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The Big Man

Standard v. Expanded, Juniors Recaps of Salt Lake City & Roanoke, Points, and the Box-Out!

Standard Without the Salt

Junior/Senior Metagame Analysis for PRC–SUM Standard Tournaments

Irritating Outcome

Top 64 Juniors Worlds 2016 Tournament Report

Grab Bag

Attendance at Tournaments, Commentating (Drama in Storytelling), the Grind, Marketing, and a Funny Story

Double Duty

Brent on Parenting a Junior + a Senior, The State of the Circuit, and a Midpoint Reflection on the Season
The seeds attached to its cotton fluff are full of nutrients. It spreads them on the wind so that plants and other Pokémon can benefit from them. (Eldeoss)

I Choose You

A Poképarent’s Guide to Getting Started in Competitive Pokémon + 2× NAIC Top 8 Juniors Report

Over the Top

Thoughts on Parenting Juniors and A Gauntlet of Tournaments

Oh, Brother!

Juniors Orlando & Philadelphia Regionals 2016 Tournament Reports

Super Kid

1st Place Juniors US Nationals 2016 Tournament Report

Back Bay Turbo Bolting

42nd Place Junior World Championship Report with Manectric/Tool Drop
It stores poison in an internal poison sac and secretes that poison through its skin. If you touch this Pokémon, a tingling sensation follows. (Toxel)