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A SixPrizes Site Update on NAIC Article Marathon, Coupon Promotion, and More

June—for the last many years, host to the run-up to Pokémon’s biggest event of the year: the North American International Championships (or, formerly, US Nationals). Generally, it’s been a period of relative calm in terms of big events outside of the year’s biggest itself.

This year will be a bit different in both ways, with a litany of International Special Events and Regionals taking up the next few weekends, with American players furious criss-crossing the country in pursuit of those last League Cup points. For many, though, this road will end in Columbus, 27 days from now.

For now, though, we want to share some site-related news related to the big event itself, including a coupon promotion for new subscribers during this stretch.

NAIC Marathon Coverage

Last year, we had 10 days in a row of NAIC coverage for the run into the event, and it was such a success that we’ve brought the approach back this year. Each day, June 25 through July 4, we’ll have a profile on a different deck you may want to consider for NAIC. Each writer had a slightly different approach, but in all cases, it was super exciting all-around and one of the coverage ideas I think we’re most proud of. We’re super excited to see how it turns out. We obviously don’t quite have decks dealt out yet, but we’ll be back later in the month with more information to that effect. For now, here’s the schedule:

Monday 6/25: Mike Fouchet
Tuesday 6/26: Christopher Schemanske
Wednesday 6/27: Travis Nunlist
Thursday 6/28: Brit Pybas
Friday 6/29: Xander Pero
Saturday 6/30: Pablo Meza
Sunday 7/1: Jimmy Pendarvis
Monday 7/2: Mike Fouchet
Tuesday 7/3: Brit Pybas
Wednesday 7/4: Isaiah Williams

You can see the rest of the June schedule here on the forums, and the rest of July will go up in a few days. For those that are already with us, we’re super glad to have you along for the ride, and if there’s anything we can do to help better our coverage going into NAIC, we’d love to hear from you at—or, you can find Alex or I on Twitter or the forums.

But, if you like the sound of this pre-NAIC run and aren’t already in on it, we’re offering a special coupon promotion until June 14: to save 10% on your first month, quarter, or year, apply coupon code “PRENAIC” when you join at

We’re really excited about this marathon, and we hope it can position you as well as we can possibly achieve for NAIC.

Subscriber Survey

A quick note for UG Subscribers: sometime in the next few weeks, we’ll be distributing a survey about your experience on SixPrizes this year. It’ll be helpful to us in planning next year’s content strategy, and we’re really looking forward to reader comments. To help make sure you receive the survey, be sure you go to and confirm the email address on your account is up to date.

NAIC Events

As has become tradition over the last few years, we’ll have a fantasy competition of some kind on the site in a few weeks—in fact, the spreadsheet I’ll eventually use to determine player values is my next project after this is written, so we’re quickly getting there. We’ll probably do a Writers’ fantasy draft at some point before the event too, which is always high entertainment, so keep an eye out there as well.

That’s today in site updates—hopefully you’re as excited as we are about the next few weeks, and it’ll all end in the biggest Pokémon-party of the year…even if it’s in Columbus.

From all of us at 6P, wishing you a successful rest of your season.

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