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(re-)Introducing the SixPrizes Podcast, Episode 1
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Hey everyone! Today, we’re re-introducing the SixPrizes Podcast. Many years ago, Adam ran something of this nature, and we’re back now with an edition by Alex and I. We’re going to be doing these on a roughly biweekly basis, talking about current events in the game, picks for upcoming tournaments, and giving general thoughts on the TCG. Alex and I will be on most episodes initially, with other writers (and outside guests) mixing in and out as we move along.

Today’s episode covers what went down in Wisconsin, our thoughts on some decks from that event, and thoughts on decks moving into Mexico/Origins. We hope you’ll give our inaugural episode it a listen, and check back later this month when we drop our pre-North American International Championships episode. Give it a listen, and hit us up with your thoughts.


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