Cats Out of the Bag

Water Mew3 Box and Silvally-GX/Alolan Persian-GX, Two Crazy Decks to Compete with Tier 1
“Who’s a good cat that would like to scratch up Tier 1?”

Hello to all SixPrizes readers. How are you? Well, everything is fine here, as far as possible I am able to study, work, and have fun during the quarantine period. The news about the pandemic in Brazil is not very encouraging, so I believe it will take a long time to have face-to-face tournaments again. But to be honest I don’t really care about that—I always liked and played Pokémon TCG over the internet, even before the official app for Pokémon TCG Online (PTCGO) existed.

Into the digital realm we go.

With each passing day the game has adapted to the online universe, and recently we had two major online tournaments, the Limitless Invitational and the Players Cup Kickoff Invitational. Both tournaments showed us interesting things. While the Limitless Online Series showed that it is possible to hold large and complex tournaments, even with the limited tools that PTCGO offers, the Players Cup Kickoff Invitational showed that in addition to the Pokémon Company International (TPCi) having an interest in promoting competitive Pokémon TCG over the internet, they are also capable of providing a very beautiful and well-produced event in an all-online scenario, with the official caster team, sound, image, and video editing with the quality expected from a large company like TPCi.

Regarding the Players Cup, I would like to congratulate SixPrizes writers Rahul Reddy and Pablo Meza for their invitations to participate in the Kickoff Invitational, in addition to my girlfriend and training partner Nathália Fernandes, who, despite not currently playing a lot of Pokémon TCG, I was able to help with her preparation for the tournament in the short time we had.

With these big tournaments finished, it was clear to me that the metagame has stabilized on five big decks: Dragapult VMAX, PikaRom, Baby Blowns, Zacian Combo, and Spiritomb. These decks have different strategies, but they are all consistent and strong enough to belong to Tier 1 of the current metagame. It is difficult to say which is the best deck, as each has good and bad matchups between them. And we will still have further developments and adaptations in these decks as the metagame fluctuates.

When a metagame is stabilized, as is the case now, in most tournaments we will see these same decks in the best positions. In addition to being strong, consequently these decks are also popular, because at the end of the day, competitive players want to win competitions.

But what if you had a deck that was able to play against these five decks, and in exchange it might not be very suitable against other less relevant decks? That would be fun at least, wouldn’t it? Especially if you’re tired of seeing those same decks do well.

My article today is about decks built specially to beat Tier 1 of the current metagame. The result of this experience resulted in two different ideas from what we are used to seeing and I confess that I had a lot of fun researching, testing, and building these decks.

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