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Serenity Now

A Quick Look at Togekiss/Malamar

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Alternate Strategies to Victory

A Color, It is Not

Restoring the Reputation of Rogue
This Pokémon lived on prehistoric seashores and was able to preserve food with the ice on its body. It went extinct because it moved so slowly. (Arctozolt)


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Regionals Weeks 2 and 3

Adventures with Luvdisc

Coming in Last and Being Okay with It

Welcome to the Party, ‘Zard

Santa Clara Regionals Wrap-Up, Featuring: A Zoroark-Less Top 8, an Analysis of Kian’s 1st-Place ReshiZard, and Other Important Takeaways
Known as a legendary hero, this Pokémon absorbs metal particles, transforming them into a weapon it uses to battle. (Zacian)
It stashes berries in its tail—so many berries that they fall out constantly. But this Pokémon is a bit slow-witted, so it doesn’t notice the loss. (Greedent)