’s admittedly pretty unorganized. I’ll try to have more colors available next time around.

  4. Phil Materi

    Just got back from Grinders. Lost to a friend from my own league in round 2! Great match that came down to several coin flips between both of us.

    Sounds like I may have finally earned some 6P dice from our great hike up the Grouse Grind! Yay!

    See you at the side events tomorrow?

      • Phil Materi  → Adam

        Sorry I missed you today Adam, I was judging the 8 man side tournaments all day.

        Are you going to be around tomorrow? We are attending the 9:00 prerelease.

  5. Grant Manley

    Going back at 10 on Saturday night I saw this couple making out on the pier but didn’t interrupt them because I was with my mom and was tired.

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