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It shows no mercy to any who desecrate fields and mountains. It will fly around on its icy wings, causing a blizzard to chase offenders away. (Frosmoth)

The Mighty Decks

Decidueye, Turbo Dark, Dark/Garb, Waterbox, and Mega Rayquaza for Anaheim Regionals
Its curly fleece is such an effective cushion that this PokΓ©mon could fall off a cliff and stand right back up at the bottom, unharmed. (Wooloo)

Shedding Light on Madison

Podcast Ep. 19: Investigating Standard For Wisconsin

The Fallen Hero

A Tale of Clovers on St. Patrick’s Day and Updated Lists for Portland
It has many hidden capabilities, such as fingertips that can shoot water and a membrane on its back that it can use to glide through the air. (Inteleon)