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33rd Place Worlds Report

Hey guys, I’m here today to share my amazing Worlds experience with a tournament report. As you can tell from the title, I bubbled hard. I’m going to start out with a brief recap of my season leading up to Worlds. Then, I’ll get to the report and talk about all that happened during Worlds to make this more than just a tournament report.

The Hunt For CP

tracey sketchit magnifying
Lookin’ for CPs.

To start out the season I use various decks at Battle Roads including Darkrai/Hydreigon, Darkrai/Terrakion, Eels, and Big Basics to rack up 50 quick Championship Points. At Regionals, I played RayEels and went 3-3. This was fairly disappointing as I traveled pretty far to Philadelphia for that tournament. But I knew there were still plenty of opportunities to gather the 350 remaining CP I needed.

In the Cities format, Boundaries Crossed was released and I was unable to get the cards to use Blastoise/Keldeo. Instead, I went to 6 Cities using various decks such as Quad Tornadus, Darkrai/Hydreigon, Eels, Hammertime, and more.

Overall, I was able to gain 80 Points from Cities. This was not too bad, but put me in a slightly difficult position for the invite because I needed to get 270 Points from big tournaments and a couple Battle Roads. At Regionals in January, I played Mewtwo/Eels and ended 4-3. I was definitely thinking that my chances at the invite were slim, and I needed to ace States.

And that is what I did. Rolling a die to decide my decks for all three States, I was able to gain 210 Points! I used my rogue Garbodor/Registeel/Cryogonal deck that I wrote about, a variation of Big Basics, and a Landorus/Garbodor deck. At Regionals just a month later, I played a Landorus-focused Big Basics deck and came in second, losing to a Klinklang deck in the finals. This gave me 110 more Points and the invite.

I was so happy at this point to make my first Worlds and was rooting for my friends throughout Battle Roads and Nationals. I tried a four different decks at four different Battle Roads to get a feel for the format and ended up with 20 more CP! I decided to play Garbodor/Big Basics (“Kitty Litter”) at Nationals, and for those who didn’t read my article on Nationals, I went 7-2 and lost in top 16. That ends my recap of the road to Worlds, now onto Worlds!

What’s the Play?
When in doubt, flip a coin.

I was having a tough time deciding between the big four, Kitty Litter, and Klinklang, especially after I the expected rise of Gothitelle and Tool Scrapper after Nationals. I ended up eliminating Darkrai almost immediately, I think because I didn’t like it. Plasma was the next to go, because I didn’t want the auto-loss to Gothitelle. I was expecting lots of Gothitelle and Plasma.

I tested out Gothitelle for awhile, and it was a less consistent deck than I wanted. It crapped out on me frequently, and I also was disgusted with how the testing against Darkrai turned out. Then, I was stuck deciding for a long while between Kitty Litter, Blastoise, and Klinklang

I wanted to go with Kitty Litter because it theoretically beats everything fine, but really falls to anyone deciding to tech Tool Scrapper. I was expecting a lot of Scrapper because of Life Dew’s surprising showing at US Nationals. Garbodor also lacked 1HKO power that I found myself wanting. Therefore I ditched Garbodor. Klinklang was my second choice, I loved how it had good matchups against Darkrai, Blastoise, AND Plasma. But, I couldn’t bring myself to take the auto-loss to Gothitelle. Klinklang was out.

That left Blastoise, and I rolled a die to decide between Blastoise or some rogue that I could think up. One heads later and Blastoise was my play for Worlds. I liked the favorable Darkrai and Gothitelle matchups, and I even teched Tool Scrapper in case of Life Dews and Garbodors. Here’s the list I decided on:

Pokémon – 13

4 Squirtle BCR

1 Wartortle BCR
3 Blastoise BCR/PLS

3 Keldeo-EX

2 Black Kyurem-EX PLS

Trainers – 34

4 Professor Juniper

4 Skyla

3 N

2 Colress


4 Rare Candy

3 Superior Energy Retrieval

3 Pokémon Catcher

3 Ultra Ball

1 Level Ball

1 Heavy Ball

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Dowsing Machine


3 Tropical Beach

Energy – 13

10 W

3 L


Wow, I’m just procrastinating the actual tournament report for as long as possible aren’t I? Don’t worry, I’m getting to it. On Monday, we left for Colorado to visit relatives before Vancouver. It also doubled as a drop-off spot for my little brother because he wasn’t going to Worlds or the Grinder. On Thursday, my mom and I left for Vancouver. When we arrived, we ate dinner at Fish Shack which was tasty, and I hung out with some friends at the food court before going to bed with the pre-worlds jitters.

I was disappointed with the mile walk to the convention center, but we had free WiFi and free breakfast buffet in our hotel so it was worth the walk. On Friday, I went and playtested with some friends and watched the LCQ. I also got registered and got the appropriately named “swag bag.” However, the line for registration was like 2 hours of just standing there! That night, I went to bed with double the pre-Worlds jitters!

On Saturday, I could not get down to the convention center early enough! I watched the well put together opening ceremonies and the tournament was under way!

The Tournament

Seniors have about 150 players, 8 rounds, and top 32 cut.

Round 1 vs. KPiplup w/ Blastoise Mirror Match (US)

blastoise mirror rapid

KPiplup, feel free to fill in on anything I miss. He goes first, gg. We both get slow starts, and Beach for like three turns. He gets the first Black Ballista KO as well as the first Blastoise. I return the KO with my own Black Ballista and he returns with a 7-Energy Keldeo. He has burned a lot more resources than I have in the first few turns and has used 3 Superior Energy Retrievals and all but 2-of his W Energies by now.

He has no other Energies on his board and only like a five card hand. I decide against using N to put him to two. Instead, I Juniper and get the SER I need to revenge KO his Keldeo with Black Ballista.

He promotes Keldeo, benches Black Kyurem EX, and uses Skyla on his 3 card deck to get the FOURTH Superior Energy Retrieval. Then, he attaches and Deluges 3 to Black Kyurem and Deluges the two remaining Waters to Keldeo. Retreat, Black Ballista for game. If I had one more turn I would’ve won. But that is the Blastoise mirror match for you. Good game Chris and congrats on top 32.


Round 2 vs. Gabe w/ Darkrai/Absol (US)

I am against my friend Gabe here and he goes first. He gets a rocket start with a T1 Junk Hunt and a Darkrai with two Energies on the bench. I get a few Pokémon out and use Beach. He gets a Night Spear off on turn 2 as well as a powered up Absol. I am unable to get anything off for most of the game except for a Catcher-Secret Sword KO on an Absol. After he take his third Prize with Darkrai, I remember having 3 outs with Skyla for the Black Ballista revenge. However, they’re all prized.

I feel I’m screwed at this point and he takes two more Prizes. Then I count 3 Catchers in his discard and start N’ing like crazy. I am finally able to get some things powered up and start taking prizes. Whenever I got hit with Night Spear or Mind Jack I just retreated or Rush In’d to a new attacker because his last Prize was the fourth Catcher! He misplayed and kept attacking instead of Junk Hunting for the Catcher to win. I somehow comeback because of that last Prize! Such a close game, gg Gabe.


Round 3 vs. Darkrai/Absol (US)

black kyurem ex plasma storm pls
Or “Black Ballister,” as our friends in the UK say.

I get set up fast and he doesn’t. I take 5 quick Prizes while he’s only taken 2. He almost makes a comeback with Ns and whatnot, but my lead is too great and I take the win. The matchup is just plain favorable for Blastoise and it showed. Black Ballista wipes out too many Energy for them to keep up, especially when I get them going quickly.


After this round, it’s lunch break. My friend Henry and I (and our moms) went to lunch at this place across the street called Freshii and they had this iPad (or something similar to it, I don’t remember exactly what it was) just stuck on the wall. So, I got on it and went to SixPrizes. I saw all those hilarious dice challenges that Adam posted and tucked them away for later…

Round 4 vs. TDK (US)

I start Squirtle going second against a Thundurus EX. He Computer Searches for a Prism and happens to have THREE Deoxys-EX clumped in his hand!


I go throw my deck box in frustration at my mom (not with the deck in it, mind you), and walk around for like 10 minutes looking for Adam. Eventually I find him watching some game and collect my 9 dice. :D

Round 5 vs. RayEels (US)

Again, I have to play against a friend. Really?! Anyway, I get a great start with a T2 Blastoise with 2 Keldeo-EXs powered up. I start killing Eels and Tynamos like crazy and he’s Super Rodding them back. He doesn’t get a Rayquaza EX powered up for a long time. I find myself up 4-0 after killing four Tynamos/Eels, I think. Two of the prizes may have been off a Keldeo-EX though.

He Ns me and I get a Catcher-KO on an eel to put me at 1 Prize. He Ns me again, this time to 1, and Dragon Burst KOs my 6-Energy Keldeo. I remember getting whatever it was that I needed off the N to win. Also, he prized two Rayquaza EXs! I dodged a bullet there in that unfavorable matchup.


Round 6 vs. TDK (UK)

kyurem plasma freeze plf
T1 Frost Spear hurts.

My opponent here was from the UK. He had a cool accent and was a nice guy, but this game was pretty infuriating for me. I go second and start Squirtle to his Kyurem. Luckily, he whiffs the donk but gets the T1 Frost Spear for 40. I have to Skyla for Level/Ultra Ball for Squirtle and I think I Beach. Other than whiffing the donk, he hits everything he needs throughout the game.

I almost make a comeback after getting a late Blastoise, but like I said, he just whiffs almost nothing that game besides the donk. Maybe he whiffed one thing mid game, but overall it was a frustrating loss for me.


I’m all sulky at this point and am hanging on to the small chance of me making top cut.

Round 7 vs. TDK (Japan)

I am against last year’s World Champion, Shuto Itagaki. It was a little less intimidating because he was in Juniors, but I know I’m in for a tough match when he goes first and gets a T1 Raiden Knuckle for 50 on my lone Keldeo. He N’d away my amazing hand and I’m only able to get one Squirtle out. He KOs my Squirtle on his next turn, as well as starts charging a Kyurem.

Just like last game, I am unable to get a Blastoise out very early because I cannot find 2 Squirtles at the same time! Eventually, after he has taken 5 Prizes to my 0, I get a ‘Stoise out and Black Ballista his Kyurem. I think this is how it went but I don’t remember much about this game. Long story short I somehow come back from a 6-1 Prize deficit and win a really intense game.


I still have a chance at cut, and people are telling me about 10-12 players who are 5-3 will make cut, which gets my hopes up.

Round 8 vs. Darkrai/Absol (US)

Again, don’t remember much about this game. I get a decent start and he gets a mediocre start. I have the edge in the Prize trade because he can’t get 1HKOs or set up 4-Prize turns against Black Kyurem. I just win a fairly uneventful game here. Also he wasn’t really playing seriously because he thought the winner wouldn’t have a chance at cut. Don’t get me wrong, he was still trying, but he didn’t think anything was on the line so I don’t know if he was playing his best.


Alright, the moment of truth… pairings go up… AND I’M THIRTY-THIRD! Noooooo. That was just sad. I was tied with the 32nd seed (Roguechomp, on the forums) on opponent’s win percentage, and he beat me out by about 1.7 % of opponent’s opponent’s win percentage. I was definitely a little depressed at that but looking back, I took it better than I thought I would. My resistance had a 6-2, a 5-3, and I think six 4-4s. Most of my friends went 4-4, but Alex Croxton and Roguechomp made top 32, and daGlaceon made top 8!


pokemon battle television tv
The stream was great!

On Sunday, my flight is at 2 PM, so I get a little less time at the convention center as I would have liked, but it didn’t really matter that much because I watched the streamed TCG finals on the plane. When I was at the convention center on Sunday, I went 4-0! Two games against Plasma and two games against Garbodor/Terrakion-EX. Also it was fun to watch the VGC finals.

This ends my Worlds report, thanks for reading! I hope it was entertaining and I will see some of you in Washinton D.C. next year, whether I be grinding or with my invite (cheers for close Worlds location)!

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  1. Kpiplup

    Meh, all I remember from our game was that I had like a 3 card deck and wasn’t concerned about an N. Pretty sure I already had 2 on the Keldeo, but who knows.

    Congrats on 5-3 anyway, sorry you got 33rd.

  2. Collin Coyle Brinkmeyer

    From a fellow 5-3 whiffer to another, I feel you. The top 32 bag would have been nice :/

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