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On the Best Finish Limits for 2019–2020 and My Current Top 3 Decks for Worlds
Heavy travel may not be in the cards for me in 2019–2020…

Hello there 6P! We’re in the final countdown for Worlds, as we are now under two weeks out from the event! I’m getting excited about it after a roller coaster of a season, which began with me forgetting to write down my Supporters at LAIC to accumulating over 1,000 CP in the span of four months.

Many details were released for the next season already—pretty much everything except for how Travel Awards for Internationals will work. From what we know right now, each mini season before an IC will have its own Best Finish Limit (BFL) of 8 for League Cups and Challenges. This is an absolutely terrible decision, even if it only affects a small minority of people.

This would be fair if all countries had an even distribution of Cups and Challenges, but that is hardly the case. There are cases where whole countries have less than 10 Cups per quarter, while others in the same region have upward of 100. If this is intended, it’s a slap in the face to the most dedicated players and it will impact my decision on what to do next season. If I can’t compete with Brazilian players due to the lack of Cups and Challenges in Mexico, I will be taking a different approach to the game and will likely not travel to most Regionals.

A season with a BFL of 2 for Cups and Challenges per quarter will look like this for me:

  • 6–9 Regionals
  • 2–4 SPEs
  • 4 ICs + Worlds Day 2

And a season with a BFL of 8 for Cups and Challenges per quarter will look like this:

  • 3–4 Regionals (Atlantic City, San Diego, maybe Dallas, Santa Clara)
  • LAIC (since I already have a Travel Award)
  • NAIC (because it’s so close) + Worlds Day 1

Unless I happen to stumble into a stipend for the other ICs, it’s not financially feasible for me to compete with the Brazilian player base as the system currently stands. This will, however, allow me to refocus my efforts into other areas, such as more consistent content creation with streaming and more hours for coaching due to less travel.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon exactly how this will work, but enough of my ramblings; let’s jump into the meat of the article, my top three choices for Worlds as of today.

My Top 3 Decks for Worlds

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