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Bio: My full name is Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott, if you count Scott as a first name that would mean I have four first names I guess. I am a software engineer by trade but would love to get back into game development which is what I went to school for. I was born in Tacoma, Washington 12/20/1989 but due to a father in the military did not stay there long. I have lived in New York, Georgia, Virginia and now Maryland.

Due to living in MD I can participate in events in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware by being in the middle. I have collected and played Pokémon since the beginning but have now decided to play in larger events. I feel that by being a fan of Pokémon first and “good” Pokémon cards second allows me to see things that even seasoned professionals may not.

Though it has a gentle disposition, it’s also very strong. It will quickly freeze the snowball on its head before going for a headbutt. (Galarian Darmanitan)