Enter the Dragon

The Last Expanded Winner (Rayquaza-GX) Recharged for Richmond
Hey there 6P readers! For those that don’t know, I was able to win Hartford Regionals back in May with Rayquaza-GX. For this next article I’ll be discussing the changes I’d likely make to it going into Richmond Regionals. I still believe Rayquaza-GX is a strong contender in the Expanded format and that is why […]

Tales from the Crypt

Spiritomb/Ultra Beasts (History, Lists, Cards, and Matchups) for Richmond
Hello again readers, I’m back with you today after a somewhat successful run in Knoxville. I made Day 2, but had a mediocre Day 2 and ended up finishing in Top 64. I played a Malamar list that was somewhat similar to the one I posted last time, so if you want to read about […]

Caught the Spark

PikaRom Tuned and Matched Up for Knoxville
What’s up guys, Jon here again for another article. I took a tiny break from writing to get situated with school (I’m a senior in high school, so this is a pretty busy year for me), but I’m back now to help you guys through this season to the best of my ability! Since my […]

King of the Jungle

Another Take on Mew Box/Jirachi and a Bold Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel for Knoxville
Hello again SixPrizes readers, today is the last article I bring to you regarding this extremely long format that we have been stuck in. Heading into the Knoxville Regional Championships, I’m going to give you a few key rules that I believe should be followed for this event, my top pick heading into the event, […]

Game of Cat and Fox

Mew Box/Ninetales for Knoxville
Hello there 6P! I am back again with a new article just in time for Knoxville Regionals this weekend. I was able to make Day 2 with a unique take on Mew Box paired with Ninetales TEU in Atlantic City. For this next article, I’ll be discussing the list I used at Atlantic City and […]

Quagging ‘n’ Nagging

The Making of Quagsire/Naganadel for the DC Open, My Latest List, and What Has Changed About the Deck
Hello and welcome! My name is Jonathan Croxton and today I’d like to bring you some information on Quagsire/Naganadel. If you didn’t know, I piloted QuagNag to a Top 16 finish at the DC Open. I’ll start with the story of making the deck, then go over that list, and finally show my current list […]

Main Course Calamari

All About Malamar (List, Matchups, Techs) for Knoxville, Cups, and Challenges
Hello again readers, I’m back with my thoughts on the meta after playing in Atlantic City and some League Cups. I didn’t do great in Atlantic City, finishing 5-1-3 in Top 128. I played Malamar, which could explain my tie rate, and I don’t regret it. Michael Catron played the exact same 60 as me, […]

Mew 1 and Mew 2

Comparing Winning Mew Boxes, Which One To Play, and Other Options for Knoxville
Hello 6P! I’m happy to be back with another article right before our next Regional Championship: Knoxville! Unfortunately, I will not be attending this one either, even though hearing about Atlantic City and seeing friends do well there had me wishing I was. Travel Awards have finally been confirmed for the Latin America International Championships, […]

Well, Well, Welder

On My Ability Zard from Atlantic City and the Wacky Eeveelutions Deck You’ll All Been Asking For
Hey readers, I’m back with another article today. This week (post-Atlantic City) has been pretty hectic for me and I haven’t had much time to prepare for Knoxville this upcoming weekend. Today I’ll be going over what I consider to be the “best deck in the format” (BDIF) and the deck I played at Atlantic […]

Big Brain Birds

Dissecting and Improving Pidgeotto Control from AC/Cologne for Knoxville
Hey! I hope you’ve had a good week since the last time I wrote. Since then, I’ve been hard at work preparing for my most recent midterms. Regarding Pokémon, there were three major events last weekend. Mew Box defeated Pidgeotto Control in two of the three finals, while Green’s ReshiZard conquested over AbilityZard in Campinas. […]

Star Power, Fire Flower

Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel and Jirachi/Mew Box for Atlantic City
Hello 6P readers! I’m back once again for one last article before Atlantic City Regionals this weekend. Today I’ll be dissecting a Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel build similar to Shintaro Ito’s that took 2nd at Worlds, and following that I’ll be discussing Jirachi-based Mew Box. There hasn’t been much talk about Jirachi in Mew Box, so I figured […]

How Hot Can It Get?

My Predicted Meta for Atlantic City and the Perfect (Maybe) Ability ReshiZard
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for the last time in this month with my final words on the pre-Atlantic City/Cologne/São Paulo format. Last week, I alluded to an Ability ReshiZard list that I believe is near optimal. I’ll be talking about that today, but first I’m going to discuss what I expect the […]

Check Check, Is This Thing On

Shifts in Standard, Malamar: the Squid-surgence, Sequencing, and a Checkmate Update
Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since my last article, and since my last tournament, really. For those unaware, I recently started college at the University of Illinois this year. I’m excited to be taking this next step in my academic career and life. However, college has greatly reduced my ability to play Pokémon. […]

Running the Tiers

Lists, Pros, and Cons for 10 Top Decks this Weekend (São Paulo, AC, and Cologne)
Howdy, SixPrizes readers! I’m back to bring you an overview of the current UPR–HIF metagame because I think the format has stabilized and we can identify what the best decks are. After Worlds, we saw that Welder-based decks, such as Mew Box, Blacephalon-GX, and Ability ReshiZard, were powerful and they have continued to do well […]


On Countering Ability ReshiZard, Another Reset Stamp PikaRom, and GardEon v. ReshiZard
Hello 6P! I’m back for another article with our brand new site layout just deployed! I know Adam worked really hard on it and it’s fitting to start a brand new season with a brand new layout! We have three major events right around the corner, all on the same weekend: Atlantic City, Cologne, and […]


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