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Bio: Collected cards as a wee lad. Picked them back up in a competitive form Spring of 2010. Now I build non-meta decks, usually involving dragons. Also somehow pull them off. Also play lots of music. That’s it.

Time For A Quickie

Tournament Report
No matter how much of an innuendo this title seems to portray, it’s not meant to be taken that way at all. I am merely posting about… Dun dun dun! My first Battle Roads of the season. Anyway, this Battle Roads didn’t go near as well as my last. Last season I showed up with […]

Bentonville Battle Roads Report!

Tournament Report
It’s a nice cool Saturday morning. I had just been up until 4am because for some reason, I decided my Garchomp SV just wasn’t cutting it. So I built a new deck. Slept for an hour, woke up, tweaked it here and there with my friend Michael before settling on a first try. Without playtesting […]


First Deck Build
About a month ago, my friend Michael, known around here as Michael Scot Masacre was at my place of work with his Pokémon cards when I off-handedly bring up, “Hey, I still have a lot of my old cards.” Of course, he wanted to see them, so after work I head home and load up […]