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2017 6P North American International Championships Fantasy Competition

It’s become something of a tradition in the Pokémon community to do fantasy drafts heading into the event formerly known as US Nationals. For the past few years, we at 6P have partaken in the craze. Obviously, we’re too big to do a traditional “snake” draft in an efficient manner (though, a few writers might do one before all is said and done), but, as an alternative, we’ve usually done a salary cap league. In essence, you get a certain budget allotment, choose a certain number of players, and get points for each player’s performance.

This has taken a few forms over the last few years, and I’m happy to present the latest. This is a for-fun venture, so don’t take it too seriously…but there is glory on the line.

This spreadsheet has each player’s assigned value. It has any player that’s earned more than 150 Quality Points (a formula converts CP to these points I’ve defined through a formula involving event attendance) in North American Regionals, European Regionals, and International Championships. Unfortunately, it does lack data from APAC or LATAM Regional events. This year, you’ll pick 6 players while remaining under the $32,000,000 salary cap. Submissions will close Wednesday, June 28.

Points will be scored as follows:

1st: 100
2nd: 90
T4: 80
T8: 70
T16: 50
T32: 35
T64: 25
T128: 10
T256: 5

When you’re ready to submit a team, the Google Form to do so is located here, and down below in this post. If you have any issues or questions, contact Christopher on Twitter or the forums. Happy picking, and good luck in Indy!


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