Questions for You on the New Set and Format
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Your opinion is important!

Hey everyone, Stephen here back with another article. I haven’t written since Legendary Treasures came out, as I was not able to attend any tournaments this season and therefore had nothing to write about!

Today, I’m not going to write a whole article; it’s more like the prologue to my next article. After looking over the site, I realized that a lot of writers talk about what they think of the format, how they believe a set will impact everything, which deck is the best, etc. That’s perfectly fine, but I thought, ‘Why not try something different?’

So, I decided I want to do something new: instead of saying what I think of the format, I want to hear what you think of the format.

That’s right, I want you to tell me what you think of the new set, what you think of the format, etc. Then we can see how the majority of people feel. In a game like Pokémon, where it’s hard to find a definite ‘best’, it seems to me that the closest we can get to the truth is to see what the players think. And not just a few, but as many of them as we can ask!

So, before I write my next article, I want to know:

  1. What you think of the new set – good, bad, okay, awesome, or horrible, and, if you’d like, you can tell me why you feel that way
  2. If you feel that the format is headed toward a new high or all-time low
  3. What you think the best deck in the format is, and why
  4. What you think the best card in the format is, and why
  5. And, just for fun, your favorite Pokémon and video game from the series

With the People’s Choice Awards having been a few weeks ago, and the Grammys just a few nights ago, I think it’s time that we Pokémon fans had a say about what we think is the best! Please reply because if you don’t, that will leave me to write about what I think, and we have plenty of professionals sharing their expert opinions with us already (and let me be the first to say that I am not an expert).

You can contact me through private messaging or by commenting, but if you all comment, you’ll all be able to see it before I write the article, so I prefer you PM me!

The Poké-Poll

Last article, I asked a question for my Poké-Poll which you all voted on. The question was: “What do you think of the new rules?”

The choices were:

  1. I like/love them.
  2. I dislike/hate them.
  3. I don’t really care/it’s too early to tell.

I have tallied up the votes, and the results are:

  • Seven people voted ‘A’
  • Three people voted ‘B’
  • One person voted ‘C’

Thanks everyone who voted on the Poké-Poll! Hopefully next time, we can get even more votes!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will discuss the questions I asked and message me what you think. My article will depend on you!

Signing off for now, and may your Energies stay plentiful,


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5 replies

  1. Grant Manley

    It’s sort of impossible to answer some of those questions considering we’re in the middle of transferring from the NXD-LTR format to the NXD-XY format. Unless of course you want reflections on the past Regionals/Cities, which I don’t see the point of.
    Nevertheless, I like your idea a lot, but think it should wait until after week 1 of states or so, or should’ve been posted in between Cities and Regionals.

  2. Ramon Zamora

    I hate with a passion that they reprinted rainbow energy. They took the trouble of making a new pokemon type, gave it awesome resistance and weakness, gave it support, but introduce rainbow energy so the people will just play aromatisse or whatever it’s called with random weakness counters totally just ruining a potentially fun new deck

    • TheFlub  → Ramon

      That’s only four energy though, a special energy mind you. You can’t run an entire deck with 4 energy. 8 if you include Prism, but that’s only Basics, and still specials.

    • Grant Manley  → Ramon

      Yeah I think straight Faries will just be superior because of all the support. Something like 3 Xerneas 2 EX 3-3 Aroma 2-3 Garden and maybe 1-1 or 2-2 Slurpuff and 1 Dialga EX.

  3. Stephen Botha

    I think the new set is pretty decent and quite a few cards such as Professor’s Letter, Muscle Band and Shauna are immediate winners. I think/feel the format’s just opening up even more with Fairies being introduced and Muscle Band for example giving many older decks another way to increase their damage output. Aromatisse and Trevenant also give new life to older strategies/deck ideas. I’d like to see how Darkrai decks evolve with the introduction of baby Yvetal and Yveltal EX. I obviously have my own ideas, but to see how Dark decks function and get played should be interesting.

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