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While its burning body is already dangerous on its own, this excessively hostile PokΓ©mon also has large and very sharp fangs. (Centiskorch)

The Flying Foe

Isaiah on Rayquaza/Garbodor for the World Championships

The Forest for the Trees

Decidueye’s Plume-less Resurgence, Drampa/Garbodor’s Nationals Performances, and Initial Thoughts on Worlds

Endless Waltz

Why Night March Ain’t Carin’ About Karen
By drumming, it taps into the power of its special tree stump. The roots of the stump follow its direction in battle. (Rillaboom)

The Rotation Rendezvous

Examining the Supporter Situation, PokΓ©mon Possibilities, and Zoroark/Garbodor for SM-on
With jaws that can shear through steel rods, this highly aggressive PokΓ©mon chomps down on its unfortunate prey. (Drednaw)