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Two Decks That Omit Crobat V and Dedenne-GX (Green’s/PikaRom and Decidueye/Obstagoon) for the Players Cup II Qualifier Period
Sorry, Dedenne: You’re not in any of these decks.

Hello to all SixPrizes readers, we’re back for another Pokémon TCG article. The qualifying stage of the Players Cup II has finally started and players can now participate to earn Tournament Rep points and secure a top ranking on the leaderboards.

The second edition of the Players Cup seems improved so far as TPCi was able to learn from mistakes of the original Players Cup. I feel that things are more organized now, the game has fewer bugs, and I hope that further attention will also be devoted to the forthcoming phases of the competition.

I (like many of you) have started playing in the tournaments on PTCGO to build my ranking. I’ve managed to win some tournaments and earn points in others, but I believe that nobody will be safe from losing some tournaments in the first round. In these small, three-round, best-of-one tournaments, anything can happen.

The current format (TEU–DAA) also contributes to the results being more variable than normal. In a few-turn format, if any of your turns are not good enough, you may be left behind for the entire game. Also, with few turns, the good player will have less time or actions to show their skill, while the bad player will have less turns to misplay.

I’ve played a total of six tournaments at the time of writing this article and have managed to:

  • win two tournaments with Water Mew3 Box,
  • win one tournament with Decidueye/Obstagoon,
  • make finals with Green’s/PikaRom, and
  • lose two tournaments in the first round with ADPZ

… for a total of 18 points.

The worst decks (theoretically) were what gave me victories, while ADPZ (the BDIF) was unable to net me any points. It all depends on your consistency (and luck) in the opening turns.

Speed comes at a price.

For the qualifier period of Players Cup II, my tip is to use a deck that has a chance against just about everything. I realized that at this stage we are facing a wide variety of players, with different levels of skill and many different decks. For example, I see Decidueye/Obstagoon as having a huge advantage against ADPZ, as ADPZ usually does not play cards to deal with this type of strategy. So maybe ADPZ isn’t the best pick.

My article today will deviate from the main theme of the format (i.e., speed) and instead I will share decks that are slower but have strategies capable of combating Tier 1 decks. I’m going to talk about Green’s/PikaRom (aka PikaGreen), an old idea from last season that has returned and appears to be doing well. I’ll also talk about Decidueye DAA/Galarian Obstagoon SSH (aka DeciGoon), a deck that will punish players who choose to ignore it.

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