Affiliate Disclosure

  1. We include affiliate links on SixPrizes.
  2. These links contain tracking parameters to designate the traffic generated by these links as originating from SixPrizes.
  3. When you make a purchase on the corresponding website shortly after clicking/tapping one of these links (before clicking a similar link from another affiliate), SixPrizes or its authors earn a commission.
  4. Commission rates vary between affiliate programs. We are currently affiliated exclusively with TCGplayer, and they award us 3.5% of any purchases directly referred to them. We may incorporate other affiliate programs into SixPrizes in the future.
  5. When you click/tap an affiliate link from an article, and the author of the article is an active Underground writer (i.e., they are listed in the UG FAQ), they will receive 100% of any commission earned. So if you want to directly support a specific author, use the links in their articles to make purchases.
  6. All other commission is paid to SixPrizes and allocated in a variety of ways to maintain and improve the site (e.g., to pay for hosting, web services, site development, content, etc.).

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