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ADPZ onto Week 2 of the Players Cup, Why I Switched Decks, On the Seeding + No Shows, and ¿Hablas Español?
ADP/Doggo (with tweaks) is still running strong.

Hello 6P! I’m back with another article for you, right after we have finally kicked off bracket play for the Players Cup! Even though you’ve seen me at many events in North America, I’m playing in the LATAM division of the tournament.

During June there was a lot of panic about whether people would be able to qualify July and ticket usage and whatnot. For LATAM, the base amount of points needed to qualify was around 25, so not very high at all. I got all the way up to 105 points and rank 50, and I was content to simply qualify. But as we played yesterday, everyone realized that how many points you had actually did matter as this was the basis for seeding in the tournament (i.e., higher rank = higher seeding). With so many No Shows (mostly from players with lower seeding), I don’t understand how this was not communicated to us earlier. With over 300 tickets to spare, I definitely would’ve grinded for 1st seed in LATAM had I known about the seeding and how No Shows would work. I heard of a few people who made Week 2 without having played a single game, so to not let us know beforehand how seeding would work was a big oversight from TPCi.

I was very undecided in the days leading up to the decklist submission as to what to play. Last time I wrote about Dragapult VMAX and Baby Blacephalon as my top choices, and that held up until Thursday, 24 hours prior to the decklist submission deadline. In the end, Dragapult VMAX was the deck that netted me the most points to qualify and I felt really comfortable with it, but the popularity of PikaRom was making me have doubts and thus I was leaning more toward Baby Blacephalon. However, in the coaching sessions that I give, one of my students had been playing ADPZ nonstop, and after getting crushed by him for over an hour straight, I decided to continue to fine-tune the deck and make it as consistent as possible in terms of maximizing the chances that you pull off the turn one Altered Creation-GX+ when going second.

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