Gauge of Interest: New T-Shirts and Playmats

I’ve gotten inquiries over the months about the availability of new 6P merch, and I’ve been somewhat hesitant to put new products together because it’s honestly been a bit of a hassle in the past to ship stuff out (that’s why I only give dice out at events), but last week I spent a couple days putting mockups together for potential t-shirts and playmats.


navy 6p pocket t shirt

red 6p pocket t-shirt

black 6p pocket t-shirt


6p playmat portantial

The playmat slogan is kind of a catchphrase from our forums, if you were wondering. I’m mainly trying to go for a simple 1-color design with the t-shirt that doesn’t look too dorky. I have some other ideas for designs, but don’t want to be too ambitious as of yet (I want to see how this design comes out).

What I need to know from you is if you would buy a t-shirt and/or playmat. The price is going to be determined by how many are ordered (bulk purchases yield a lower cost per item), but I’m going to guess the t-shirt might be $20 shipped and the playmat might be about the same. I’d throw in some extra dice I have lying around with both items too.

If possible I’d maybe like to bring orders to Winter Regionals and distribute them there to avoid shipping.

Please comment with which item(s) you’re interested in and how many and that’ll give me a way better idea of the price points. I only got a quote for a two dozen shirts since I wasn’t sure how much demand there is. After I get a better idea of the pricing I’ll start taking pre-orders and maybe have stuff ready by December.

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  1. Trevor messineo

    I would for sure buy the playmat.Maybe the red shirt.

  2. John Sienkiewicz

    Kinda pricey as is with everything that is custom made, but definitely a Navy/White shirt and if enough people buy and the price goes down, then possibly a mat.

  3. Alastair Walquist

    I will probably order a mat. And what does the “Portantial” mean? Is it an inside joke?

  4. nerdballer

    Throw in a die with each item and mister, you’ve got yourself a deal.
    The black tee is the color I would be interested in, along with one of the (black) mats.

  5. Nagasada

    black shirt, I’d buy the playmat too as mine has been ripped up lol

  6. Matt Mason

    Playmat if it’s around $20. I like the shirts but they would be better without the pockets.

  7. FalcoThePixel


  8. kazambolt

    I’m in for a shirt (but please not red) and maybe playmat.

  9. Ian Sedelow

    Shirts are fresh. Please use american apparel again. They make some good stuff

  10. Sensei YellowComent

    I’d buy a shirt and I LIKE the red one. I didn’t want to be that guy. since I don’t, I’d prefer no pockets either but either way, I’d wear my 6p shirt(s) to every pokemon event :) Gotta represent!

  11. spencer neubauer

    Hey Adam Spencer and I are interested in mats and T-shirts

  12. Bryant

    I would definitely buy one of those shirts in black. Is it just with a pocket design and no design on the back?

  13. John

    I’ll buy a shirt. I don’t really like the playmat and would much rather have a basic design without any words.

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