Now Open: 6P Pocket T-Shirt Preorders

Preorders are now open for the 6P pocket t-shirts. The order form is located below the images on this page and you will be taken to PayPal after submission to complete the transaction. The price is $20 per shirt ($22 for 2XL), which includes shipping. All I’m trying to do is come out even on these (the base cost for me is $12.99 per shirt and then shipping I’m guessing will be at least another $5), though I’ll more than likely end up losing money because of PayPal fees.

All orders come with free 6P dice too. I will include 1-of each color I have on me at the moment while supplies last. There are blue ones from US Nats, clear sparkly ones from Worlds, solid white ones I gave out at Philly Regionals, and a translucent smoky black color that hasn’t been available until now.

I am not getting any extra shirts printed besides the ones ordered through this preorder, so order now if you want one or forever hold your peace. The preorder will be open for about a week or two (whenever sales start to tail off) and then I will place the actual order with the screen printing company. Expect to have your shirt in hand sometime in December.

Playmats may or may not come to fruition.

Orders are open to US residents only. Shipping internationally from the states is a huge pain for those unaware. I don’t feel like filling out a bunch of customs forms and having to charge an extra $20 for shipping or whatever crazy rate USPS has set these days.

What I’m planning to do though is have a second run of shirts printed during the summer and made available for those attending Worlds in Washington, DC.

navy 6p pocket t shirt

red 6p pocket t-shirt

black 6p pocket t-shirt

6p dice

Preorders are closed.

Thanks for the support and I appreciate everyone being patient with this process. I’m sure the shirts will be worth the wait.

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